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Grudge (2021)

Crime | Drama | Mystery
Rayting:   5.4/10 4K votes
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Release date: October 8, 2021

After been in line for a promotion due to his arrest of a gang in Istanbul, the Captain of the Police is set by someone who apparently has a grudge against the him concerning one of his past cases.

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andreidreglea 2 November 2021

I'm sorry, I don't want to keep watching it past the scene with two police man in the car. I can see the contour of panels of screen that plays "riding in traffic". The size of the cars they are "passing by" are so big that look like they drive in a city for giants. Who can give an "ok" to such a scene and move on as a director????? It's 2021 ffs! Netflix?????!!!!!!!!

cakyolcu 18 November 2021

The worst Turkish movie I watched in recent years. Bad acting even worse plot, cliches cliches cliches. Hands off!! I do not understand how on earth a decent Turkish actor like Yilmaz Erdogan can end up in such a shame.

Mainecoon999 8 October 2021

Bad directing, bad screenplay, bad editing. The premise sounds promising but stakes are too simple and everything is boringly predictible. Characters are one dimensional. Soundtrack is disturbingly 90s. I am sorry but this is how a crime drama should not be. Watch "Hunting Season" for a much much better Turkish Crime Drama.

mcc-08445 9 October 2021

Recommended. New steps in Turkish movies. Good story, decent directing, impressive acting.

THEgongoozler 5 November 2021

Policemen as defector, rather than defender, of the law is a common theme of crime movies (particularly those from Hong Kong), therefore it's hardly any surprise or delight when watching GRUDGE (2021). The revenging sibling plot can be found in BLANK (2019), so the ending is kind of revealed in the first scene (To be frank, the original Turkish title "KIN" is a giveaway). Nevertheless, this movie is well-produced, with good acting, and not a bad choice if someone desires to enjoy a movie from Middle East.

piggulu 14 October 2021

I can't remember seeing any Turkish movies but I'm sure I've seen a couple. Anyways, I thought this was great, in reality an 8.5. The story was unique (at least to me), interesting, and filled with lots of suspense and twists.

You have to suspend your disbelief a little extra as to why the lead didn't just tell the truth immediately since no one would've doubted him, but it's not such a big deal to get hung up on. And in the great words of Pitch Meetings, "it's so the movie can happen!" which was well worth it.

Probably in the top 3 of Netflix produced movies all year, which isn't exactly much since I find most of them highly lackluster.

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