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Guava Island (2019)

Comedy | Music | Thriller
Rayting:   6.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A young musician seeks to hold a festival to liberate the oppressed people of Guava Island, even if only for a day.

Director: Hiro Murai Writer:

Stars: Donald Glover, Rihanna and Letitia Wright

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Paglababa20 26 August 2019

Guava Island's (2019) narrative style is a copy of the film "The God of Small Things (2017)." The film's duration, aspect ratio, editing style, cinematography is almost exactly the same except the story of Guava Island is really weak compared to strong plot and visuals of "The God of Small Things". The scene where the music festival takes place and followed by later scenes are almost exactly the same. Both films are available on Prime. One should watch them both and judge on their own.

KingKongKyle 13 April 2019

Guava Island could have been a lavish vanity project. Instead it's a little movie with a big heart. Full of musicality, beautiful locations, cinematography and people. Charming performances and a message to boot. It's also old school in the best possible way. Don't miss it! 8/10

Pjtaylor-96-138044 16 April 2019

In some ways, 'Guava Island (2019)' is a feature film, albeit a very short one. In other, arguably more, ways, it simply isn't. Trying to categorise this surprise release is no easy task. It straddles the line between movie, music video, short film, commercial, art-piece, visual album and parable. Essentially, it's all of these things. Undeniably, it's a bit of an experiment. It's also, no matter which way you cut it, a story. This is a relief, regardless of the narrative's simplicity, because it allows the piece to pretty much fly by, telling a tale that actually feels quite purposeful, if well-worn, in the process. It's framed as a mother's story, which is fitting considering its fleeting and somewhat 'faded' nature, and it certainly plays out more as a kind of 'moral' than anything else. It isn't ineffective but it is, as I mentioned, rather broad, culminating in a bitter-sweet finale that doesn't necessarily hold up to all that much scrutiny. There isn't all that much emotional resonance, either. The bare-bones beats hold weight, of course, and there is some threat that causes adequate tension, but the piece seems to try every check-list trick in the book to get your tear-ducts working to no real result. Some of the themes are quite powerful but they hit the head more than the heart, which is fine but doesn't feel intentional and makes for quite cold viewing. It does feel like Glover wants to say something with this. Its actual construction is a bit bizarre, as it bounces from being a fairly serious drama to an incredibly off-beat musical from scene to scene. This causes a lack of cohesion, as does the choice to often layer the actual Gambino songs, non-diegetically, above the lead character's diegetic singing - which creates a seriously strange effect that I can't quite explain. It's also slightly strange that the music is, from what I could tell, exclusively pre-existing Gambino, but I guess that just adds to the affair's overall intangible nature. In any case, when 'This Is America' starts playing it's very distracting. Despite all this, the flick does exude a rather strong sense of atmosphere and conveys a decent amount of character, too. It isn't groundbreaking, though: the story isn't great and I wouldn't even say it's the best way to listen to the music. Still, it's an interesting quirk that's fun enough while it lasts. 6/10

random-70778 22 April 2019

Really this sub-feature length piece simply does not work. Not only is it derivative and unoriginal, it simply seems to be a bunch of music videos mindlessly put tougher as a "film."

And you know even the makers have no faith in it given the number of shill reviews and upvotes from single use accounts

nomi_waters 30 June 2019

It's a 50 minute long music video. Not that it's bad or anything because It's enjoyable. I was just overall disappointed in this. Maybe I didn't get the "vision" or whatever. I just wish that the descriptions didn't come accross like I was gonna watch a full short film with a whole plot bc that's not the case here. But everyone definitely did a good job acting and otherwise. I just wish there was more, but whatever. If you wanna listen to Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) sing and look at the goddess that is Rihanna; Then watch It, otherwise don't waste your time bc this isn't a movie.

mdilly 13 April 2019

This had the feel of a short that was way too long, or a movie that was overzealously edited. No character development, no real narrative - I'd have liked to see it 30 mins longer and fleshed out properly, as at 55 minutes it falls short whilst simultaneously being too long.

AhmedSpielberg99 13 April 2019

It's unfortunate that all the creativity ran out of steam just when the main plot kicked off, because all the familiarity could have been easily unfelt with a bit of the imagination Hiro Murai embellished the first act with; the animated intro sequence is a case in point. Nevertheless, almost everything else in this little movie is amazing; Donald Glover's vibrant performance, and his electrifying songs, Rihanna's charisma and lovely narration voice-over, Letitia Wright's appeal (her character is completely unnecessary, though), the lively and colourful cinematography that made the titular island anything but fictional place, just to name a few!


Mike_Devine 14 April 2019

Donald Glover and Rihanna are both incredibly talented individuals. Whether in the studio, on stage or in front of the camera, these two young music legends usually receive critical acclaim when it's deserved. In 'Guava Island,' however, the two team up but the end result is underwhelming at best.

