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Heavy Weights (1995)

Comedy | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   6.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Plump kids are lured into joining a posh fat camp with the promise of quick weight loss and good times, only to find that the facility is a woodland hellhole run by a psycho ex fitness instructor.

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Movie_Muse_Reviews 22 June 2010

Despite being a child of the '90s, somehow I missed "Heavyweights" entirely. Considering the similarities it shares with "The Mighty Ducks" movies such as actors Kenan Thompson and Shaun Weiss, I'm almost embarrassed. Regardless, there's still plenty to appreciate about "Heavyweights" 15 years later in spite of its silliness -- and it's more than just a joke about the ineptitude of the Buffalo Bills.

For one, it was written and directed by Judd Apatow, who has a majority hold on the comedies of the last decade and for two, it marks one of Ben Stiller's first prominent roles as fitness wack-job Tony Perkis, who takes over a once-adored fat camp and harasses the kids.

Good thing "Heavyweights" was made then or it may never have surfaced, seeing as the age of political correctness and weight sensitivity has befallen us. The film is not cruel at all in its depiction of overweight campers, so parents surfing around for slightly older kid films and coming across this one shouldn't be concerned about that factor, but there's no doubt that such a concept would be hard to get off the ground, especially at Disney, in the 21st Century.

Co-written by Apatow and Steven Brill, writer of "The Mighty Ducks" films, it was as if the two conspired to plant a seed for a type of humor that kids my age at the time would come to identify as their own as they entered the PG-13 and R-rated age. Tony Perkis, for example, is the spitting character image of Stiller's White Goodman from "Dodgeball" and yet to me he is just as amusing doing his patented whispery intimidating voice now despite my countless repeated viewings of "Dodgeball."

There's also a classic overnight camp comedy sense of humor in "Heavyweights" like the kids getting beat in sports by their rival camp, an awkward dance mixer with a normal girls camp and when the kids unload the candy stashes they've snuck in camp into secret compartments -- as well as the run-of-the-mill fart jokes. Characters such as Tony's hysterical right-hand European man Lars, however, were way ahead of their time.

"Heavyweights" is pretty immature and excludes girls (because fat girls would be too taboo for the '90s). Its typical camp movie plot as well as its "overthrow-the-bad-guy" story arch - - which ruled the '90s -- come off as stale. But ignore those distractions and "Heavyweights" is a funny, quotable movie with some classic scenes, which is all a kid (or someone trying to go back and grab some nostalgia) really wants.

~Steven C

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trogdorkilla-99 5 August 2005

This is the best movie ever. I have watched it 1192 times. Ben Stiller's performance is excellent and the kids, although amateur, provide many, many, many laughs. This is a great movie to sit back and watch when you feel like using no brain power. The comedy is completely mindless and hilarious. Watching a group of obese children being "torchered" by a diet-obsessed ex-heavyweight is a great premise for a movie. it has all the elements of a good movie: you laugh, you celebrate, and maybe, (if you're extremely sensitive) cry. I don't know how you can't absolutely love this movie. My praises for this movie know almost no bounds. This is just a great movie. Well, I'm going to go achieve 1193!

HATED_IT 23 July 2004

Heavyweights is the story of a group of kids who with the help of their counselor go on a mission to take back their fat camp from a crazy man who has never interacted with kids before (played by Ben Stiller) who is intend on making it into a money making informercial.

I first saw this as a child, and absolutely loved it. I must have watched it again on at least 5 other occassions. Recently I was in the video store and came across a copy of it for sale. After convincing my friend to buy it , we went back to his house and popped it into the VCR. I wondered if the film would hold up after all these years. Did it? Absolutely! In fact I may have gotten bigger laughs this time around.

I do not understand why this film has a 5.1 rating, after reminding this movie to my friends they all recalled loving it, and everyone I recently watched it with loved it. Ben Stiller's character is hillarious, and the rest of the cast is great. Besides Ben, Kenan Thompson is the only other actor in this who went on to become somewhat of a star, which is suprising because all the kids give great performances. Tom Mcgowan, the man who plays Pat, seemed to be chosen for the role because Chris Farley passed on it, and John Candy died, but he gives a great performance.

