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Here Today (2021)

Comedy | Drama 
Rayting:   6.5/10 1.8K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: May 7, 2021

When veteran comedy writer Charlie Burnz meets New York street singer Emma Payge, they form an unlikely yet hilarious and touching friendship that kicks the generation gap aside and redefines the meaning of love and trust.

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johnwanner 10 May 2021

This is a very charming and funny movie, with two great leads. The kind of movie that we all need right now. I really enjoyed this, hopefully more moviegoers will seek it out.

shelg2-334-226205 8 August 2021

This new Billy Crystal movie will have you laughing out loud, celebrating a bat mitzvah and the importance of family, watching a friendship flourish and just experiencing life's touching moments and the gamut of human emotions. A good heartwarming story, part comedy, part drama, part musical, well acted and waiting to be enjoyed. Don't miss this film.

yooper365 8 May 2021

Directed and co-written by Billy Crystal, thus we get his classic style of wit and delivery. Haddish has come into her own as an A-list comedian and here belting out several high energy songs. The film has a comedy troupe that has writers and performers working within a live sketch television show very much like SNL. Charlie is suffering with onset dementia having trouble remembering names, including his own kids, and is having difficulty writing a memoir of his deceased wife who is told in flashbacks. Some of the scenes are very funny, some mildly funny and some that just fall flat. The story turns serious and heart warming when he must confront his memories, his distant children and of course his relationship with Emma. We haven't seen much of Crystal of late, so if your a fan, its a nice little movie.

plasmapilot 17 August 2021

This sad saga was balanced well with just the right degree of humor. I smiled, laughed & related with these marvelous characters. Everything about this film filled me with joy...even the downside boosted my spirits. An honest, heartfelt portrayal of something that might eventually touch everyone in some way. Billy Crystal was hilarious as always but he also displayed his "acting chops" within the drama. Tiffany Haddish was excellent as well and her chemistry with Billy was evident. I can't think of time better spent!

digiart12 10 May 2021

Here Today is a modernized throwback movie. It's typical Billy Crystal and that just fine. It's a nice combination of comedy and drama, with just a couple of big laughs, numerous chuckles and tearjerker drama. The update is Tiffany Haddish (calling to mind Billy's team-up with Gregory Hines) who is great. There's a real chemistry between Billy and Tiffany and that makes it all more fun. It's old fashioned Hollywood and it was a very good time!

mikejohnnorris 15 May 2021

My wife and I chose this movie to be our 'first' movie date at a cinema since the start of the pandemic; great choice! My wife liked most the friendship portrayed in the two main characters (Haddish and Crystal). I ask myself after a film if I would see it again; I would because the time flew by, keeping me riveted in my seat (quite the feat for a 70 year old drinking soda pop with his popcorn!). Having revealed my age, I would say there's a lot to take from this film for anyone, at any age, because of the strong performances that truly make you see the two leads become friends. If you're about to return to a theatre after streaming for a year, this picture is a LOT better choice than either seeing a monster flatten a city or game characters fight. Real life situations, but with heart. If you go, ENJOY!

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