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Hamilton (2020)

Biography | History 
Rayting:   8.6/10 59438 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The real life of one of America's foremost founding fathers and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Captured live on Broadway from the Richard Rodgers Theater with the original Broadway cast.

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max_undertaker 3 July 2020

I mean, i WAS pretty high, but still.

It definitely lived up to my hype.

sebastianbrown-00139 3 July 2020

Although many musical adaptations have flopped this may have proved that best way to do it is simply film the play. What you get is one of the best musicals available to watch whenever you like at an affordable price. Great work by everyone involved especially Lin Manuel Miranda.

guapo_andres 3 July 2020

I'm a mexican boy who has never got the chance to go to Broadway, all I've seen are bootlegs, and they're fine but not like this. This is a beautiful shot of the great spectacle Hamilton is, the flawless music of Lin Manuel Miranda, the production, the photography, costumes. And the acting, Leslie Odom Jr., Renneè, Miranda and Daveed Diggs shine on their roles, I don't know is this can be nominated for any award, but damn it deserves it

jenniferleroux 3 July 2020

I've been lucky enough to catch the show on tour in Minneapolis and it was amazing. As another reviewer said, this is how all Broadway productions should be released - not all Hollywood stylized - but a live filmed production of the original cast before an audience. About as close to perfection as you can get it.

TheLittleSongbird 13 July 2020

'Hamilton' was a major surprise for me when seeing and hearing it. Music is such a big part of my life, being now a semi-professional singer and raised into a musical family, and am a fan of musicals, especially the golden age ones. History was also one of my favourite and best subjects in most of my up and down school life, until it didn't work out in sixth form when my confidence went and my comprehension and drive worsened. So having a musical to combine the two immediately intrigued me, despite not being the biggest fan of the dominant styles here (was raised on classical music and opera personally).

That is what was meant when saying that 'Hamilton' was a major surprise. Hearing that a filmed version of a production was coming to Disney+, which has been a much needed distraction, there was no doubt in my mind about seeing it. So that the mix of history and music, the meaningful and relevant lyrics, the brilliant performances and the energy and heart it has can be revisited again. It does play fast and loose with history, blame that on the musical and not the production, sure and the style(s) of music that dominates the score here are not my first choices usually, but actually for its entertainment value, emotional impact and how well crafted it is as an overall whole, 'Hamilton' was a real winner. As was this production. Which was very much needed after suffering through 'Artemis Fowl', a musical surprise adapted masterfully and so accessibly and through a particularly unsettling time in a terrible few years.

It, the production that is, looks great. The sumptuous and true to the respective periods costumes especially and the setting is not too elaborate or overblown while still never looking cheap. Personally thought that the production was very well filmed, certainly compared to other filmed productions of musical theatre, opera and ballet seen and have seen many of each (being a major fan of all three). It made me feel like a member of an audience seeing it live, expect seeing it far more accessibly in terms of money and locations. Which is what is so great about these live/streamed performances and they have proven to be invaluable. Of which 'Hamilton' has been a big highlight.

Musically, 'Hamilton' is on point. Those that don't like the styles are best staying away unless wanting to see what the hoopla is all about, but as someone that saw it with an open mind and wanting to stretch even more my musical horizons 'Hamilton' made me appreciate hip hop and rap much more because they were so well done in their own way. When they are well done and not too repetitive or preachy, yes it is dependent on how they're executed in my view rather than any bias towards the styles, that is when it is easy to appreciate them and that is what 'Hamilton' excels so well in. Also found it very well accompanied.

What also comes over brilliantly is how 'Hamilton' is written. The musical and performance are very song heavy, which some may not like dependent on what your feelings on musicals, hip hop and rap are (some love it, others hate it and it is all down to taste which is fair enough). Found the melodies very clever and easy to remember, amazing considering how many there are and not an easy thing to achieve these days. It was the lyrics though that made a bigger impression on me, these lyrics were vastly entertaining and also at times quite emotional but what is just as admirable are their honesty and how relevant they are.

dragonmanfire 3 July 2020

This was fantastic. A musical so amazingly done! The characters and singing are fantastic! Auto tune has taken over the music department but not with this! These are their real voices! 10/10!

ahmedgorshy 24 July 2020

Best movie in 2020 A really difficult year, but this film managed to forget me everything and make me into another world where everything is beautiful, I wish it were longer

WhoKilledLauraPalmer 4 July 2020

WOW speechless after watching this. A true masterpiece. After years of curiosity I can't believe it lived up to and surpassed the intense hype. It really is beyond special and I think everyone should see it. Profoundly moving and extremely entertaining.

DGMcCready 4 July 2020

Never believe the hype. I didn't believe it. For years I had heard so much about a play about of all people Alexander Hamilton-but done to rap or something similar? Can't be good and maybe offensive. But then the noise of its greatness never quieted. So when it finally came to my town I had to see it. But first I listened to the soundtrack. I was hooked. Despite mezzanine seating I was floored how good the play was. I repeated the soundtrack. Day after day and the message became clearer. News of a movie but then a live taping with the original cast. I couldn't wait. Up close made all the lyrics more amazing. The story was better than I recalled. Outstanding performances. I truly loved it.

quintonlowry-88702 3 July 2020

No one throw away their shot and please watch Hamilton!

rebekahrox 4 July 2020

I started watching this out of curiosity and to say I have seen it, being the cultural touchstone that it is. At first, I was a little detached, not liking the songs too much, and thinking I would probably just skip through to end in a minute. I couldn't stop watching and it really sucked me in. I have to say, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it at all, live in the theater. I benefited greatly from the captions and the ability to put it on pause to consult Wikipedia from time to time. The lyrics were so clever and really told the story. I ended up very moved and almost cheering at the end. Of course, now that I am familiar with the story, I would love to see it live and would enjoy it immensely. But I would strongly recommend this for a first time viewing. I will definitely re-watch. And probably again and again.

hvnlydevil 9 July 2020

Never would I have ever thought that I would be watching a play about one of the founding fathers on repeat. I am so grateful this made it to the small screen for those of us who weren't able to catch the live show. Not only is just about every word sung, and beautifully at that, but the songs are done in styles to have you hanging on every word. It's the perfect amount of heavy and emotional with comedic lines and acts (thank you King George III). And while I am aware that the play does take some factual liberties, it had me googling to find out more about these people.

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