I know it sounds cliche, but Heavyweights is truly one of the few movies that people of all ages will love.


Crowbot-2 10 August 1999

This is one of the funniest movies I've seen. And fat people will not be offended, I have friends that have really been to "fat camp" and they were laughing harder than I was, and I really don't see what's so gross about it. This is a great film go out and rent it. 9.5 out of 10.

moviefan1725-1 19 February 2006

It's really too bad that summer camps aren't as prevalent in today's society as they used to be. It was a way for kids to get away for a few months every summer. It was a chance to be on your own (away from parents anyway), visit a place that you would otherwise never see, have what may be the most important experiences of your childhood, and make friends that you would truly never forget. Kids just do not get that today. The only way they can really experience the magic of summer camp is in the movies. Unfortunately there are not many movies that really show that experience. Meatballs (1979, with Bill Murray) may very well be the best example, and Indian Summer (1996) shows how those friendships last when a group of 30 year old former campers reunite at the summer camp of their youth. But here with Heavyweights, we have another great, if not to realistic portrayal of the summer camp experience. Camp Hope is a camp that caters strictly to fat kids. It's where they go to lose weight, and make friends with other kids that may also be considered outcasts back home because of their weight. But in fat camp, all kids are equal. At least until the kind owners of the camp, The Pushkins, are forced to sell the camp to a villainous fitness guru wannabe, played with demonic zeal by Ben Stiller. It is, in fact, a performance Stiller would virtually copy for the movie Dodgeball. He attempts to force the kids to lose weight through, shall we say, questionable methods in order to create a weight loss infomercial. But the kids, rebel, take over the camp, and have summer their way. There are many classic moments, such as the kids "downloading" their stash of candies and snacks in various hiding places, Ben Stiller's interrogation of kids that are actually gaining weight, a competition with the jocks from Camp MVP across the lake, and many more. There's also scenes showing that the kids can be anything they want if they just apply themselves. Such as a dance with the girls from across the lake. At first everyone just stands around. But when the boys start dancing, the girls join in, and success is in the air, until Stiller shows up to degrade the boys again. Sure this movie is by the numbers, but it's a fun ride, with great characters, beautiful scenery, and a villain who couldn't be more over the top. Epitomized by the scene where Stiller somersaults from a second story window, hits the floor, quietly says to himself "Ouch", and whips his head into a full villain "Nobody's gonna stop me" speech. Great family movie.

princesstanya 31 March 2006

This is truly the best movie that has ever gushed from the loins of Disney. I have 7 copies in constant rotation, each dedicated to a particular weekday for viewing. I quit my job and collect social security to support my habit,as well as stuffing envelopes during the rewind phase. On the weekends when my grandma comes over to clean, she usually plays Lars or Tony, and I get to be Gerry Garner. Once I asked some Jehovah's witnesses to be Nicholas and Simms, but one talked too much and the other had a crappy English accent. I used a microwave box to make my own go-kart in the living room for me to sit in when I get to part the wild horse's mane. I'm doggen 'em, Pat! I'm doggen 'em!

Shopaholic35 1 January 2016

What's not to love about this movie. It's a classic 90's shenanigan comedy with the tubbies from The Mighty Ducks. They work so well together as a cast and their chemistry really shows. Although the movie's funny it doesn't start to get really good until about halfway through. It's rude, crude and childish with a carefree spirit...so moronic but you can't take it too seriously.

I do agree that it's a poor example of glutinous behaviour but even a child can tell that this is a gross over exaggeration and nobody commends this sort of diet and laziness. In saying that it's funny and not necessary about food. It's about losers becoming winners and the clinically insane getting what they deserve. And who doesn't like to watch that.

miniboot 9 August 2002

The film is great, I don't need to write another review of the synopsis as there are so many below, but if you have any sense of humour at all you'll like this movie. If you're a dried up 60 year old prune reminiscing about the good old days of black and white cinema when you could see a film + popcorn for a shilling and sixpence, you'll hate it. Great for kids, enough stupid stuff to keep them entertained, Fantastic for teenagers/people in their 20s, enough sick/dry humour to satisfy and make you think 'holy crap can they say that in a DISNEY film????', and older middle aged people with a sense of humour will see its quirky side too.

