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Harpoon (2019)

Comedy | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: Canada
Language: English

Rivalries, dark secrets, and sexual tension emerge when three best friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean desperate for survival.

Director: Rob Grant Writer:

Stars: Munro Chambers, Christopher Gray and Emily Tyra

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CronenbergsMonster 26 May 2020

Harpoon is a solid thriller that comes with all the caveats of a low-budget, indie flick: the acting, writing, and production can all be a little spotty. There are also some tonal issues with the film as it veers wildly between comedy and gross-out horror scene to scene. Despite these issues, I felt that the film had some really compelling ideas and some fun moments in it. Its also worth mentioning that, as a horror movie buff, It's rare that a film makes me feel unsettled, but there were actually a couple of really gross, dark scenes in this film that got under my skin a little. All-in-all a solid indie thriller/drama that's worth a viewing. I think the director has a lot of potential!

katastrofkatt 8 October 2019

I didn't have big expectations, but i absolutely loved it. awesome acting skills and wonderfully dark humor. i'm still smiling thinking about it. right up my alley <3

HairyMart1 23 August 2019

Three "friends" each with secrets they would prefer the others not to know, one weekend at sea on a pleasure boat, oh and a harpoon no SpearGun ... what can go wrong. Well so much that you would not believe, all delivered with impeccable timing, huge amounts of black humour, a fair bit of blood and a very witty narration. A wonderfully dark and twisted comedy.

drifter_74 19 January 2020

Spoilt rich guy, his girlfriend and his best buddy go on a day long fishing trip to test out his new speargun (harpoon) that the two jointly bought him for his birthday.

As these things go, the close confines and interpersonal relationship strains all lead to tempers boiling over.

Note, this is definitely not a horror movie but simply a drama at sea with a bit more violence and blood thrown in than the usual.

I only watched half way and fast forwarded through the rest.


PeteB123 21 June 2020

Rotten Tomato gives it a 96%. What the hell is that all about? That score is Godfather, Alien, Wizard of Oz, Psycho territory. Maybe Harpoon is a 6 star. But it is quite forgettable because we unknowingly started watching it a second time and half way through it the light bulb went off.

Doctor-of-Nothing 11 October 2019

Prep school attempt at refashioning the Polanski film. A modicum of style but absolutely no substance. Repellent characters, schoolyard dialogue, idiotic decisions.

Not funny. Not tense. Not worth the time.

danielcereto 15 November 2019

First, this is not an original movie, you have seen this story a hundred times. Second, there are only three actors and a boat, do not expect more. Last, the script is acceptable but not good, not much suspense or twists. So, overall an OK movie but not great. A better ending could have improve everything.

Fella_shibby 11 February 2020

I saw this without watching the trailer or reading anything bah it. The first disappointment is that it is not the remake of the above mentioned slasher. Second disappointment is that there is lots of chit chat along with an extra chit chat of the narrator.

How can u trust n sit close to a person with a piece of lethal glass who tried to kill u n that too after playing a game of straws for survival. Generous with 6 for the ending n the punishment the characters get for cheating.

TwistedContent 8 October 2019

Went in blind as a bat, didn't read the synopsis or even know the fact that it's a comedy. Much to my satisfaction, "Harpoon" turned out to be a neat, smart, pleasantly weird black (horror) comedy.

Lies, schemes, friendships, pride, betrayal and more is explored in "Harpoon", the Director Rob Grant has managed to pack a lot in 82 minutes and one yacht - the result is a constantly entertaining low-budget indie horror with lots of pitch black comedy undertones. Much respect to the trio of actors without whose considerably great performances the movie would be a lesser experience, solid work. A nice & comicly fitting addition was the occasional narrator (voiced by Bret Gelman, Murray from "Stranger Things"), I'd be obliged to give style points for this and more. Even though I'd like to call "Harpoon" a black comedy / thriller, the horror excelled in regards of the well done gore, not excessive amounts of it, but all practical and effective. Aesthetically, the movie is thought-through and utilizes creative camera work and editing.

"Harpoon" packs a few surprises & maybe not a very memorable or thought-provoking, but certainly witty and entertaining story, as well as strong performances and offbeat black comedy vibes. Given the space and resources the filmmakers had to work with, it's an admirable indie horror comedy flick. My rating: 7/10.

redrain-34077 9 February 2020

A real struggle to get to the end . ridiculous is one word that comes to mind . plot is very thin and so much of the actions just dont make sense . waste of time

cee_dill 4 September 2019

Pitch black comedy with a very capable cast attached and perfect narration to help with scene breaks and transitions. I was impressed with what a good fit each actor was for their character and what good use the filmmakers made with their small set. I spent the run time laughing and grimacing but without ever losing the feeling of dread attached to their situation.

asrichmond 7 March 2020

This movie was so awful, I actually had to fast forward through parts of it. Don't waste your time.

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