To be fair, at 56 minutes, 'Guava' is never billed as a full-length feature film in the vein that other recent music-themed movies were (like 'A Star is Born' or 'Bohemian Rhapsody'). Still, the disjointed story, awkward camerawork and throwaway music numbers kinda say all there is to say about the effort (although the "This is America" bit is pretty cool). And Rihanna's talents are basically wasted.

Many will sing the praises of 'Guava Island' just because who's involved. But it's really more like a smushed guava fruit that's been sitting out in the island sunshine for a bit too long.

brandonhjbt 19 April 2019

TL;DR - A pretty average movie with decent writing, a paper thin plot, and underdeveloped (but well acted) characters. However it is a fun movie to watch and you will enjoy yourself for the short 55 minute run time (probably more if you are a Childish Gambino fan like myself)

Plot - My biggest complaint with the movie as a whole. The plot in the movie is virtually non existent and just serves as a framework for events in the movie to happen the way they do. It boils down to Deni Maroon (Donald Glover) wants to throw a performance and the boss of the island (Nonso Anozie) doesn't want there to be one cause he doesn't want the people to miss a day of work. There feels like there is no conflict or any tension (which was probably what was intended) in the plot until around ¾ of the way into the movie where the movie takes a sizable risk that really does nothing in the grand scheme of the movie as it comes too late for it to have any repercussions on the plot. Overall the plot was pretty non existent and is the worst element of the film

Characters - All well acted and everyone looks like they're having a good time which translates into the actors having good chemistry with one another. All of them, excluding Donald Glover's character, are all painfully underdeveloped and it's hard to care for any of them other than Deni Maroon (Donald Glover). The main antagonist (Nonso Anozie) also has no real motivation against Deni and his reasoning is just plain stupid and irrational which makes his character pretty laughable. Kofi Novia (Rihanna) is the love interest of Deni and gets the most character development outside of Deni and although she is a large part of the story, she doesn't really do anything outside of being a plot device (and she barely is that). If anything I would have loved to see Deni and Kofi's relationship developed over more than 3 scenes in the movie. Deni Maroon (Donald Glover) gets all the development and is definitely a likeable protagonist, not much more to say about him. Yara Love (Letitia Wright) is Kofi's co-worker and serves no function in the story, best I can say about her is that Letitia looks like she's having a blast playing her in this movie.

Music - Well implemented and mixed well. Whether you like the songs in the movie comes down to personal taste (they're all part of Childish Gambino / Donald Glover's catalog of music, I won't spoil which ones). The instrumental in the background of some scenes however is great and fits the setting and tone of the movie perfectly; the best element of the movie in my opinion

Cinematography - Not much to say here, it's serviceable. However the film is presented with a weird aspect ratio that you may like or dislike

All other elements of the movie like the sound design and editing were all serviceable, nothing terrific but nothing too bad at all worth mentioning

Overall the movie works better in my opinion as an hour long music video, rather than a film as the plot and characters were either done poorly or were painfully average to the point where the music elements of the film were the shining components and show what this movie could have been with better film elements. With that being said it is most certainly a fun watch when you have an hour to kill. (5/ 10)

sclafunk 26 April 2019

This was awful. So many sites have been caught rigging and inflating review scores for movies, mostly marvel/Disney, but there's others as well; that are essentially social engineering. I'm guessing this is one of those rigged scores. An overwhelming majority of the 10 score reviews on here are generic statements that can be applied to any movie by Accts that have only reviewed this movie. The only reason I gave it a 5 is in honor of Rhianna's Fivehead. That thing is an evolving ecosystem.

austinacl02 13 April 2019

So I'm a huge Gambino fan to the point where if anything Gambino related comes out, I'll automatically try to find all the good in it instead of the bad. Often times, I let my fandom get in the way of quality, but Glover is a man of quality. When I heard this project was going to happen, I had high hopes for it. All I knew is Hiro Murai was going to direct it which was a great sign, Glover would be in it, and he's bringing Rihanna along for the ride, how can he mess this up. And while it is his project, it's written by his brother. I liked this film, but I'm not letting my fandom get in the way of how I genuinely see this film as a film. It was structurally broken at points and I feel as if it used the excuse of being short to get away with less story telling. But the animated story at the beginning didn't do much for me and felt very cliche. The film only strived with the way it was shot and the music scenes, however since his music plays at points out of nowhere, it takes away from the movie and seems like either filler or just Donald giving us what he has already given us and that's a bit disappointing to me. Nothing in this film was new music wise and it feels like wasted potential to do something big. But again, I am a fan, and I overall enjoyed it, it does however have many flaws that hold it down from being way better. So would I recommend it? That depends, if you're a Glover/Gambino fan then go check it out, but if you don't like him, or are not a fan of his, you might want to steer clear from this one. 3/5

bobcozzi 15 April 2019

Watching this collection of shots (not a movie or story so much as just scenes edited together) you have to wonder again how these kinds of projects get funding. So many movies like this one have good production values but such awful storylines that you are brought back to amateur night at the writing class.

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