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Happiest Season (2020)

Rayting:   6.9/10
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

A holiday romantic comedy that captures the range of emotions tied to wanting your family's acceptance, being true to yourself, and trying not to ruin Christmas.

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djean-385-619019 26 November 2020

This is a very good movie with a lot of feel good moments. Dan Levy is the man and Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis shine. As a straight man who has never had to hide who I am, I really learned something in this movie and I hope others do too.

ziestutzman-25731 26 November 2020

Fresh. Relevant. Heartfelt. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was so nice to see LGBTQ characters at the center of this story, rather than side characters or fillers. For those who have already come out, and for those who struggle to find a way, we see you. This will be on my holiday must watch list for years to come.

cristinalinderman 26 November 2020

(Rating 9.5/10) * There are images during the end credit *

The director Clea DuVall and crew brought a heartfelt film and a much needed beautifully full-on representation. I would love to thank Clea DuVall for accurately pointing out the emotional complexities of coming out. This film deeply projects the obstacles one faces of coming out to the family and how one can't be truly happy if their true self is hidden. The understanding and the patience of being with someone who is not fully out was tested, love keeps one together but there is always a limit. The perspective of showing two sides of a person was heartbreaking, how devastating to watch how she treated her love for the sake of keeping up appearances due to her family's reputation, and by hiding, she didn't notice the hurt she was causing. Even though it was painful to watch it was understandable because it isn't easy to say it to the family. This was a meaningful film that gave different points of view for one to know that there is hope and that hope is projected through the relationship between Abby and Harper.

I loved this line "Everybody's story is different", a few simple words that defined the difficulties of coming out. During that scene, tears began to flow because it explains in detail how terrifying it was when those words come out while not knowing what would be one's family reaction. Acceptance is a powerful word in which many seek, and not every family knows the meaning of loving a child for who they are. It is easy to be out surrounded by strangers but not easy with family, never knowing if it's the last day one can call them family. All those feelings were profoundly placed in that scene and it made me cry so hard.

It was very well done to make her family defined by perfection to project as many situations as possible. They wanted to seem perfect but like any other family, they were all struggling to be proud of or to gain love. Everything would be simple if one learns to not let society control one's life and not letting them decide who you are. This storyline tackles every awkwardness, stress, and the terrible pain that causes when one decides to live in a lie.

When the high point of the movie came, it was so excruciating, I have cried in many movies but this kind of cry was different. I felt like my heart was intensely crumbling down even as I write this my tears are remembering and I'm so thankful for this movie for letting me cry in this kind of way. I love how this storyline doesn't give a simple solution and doesn't even set any cheesy moment by doing so. The struggle of reaching the limit was perfectly structured by establishing how a secret and denial are two different things in which can have a hurtful consequence.

The composer Amie Doherty set beautifully a holiday romantic cheery atmosphere. I love the theme music of Abby and Harper it was so cute and it defines the love they have for each other. The new Christmas song of Tegan and Sara (Make You Mine This Season) is perfect for them and the song was added at the right scene.

The entire cast was perfectly chosen and performed magnificently. The main actors Kristen Stewart as Abby and Mackenzie Davis as Harper, undeniable chemistry and their performance brought up a beautifully much-needed relationship to be told. Abby, the one out, and Harper not fully out delivered the meaning of how life brings barriers toward true happiness and the only thing keeping one from being happy is not friends nor fa

alicianora 26 November 2020

I was impressed with this film considering all of the big name actors/actresses in it. The production is strong and beautifully shot. The styling is also great. Kristen Stewart shines in this role. The storyline is heartfelt and entertaining. But also, representation matters & Happiest Season is a movie everyone can relate to, LGBTQ or not.

samratsingraur 25 November 2020

This movie is light hearted, heart warming and literally the cutest gay movie I've ever seen. It's absolutely worth watching with such an amazing cast. The way its directed is charming and clever that it gives joy and comfort. Happiest season definitely reaches up to the mark and proves their title name and the Christmas vibes are so fresh and delightful. Lead actors are nothing but best as we witnessed Dan Lavy before in Schitt's Creek by his ravishing performance, he does not fail to do so again and of course Kristen is a treat to watch. In a nutshell, it's a perfect Holiday rom-com to watch and feel good in these difficult times. Everyone should def watch it!

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