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Gretel and Hansel (2020)

Fantasy | Mystery 
Rayting:   5.4/10
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

A long time ago in a distant fairy tale countryside, a young girl leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.

Director: Oz Perkins Writer:

Stars: Sophia Lillis, Samuel Leakey and Alice Krige

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pmdotr-73014 31 January 2020 just falls short, and kind of leaves you unsatisfied. It's beautiful and dark visually, and it had so much potential to be a great movie, but ends up being something better watched at home.

emirfithri-12517 8 April 2020

I watched the trailer and it looks like a well staged movie. Then I came to Imdb to my surprise, so many bad reviews. I was skeptical but yet I give it a try. The movie itself is captured beautifully, props to the cameraman, almost every scene is an art of some sort.

The story itself, I can say, a bit slow paced, but storyline was good. There are plots that made me wonder, but all are answered in the end. Overall an enjoying remake of Hansel and Gretel with a little bit of twist at the end. DO NOT TRUST THE POORLY RATED REVIEWS!!!

At minimum I'd say around 6.5/10. But for me I loved it so 8/10.

indonesia-69051 31 January 2020

I know the story as a kid, and I went in expecting this to be scary and totally different from the story as a kid, the same as they have turned other childhood stories into horror films. This film missed a lot of opportunities to develop the story to make it a great horror film. It was very boring, confusing and not scary at all. It seem like it was a prequel to a much bigger story. I wouldn't waste my money going to the theater to see this, wait until it hits DVD or a streaming app.

seanfett 7 February 2020

This movie isn't for everybody. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's beautifully shot and very well acted. The music by ROB is pure fire. This is an art piece for sure. If you're into artsy films with heavy synth soundtracks and gorgeous witches, you'll love this movie. The goth in my black heart loved every minute. 🖤

kamranRa 31 January 2020

Well this movie has nothing to do with Hansel and Gretel really they just used the name to get publicity. Hansel seems like an afterthought in this movie without no real impact.

The movie is really really boring and even though it is only 87 minutes it feels like a life time. This movie is like a dj who keeps building up and up and up but it never drops the beat never and you end up blue.

Buying couple beers will provide much more entertainment for you than watching this.

Parentalguide44 31 January 2020

When the most memorable part of a movie is how many times characters 'oink' like pigs, it's not a good thing. The movie is pretty. That's about it. The story goes nowhere, the plot is unengaging, and I was left underwhelmed. The film tries too hard to be artsy, stylish, and taken serious. Unfortunately, this makes the movie feel slow and pointless. Movies should feel like rollercosters, making the audience feel something- whether it be sadness, fear, or excitement, etc. This one felt equivalent to sitting in a 3 hour long college lecture on cinematography. I'm not gonna say don't see this movie, but I will say that if you REALLY want to see it, I recommend you wait until you can rent/stream it to save your money and potentially time if you decide to turn it off.

MovieDude31 31 January 2020

Absolutely awful, insulting to be in the horror genre, nothing about this film was scary or horrifying. First movie i ever considered walking out on or falling asleep to. Only good thing i can say is the witch was perfectly. Movie was extremely slow paced and never picks up at all, truly dreadful and waste of money. Even the music choice was awful, robotic techno sounds like i was watching tron

brianrichy 9 April 2020

Considering all the intense negative reviews I loved it! Yes I thoroughly enjoyed it. Why...because when I watch a movie I enter its world not expecting anything. Let's face it you can find fault with anything and everything in this world and beyond. Everything is subjective my dears. Perhaps most people expect everything served to them on a platter without having to go to the table and selecting what they want. I just rode with it as if I was on one of those Amusement Park rides and just because it didn't turn into a rollercoaster and take my breath away I was still delighted. Enjoy the art, the tension, the innocence, the colours and how it slowly builds into a controlled horror with a twist.

nathancludts 9 February 2020

The film starten good for me: An intriguing background story of a twisted evil child. The techno music (which some find inappropriate for a film like this) gave the beginning of the film a eerie atmosphere. As time went on, I found that this scary atmosphere was abandoned for an incoherent story that itself did not know where it wanted to go. Nevertheless, I thought the film was definitely worth seeing, thanks to the eerie begin and the horrific performance of the witch. Gretel and Hansel is a film that the mainstream horror fan will not completely reject but that will not be able to appeal to them.

kdonofrio-64613 1 February 2020

Slow. Boring. Stupid. No payoff. At least 2 people in the theater were snoring. They were the lucky ones.

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