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Gundala (2019)

Action | SciFi   
IMDB Rayting:   7.5/10
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian

Indonesia's preeminent comic book superhero and his alter ego Sancaka enter the cinematic universe to battle the wicked Pengkor and his diabolical squad of orphan assassins.

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hiraishinnojutsu 2 September 2019

From the very start to the middle of the story where we are brought throughout the harsh life Sancaka has to endure at a very young age until he was mature enough to take care of himself (and anybody else who needs help), I was ready to give it a 9 out of 10, a rarity for a superhero movie, especially local superheroes (as there weren't so much of Indonesian comicbook movies before): great character build up, better than most superhero origin story, without having to impose so much of Marvel-style forced jokes, that reflects the condition of the real life of low class Indonesian citizens.

But alas, "wasted potential" was the common theme that would, I think, perfectly describe the execution of the third act, where our hero was faced by his hardest test of strength and faith: it was so rushed that almost none of the interesting, strong bad guys (and girls) has any value at all. why not make the movie a little (or much, depends) longer then, to make space for the development of these badass bad people that would automatically lift the movie to the same world-class level of "The Raid" and "The Raid 2"? Well, maybe it's the matter of the budget or the family friendly rating, I don't know for sure, the point is, for a director as hard-working and dedicated as Joko Anwar, it's pretty disappointing.

The CGI isn't so great by Hollywood standard. Fighting scenes kind of remind you of action movies like "The Raid" instead of a comicbook movie (without so much of lightning power, Gundala's iconic attribute), maybe it's the impact of the budget problem, but I think it was intentional as the great director himself has declared that in this movie, Sancaka hasn't even realized about his true potential, his true identity.

But still, it's a good start for local heroes to rise up in their own cinematic universe against the hagemony that is the MCU and DCEU among local movie-goers. Something that probably only my country is confident enough to do so.

Herlinda_Marlina 29 August 2019

When i heard Joko Anwar name, I can't let go of his figure from horror and thriller, which is genre that his known for. Quite surprised when i heard Gundala will directed by him, but at the same time, i feel optimistic this movie at least have quality control about cinematography and decent storyline. Some of characteristic that Joko Anwar offer in every movie that directed by him. Trailer was good, and hype kinda high because they wanted Gundala to become opening of the original Indonesian superheros cinematic universe.

So, about the movie. Like i was expected, Joko Anwar pour his directing style to Gundala, make it little bit darker even for standard of DC heroes movie universe in the this decade of course after The Dark Knight or Nolan era. It kinda feel like i'm watching thriller or horror movie in some part of scene. From first part of until middle part of movie the storyline was solid, but after from there to the end, the plot are kinda messy and transition between each scene feel in rush to reach the ending. Some of scene have cringey moment of superheroes movie too.

The main issue that brought here feel like too many political critisism that they wanted push upfront all at once and make we almost lose focused about Gundala and shifting into Ridwan Bahri versus Pengkor. The final fight feel little bit stiff and too much jumping for one enemy to next enemy and some small but important side character feel like they just in there for some moment and next time, everyone just forget they ever exist, we not really know what happens with them eventually, and talking about CGI, i don't expect to much from start and yeah, its kinda mediocre when some of Indonesia movie that released at the same year have better CGI quality consider this movie are one of ambitious project that ever happen in Indonesia movie history.

Sancaka and Wulan are lacking of chemistry make us almost forget that they supposedly be our hero and heroine. Even little Sancaka with Awang have better chemistry, and personally i think Awang have one of good and smooth choreography fighting scene even if just happen for short time. So far the cinematography good, music scoring good, and some fighting scene are cool, but it being messy at half part till the end with incosistent quality of storyline movement. With all the hype that hanging around Bumi Langit Universe, i hope at least they will learn to maintain good storyline, improve acting quality, and considered how wisely use CGI placement to support the script for next Project/movie. So we will see this superheroes genre movie more in the Indonesia movie market at the future.

tunggulriddle 29 August 2019

One challenge when we talk about adapting comic characters into live action is expectation. I warn you, expect nothing but prepare to explore into uncharted territory.

Gundala, the patriot-we-deserve, many people are still afraid that it won't live up the hype. Well, here's a thing, the very first minute I sit, they managed to build a bit of tension, penetrating heart-touching drama, and still turned out great in the end of the first act. Thanks to Joko Anwar who successfully crafted a brilliant storyline, eventhough it's not faithful to comic version.

From my personal standpoint, unraveling the comic's plot is essential in order to satisfy the audiences. He made it more grounded and believable to tackle down the assumption that superhero movie must be CGI-tastic. Instead of enrich CGI fakery like Marvel franchise, he strengthen the characters building. And instead of putting supernatural ability, which is convincingly unreal, he focus on connecting the dots between characters and their backstory so they make it in a perfect circle. It seems, he has a grand vision to upcoming movies in Jilid 1.

Let's dig deeper into the movie. Aesthetically, much like his previous movie "Satan's Slave" (surprisingly, he also make a reference to it), Gundala is quite good at painting the lights. The combination between visual, choreography and scoring make it even more dramatic in consistent pace. Honestly, I got goosebumps on several scene of this movie.