I just have one question, at one point with the seymour butts joke, does anyone know what josh actually says, as his joke is totally out of sync with his lip movements.

bob the moo 21 December 2004

As a "hefty" child Gerry's parents decide to send him to a Fat Camp and, although initially shocked, the camp looks like a lot of fun and starts really well. However only a few days into the camp, the long-time owners are forced to sell to fitness freak and would-be guru Tony Perkis. Quickly the camp goes from being one of family fun to resembling more of a prison camp, with a tight regime and cruel ownership. Gradually, as Perkis' mental state deteriorates, the group decide to take a stand.

With the Disney logo and the afternoon slot on television, I was ready for a rather childish tone to the film and I accepted it from the start. The plot is obvious and predictable throughout but really this is like complaining that water is wet, what is important that the film is fun for both kids and adults. In some ways it succeeds and the film is pretty enjoyable on a basic level even if it could have been better. The silly tone is quite fun even if it is all aimed at older children (7 –11) and not adults, I was amused by it even if I didn't really get into it – sharper material and more inventive and witty writing would have greatly improved it but it does what it does just about well enough to be worth watching.

The cast reflect the material and is full of broad (in all senses) characters who are very much cookie-cutter in their development and really don't do much more than basic pratfalls and so on – there are no real people here and the performances are average. The kids are all so-so and suit the material while the adults pretty much do the same stuff. I had reasonable hopes on the basis of Stiller and some of the cameos. Stiller plays a very toned down character that he would later do much better in Dodgeball; he is funny but you can't help feel that his material is a real limiter on what he can do – most of his best stuff is more about his delivery than his material. Stiller snr does his usual stuff but is given far too little time to make an impression while Jeffrey Tambor was a surprise find.

Overall a fairly standard film from Disney aimed at the older, pre-teen end of the kiddie market. The standard sense of humour, plot formula and material never really inspire and produce a film that is enjoyable enough on its own terms but could have been much better with a bit of effort, invention and wit put into the material. The cast are par for the course although the presence of Ben Stiller does help (although again he could have been so much better). Average stuff for pre-teens then but not without some value as amusing filler.

superboy478 6 June 2002

Heavyweights was a movie that will not teach you any lessons. All this movie will teach you to do is have the time of your life whenever you are released from school for the summer. However, I still think that the movie Camp Nowhere was a little bit better though.

11 year old fat kid Jerry (Aaron Schwartz) finds out that his parents are sending him to Camp Hope for the summer. He gets excited by the idea at first until he discovers that it's a camp for fat children. After he is forced to go, he arrives and meets a ton of cool kids even though their fat also. He immediatley fits in the group and everyone is happy until the owners of the camp discover that they're being replaced by the psycho health nut Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller). Tony puts the boys through nothing but a living nightmare because he makes them work out 24/7 and doesn't let them eat anything good or let them have any fun. So the boys put their heads together and work on a plan to take down Tony and take the camp over themselves to have some FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say that this was one of Ben Stiller's very first movies and he did such a hilarious job with the character.

Heavyweights is a very entertaining family comedy that will leave you laughing even while the credits are rolling.

kremim 19 January 2015

I was reading about Ben Stiller on IMDb discussion boards and plenty of people recommended Heavy Weights (1995) as one of his best comedy films. Oh, boy! This is one of the most disgusting and stupid films I've ever seen - the jokes were so lame (really, do people still laugh at fart jokes?! - Probably fat people do ...), Ben Stiller's character was pathetic rather than funny and the obese boys - well, they were too self-indulging, spoiled (and most of them - hm, ugly) to be appealing in any way. Instead of amusing I found the film dangerous - it promotes stuffing with junk food, encourages undisciplined behavior and on top of all - promulgates fat people as cleverer than thin and fit ones, while the truth is that junk food and lack of exercise is bad for brain development. Do not waist your time with this crap, life is too short, watch a better movie.

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