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Here Alone (2016)

Drama | SciFi   
IMDB Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: USA
Language: English | French

A young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has killed much of society, and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness.

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nrossin81 17 April 2018

Short review here as most other reviewers have covered the film in detail. I will just say that the entire film was gripping and brilliant. The performances by all involved were some of the best I've seen in this type of film: completely organic and believable.

That is, until, the final 15-20 minutes of the film. The ending, and the events directly leading up to it, are so obviously an attempt by the filmmakers to subvert the audience's expectations, that the whole plot takes a drastic turn toward the impossible. The final actions of all 3 of the main characters are completely out-of-character with everything we had seen up until that point.

Therefore, all of the goodwill the filmmakers built until then is completely lost. As such, a film that could have easily been a 9 to me has now become a very low 6.

For those considering watching this, don't bother. The emotional investment you'll gladly share in the first 2 acts does NOT have a payoff and you'll end the film completely disappointed. What a shame and what a waste.

thejoudblitz 1 April 2017

Believable characters, realistic action and an interesting story, all delivered in the right pace. Very well directed in all, barely any of the dreaded shaky cam low budget productions seem to like so much, the shots of nothing to set the mood are kept in check and the audience is spared any cheap jump scares.

Even the score supports the images, which is something a lot of filmmakers struggle with. Dialogue is relatable, use of profanity appropriate.

Here Alone is definitely worth a watch.

tonya-jarrett 3 April 2017

The narrative of a horror film does not have to have Bullitt's Mustang at full throttle every second or blood and gore fogging up the movie or TV screen. Films about people, how they survive, move forward, or at least try to do that are, for me, ultimately more interesting and more moving. With spare details to go on and information during flashbacks about the female protagonist, Ann, and her family (Jason and their baby) filling in, you are left to use your imagination about how an illness not named decimated the United States. Ann has been on her own for a year when we meet her and we watch her daily routine just to stay alive and away from creatures who were once human. Eventually, she meets two other survivors who fill up some of her loneliness, but inevitably with human beings and all of their quirks and hidden emotional turmoil, events shift rapidly.

If you can't watch stillness, listen to the sounds of nature, and let yourself be immersed, you won't be able to watch this film. Just know it's the stillness and beauty of the remote area juxtaposed with some horrifying moments that brings out the intensity of trying to survive day by day in this post-apocalyptic world. The actors who bring these characters to life are strong, mostly because they seem like real people, not actors trying to "be" real people. I cared about all of them and enjoyed the ride immensely.

sfinancing 16 July 2017

This genre bender is tough to categorize. While the setting is post zombie-apocalypse(ish) this is certainly no horror or scifi film. Even drama doesn't really fit.

What it is:

A solid bit of cinematography on a low budget.

Reasonably well written with believable characters.

Well acted by all 3 of the main characters.

What it isn't:

Well paced. While the writer and/or director was obviously aiming for a slow burner this smolders briefly before going out. The plot is simplistic...survive.

Interesting. While it is(in my opinion) believably written, the biggest threat in the zombie-apocalypse seems to be death by boredom.

Engaging. While the characters are reasonably realistic, I really was hoping some zombies would show up to relieve the monotony.


All things considered, I cannot specifically state that this is a bad's just not a good one. I can't say I really regret seeing it, but I wouldn't recommend wasting your time on it either.

IliescuVictor 18 April 2017

This movie is the perfect example of how a post-apocalyptic scenario would look like if it were to happen today. Or any other day nevertheless. I waited quite some time to see this movie and I can say it sort of brought me the joy I expected to deliver. The actors were really good, more than good, especially the one that portrayed Ann. Regarding the plot, it's not an action packed feature film but it has it's moments where it shines. The zombies were actually pretty decent looking and though you might expect to see them everywhere, it's not like that. But they are there, when you don't expect them to appear. One thing I didn't enjoyed was the ending scenes. I think that it could have been something different but it still added to the emotion. All in all, this movie is worth watching for it's idea behind it. It's different from all the other crap zombie movies and approaches this theme in a very unique way.

king_of_sport93 1 May 2017

This movie is one of the greatest zombie movies ever made, the movie doesn't contain much violent scenes or blood, because this is not the main goal here, the main goal is about the human souls and how they may survive such world. How they may forgive, forget, find reasons to live and fight, and move on! It resembles the walking dead-the PC game not series-where you don't always fight, you rarely fight actually, but it's a matter of choices, decisions and taking actions, which is so much harder than just fighting physically. If you are looking for a violent, full of blood movie, this is not for you, but if you really are trying to live in such world, and see how it's like, then I totally advise you to watch this movie. My rating 8/10... P.S I really advise you to read the review written by the director here on IMDb before you watch the movie..or after..your call!

VoyagerMN1986 3 May 2017

I have no trouble with low budget films. No trouble either with off the formula stories. Some the most creative work is done with low budgets, and breaking formula is often good.

Obsessions with character arcs, closure, etc make for poor story writing , but some aspects of story telling formula are in fact necessary. Those aspects include some level of credible or believable climax and anti climax and some level of characters being consistent absent anything in the story showing why they would change.

This film is just outright terrible throughout and the climax is just, well complete BS.

This film is low budget combined with every lowbrow cliché imaginable.

Do you need to be a survivalist to write in the Zombie genre? No. But you certainly need to think out your story, and do a bit of research not to make yourself a laughing stock. That people would go to the woods in a post apocalyptic scenario is credible, but not because it would be a good place to survive, but because that is where idiots would go. To be making unneeded campfires (ie showing every threat exactly where you are) , handling and using firearms with no basic skills or common sense, to foraging in places with no likely forage completes the idiocy.

That leaves the interplay between characters. Frankly it is terrible and juvenile. Without getting into spoilers here, the interactions throughout are childish, and the ending is simply a cheat on the audience.

Lastly a whole lot of the positive reviews of this film , virtually all of them are from single review posters. This is the problem with IMDb removing its comment boards, as there is no place to quickly leave an note that the reviews are clearly shilled. They are. Frankly, there is more imagination and creativity in those positive reviews than in the film. The creative team for this film should have had their buddies write the film instead of trying to upshill it here!

Sidhetaur 14 July 2017

This movie was pretty engrossing until the very end when it suddenly descended into psycho stupid. I wish very much I had not wasted my time with it now because it went up its own behind trying to be meaningful and just succeeded in being completely ridiculous. They managed to make me in a few seconds completely stop caring what happened to the characters. Whatever it was it wasn't bad enough to suit me.

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