As I mentioned above, grounded story helps Gundala at making sensible issues; addressing topdog vs underdog, racial inequity, civil disorder, moral dillemas and even LGBT. And yes, in Indonesia's context, it's very much relatable. It did something no movie had ever done before.

And what about Sancaka? At a glance, his costume looks a bit silly. But, as it turned out, that's the most reasonable costume with realistic elements, considering what Sancaka has been through. One thing that I have to appreciate about Sancaka is Joko's ability to depict him in a more "human" side. Moreover, the lead-villain Pengkor, is treated in similar way. He's capable at sending shivers down the spine, but at the same time, he delivers something that we choose to believe is for good purpose. These appealing plot will eventually lead us to twist we never saw coming. However, some repetitive scenes throughout the movie just didn't work out for me.

To sum up, Gundala is definitely benchmarking the future movies in Jilid 1 and become the stepping stone of Indonesia's creative industry.

So, are you ready to watch? Here is some advice. Get to know all characters who were introduced in Jagat Sinema Bumilangit press conference last week is highly recommended. Pay close attention, you'll find many easter eggs, don't miss any of them. Stay put, because there will be post-credit scene which some kind of tease for what's to come.

See you in cinema, folks!

martindope 2 September 2019

This Movie has a pretty good storyline, plot, and conflict. It has a grim and dark vibe to it. They made a good job on telling the Main Character childhood life with a really good cinematic, but they're lacking on introducing other characters more (except the Main Villain), and also it feels like there are some plot hole though here and there, like some part of it was skipped and not explained.

The conflict feels real here because they put "real life" conflict of how poor people are treated unjustly, hardship of street life, how money rules everything, and etc, where political is the main focus of it. We can also clearly see what was the motivation of the Main Villain, what makes him become what he is and what drives him to do so.

The pace are slow but well built, except at the third act that the pace are kinda a bit messy and feels rushed. The CGI are mediocre at best with one or two bad ones at some scenes (because of limited budget) but still enjoyable because this is not a typical CGI focused superhero movie. The Fight was kinda sluggish (it's understandable since the director is not experienced in action movies), but maybe it was intentional to make it that way because of the Main Character growth progress.

Overall it's a good movie nonetheless with some small notes here and there, a great opening movie for Bumilangit Cinematic Universe.

dtekkk 30 August 2019

The latest Joko Anwar movie GUNDALA is set to be the first Bumi Langit cinematic universe. the story is grim and dark, what I love about this movie is the opening scene that tells a lot about the character straight to the point and it's beautiful.

riansurachman 30 August 2019

This movie is so cool, i love all the plot twists, i love the heroes that are very 'human', i love the villains that are also very 'human', i love how they show how ugly politics & politicians are in Indonesia, i love how the movie keep me on suspense. AWESOME!!!

eliorakusmawardi 1 September 2019

It is very understandable since it is the first movie to BCU but this is just ... messy.

I don't get the setting, the timeline, is it in the 90s or 2000s or 2010s? The style is unique, but that horror and violence doesn't suit the genre. A superhero film could still be dark without as much violence and horror. I closed my eyes every now and then, ready for a jump scare, because it's very much like a horror movie at some points. The 13+ rating doesn't suit it, it should be 15 or 17+ with the amount of violence. The pace was slow at the beginning but rushed by the end. I think they spent too much time on Sancaka's childhood and dreams, which some of them could be removed and we still wouldn't miss much. I don't get Gundala's power as well. It wasn't really told what's the cause and he rarely used it. Does he really have super power? He used the power only for what? 10 times or maybe less. Some scenes didn't make sense. Sometimes I thought "Why would he do that? It's not necessary!" However, I think the humor is on point, only a few were awkward. The CGI isn't too bad except for that one part if you know what i mean (i think everyone laughed at that one) ... The camera work is great, can be polished a bit, so does the sound editing. Some sounds don't sync (especially the footsteps) and one I personally don't like (during fight scenes). My suggestion is to move the promotion budget to production. If people like your movie, they will come for it. Just focus more on the quality and storytelling.

I would've given this a 5, but they managed to keep me curious and this is only their 1st and I guess they've tried. So there goes the 6 stars!

nknayupr 30 August 2019

I'm super emotional because gundala is like an appatizer for the new stage of Indonesia movie era. I recommend this movie to all people especially for indonesian millenials. we can support this by watch it in cinema and give our feedback on social media. GOSHHHHHHH i can feel that Bumilangit Universe will be success!

cant wait to watch the next patriot, SRI ASIH. omg i just wanna cryyyyyyy hwaaa. Hidup perfilman Indonesia!

glastya 30 August 2019

This is the next level of indonesia superhero movie. So proud with the details😍. Keep up your good work bapak joko anwar, really love it much, let's spread out the uforia

aldafiabrar 2 September 2019

Exactly what you would have expected from this "cinematic universe" trend that's been going on lately.

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