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Here Today (2021)

Rayting:   6.2/10 153 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

When veteran comedy writer Charlie Burnz meets New York street singer Emma Payge, they form an unlikely yet hilarious and touching friendship that kicks the generation gap aside and redefines the meaning of love and trust.

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peterscarpinato 8 May 2021

It's nice to see Billy Crystal on the big screen again. This film is like spending two hours with an old friend. With that being said, the film is quite good in parts, but the sum parts don't add up to a complete whole.

Crystal plays a comedy writer who is experiencing the beginning stages of dementia. He keeps this from his family and tries his best to hide it from everyone at work. Tiffany Haddish plays a woman who cashed in on an auction her ex boyfriend won to have lunch with the famous writer. This is despite not knowing who he is and ultimately insulting him frequently. She addresses him as "old man." To make matters worse, a food allergy lands her in the hospital and Crystal gets stuck with the bill. Oddly, a close friendship develops.

Haddish's initial over the top characterization of this woman is ill conceived. We later learn that she is some sort of jazz subway singer. She eventually becomes the voice of reason for Crystal and a major player In his life. But through it all, she never quite becomes a cohesive believable character.

Flashbacks are frequent as Crystal imagines his deceased wife. These are always awkward as the wife seems to be the exact same age in every flashback and Crystal's voice is only heard.

The film has some touching moments and the relationship between Haddish and Crystal does evolve into a sweet friendship. But the schmaltzy moments between Crystal and his family toward the end detracted from their story. The film needed more focus as it tried to cover too much ground in 2 hours.

This is a review so I'm nitpicking. Overall, I did enjoy the film and especially Billy Crystal's fine performance. I believe most audience members will too.

jawskippy 8 May 2021

We loved this movie. It was tender and loving and sweet and funny in all the right places. Very well cast, also.

toddatv 9 May 2021

Highly recommend. A few bits where you have to look past some poor acting but eneded up being a must see movie.

yooper365 8 May 2021

Directed and co-written by Billy Crystal, thus we get his classic style of wit and delivery. Haddish has come into her own as an A-list comedian and here belting out several high energy songs. The film has a comedy troupe that has writers and performers working within a live sketch television show very much like SNL. Charlie is suffering with onset dementia having trouble remembering names, including his own kids, and is having difficulty writing a memoir of his deceased wife who is told in flashbacks. Some of the scenes are very funny, some mildly funny and some that just fall flat. The story turns serious and heart warming when he must confront his memories, his distant children and of course his relationship with Emma. We haven't seen much of Crystal of late, so if your a fan, its a nice little movie.

tfminfl 9 May 2021

509. Here Today. Directed by, written by and starring Billy Crystal, tells the coming-of-old age story of Charlie Burns, a famous writer, who is now suffering from dementia and all the fun that seems to entail. It feels like this was probably a labor of love or a passion project for Billy Crystal, however, to me it felt like a 1990's cable movie, with Crystal in old man make-up and more than likely Queen Latifah co-starring, maybe even Woody Allen doing the Charlie role. Main story is this, Charlie is meeting someone for dinner, a fan, who won the chance to meet Charlie at a charity. Instead, the fan's ex-girlfriend Emma, played by Tiffany Haddish shows up, cause well she's getting even. She's loud, over the top and funny compared to Charlie's quiet and subdued manner, remember that 90's vibe I was talking about? Well, there it is. At dinner, Emma orders enough seafood to feed a small nation, seafood that she is also allergic too, which results in face swelling hijinks and a trip to the hospital. And this incident locks the two in a close, kind of unbelievable friendship that only really happens in movies. First half of the movie is decent, has some laughs. Second half, kind of fell apart for me. Felt it rushed in all the family drama stuff to fast and all at once, and it just lacked believability, I honestly thought at one point Emma was a figment of Charlie's imagination and he probably did something awful to her in the past, it just had that vibe to it. Well, that's just my opinion. Tiffany Haddish is really funny in it and performs some great songs in it. Although her flirting with 70+ year old's while singing Janis Joplin's 'Piece of my Heart' at Charlie's nieces bar mitzvah was a little odd, but oh well. It wasn't awful, it just wasn't anywhere near great either. It'll be on Lifetime soon...

ilovefoodcoma 11 May 2021

This movie reminded me of my grandma. Same illness.... very heartwarming movie.

johnwanner 10 May 2021

This is a very charming and funny movie, with two great leads. The kind of movie that we all need right now. I really enjoyed this, hopefully more moviegoers will seek it out.

fdsafdsafd 10 May 2021

A touching story of how we can all live in harmony. Borefest, skip this.

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