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His House (2020)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.4/10
Country: UK
Language: English

A refugee couple makes a harrowing escape from war torn South Sudan, but then they struggle to adjust to their new life in an English town that has an evil lurking beneath the surface.

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freqeteq 30 October 2020

Going in I thought I'd know what this film was about, I mean a film in 2020 about two black refugees going through the immigration system in Britain how can it be anything but what I'm expecting it to be? But I was wrong, and I am so glad I was.

Another reviewer said that this is "woke" and a commentary on immigration, it isn't, not at all. This is not a film about race or the differences in race or the difficulties of adjusting to living in a new country, it's not trying to say anything about the immigration system it's just telling a story that happens to involve new immigrants to a country, saying this is a commentary on immigration is like saying Jaws is a commentary on water safety or Die Hard 2 is a commentary on airport security.

This film is a supernatural horror about the desperate things that people will do to survive and the consequences of those actions, and it's one of the most entertaining horrors I've seen for a while with some genuinely unsettling scenes, I can only hope people don't dismiss it because of a few ignorant reviewers who see imaginary agendas whenever there are black characters leading a film.


downstage_right 30 October 2020

There are so many terrible films, particularly in the horror genre, on Netflix at the moment. This is not one of them. All the horrors I've watched recently are either far too dumb, or too far the other way - relying on being artsy or having powerful imagery but sacrificing a satisfying story. This one gets it just right. It is genuinely intriguing but leaves you with a resolution. There are layers of interpretation, but also a nice clear cut story.

I found for a good part of the film I thought it was just a theme of asylum seeking; a couple fleeing something bad and arriving at a not-beautiful side of Britain, with the man trying to adjust to a new culture and then woman conversely holding onto her roots, all through the narrative of an apparently haunted house. The pair being explicitly warned that they might be sent "back" if they made any trouble, or didn't integrate properly, emphasised this theme. But it turned out to be about something quite different - something I can't really say without giving away the plot substantially. It could have been based on anyone with a past, and the fact that the main characters were refugees worked well for the narrative but was not the entire theme.

It was well cast and very well acted, which is not actually all that typical in many films being streamed at the moment. Matt Smith is in it but as a side character: they don't try to force him into it beyond his welcome just to exploit the well known name; also refreshing. He is good in his part, but the two leads are allowed to shine.

I'm not much of an artistic critic but I felt they built and maintained the atmosphere brilliantly. I can't even tell you if it was visuals or score or lighting or whatever because I'm not the type of audience to dissect that - I just know it gripped me and took me with it emotionally. The tension is good and there were jump scares that work well. Personally I can't stand a film that's just reliant on jumpy moments or gore and lacks any actual substance. This, to me, gives the best of all worlds. And when it ended I felt genuinely glad I'd watched it, and watched it to the end.

Honestly this little film buried far below the (poorer quality) netflix recommendations was a very positive surprise for me and I would definitely recommend watching.

ic_you2 1 November 2020

Moments of heartache then genuine terror. I had goosebumps.

Sope Dirisu is incredible - and Wunmi Mosaku is an absolute scene stealer.

med-01081 31 October 2020

Decided to watch this film on Halloween as pretty much watched all the classics over the October month and i found this little gem very refreshing. Netflix has been disappointing this halloween with the terrible blyth manor but they pulled it back with this one. A horror story with heart that makes you feel lucky for the life you have. It tells the story of two asylum seekers and the struggles they face to settle in a new country BUT something has come along with them!! The story flows nicely, the acting is a decent effort and there are some very good jump scares. Some of the dream scenes are beautifully shot and kind of reminded me a bit of the scenes in The Ritual. Its not all horror but that shouldn't stop you giving this one a go.

matahari20-1 30 October 2020

This was the perfect horror movie. Genuinely terrifying in parts. And also giving a view into a world of human experience that encompasses human-born horror, loss, grief, desperation, striving and hope. I really cared for these characters and what happened to them, their story. I felt they were so real and believable in their struggle with one another, their love for one another, their tragic loss of community and connection, their being thrust into a cold, thin alienating, lonely new life in a strange land. Great actors , great script and engaging story, great camera work and yes, a twist. For me, there is a lot to like here and I will be looking out for more by this film-maker.

adam-mey 31 October 2020

Different and memorable. Not predictable, left me wondering in what order it was written.

nancyhotz 1 November 2020

It starts well, midway you think it's following a standard horror movie course, but stick with it! Very well done. Terrific ending!

arungeorge13 31 October 2020

The horrors that asylum-seekers have to put themselves through when meshed with a haunted house storyline is what we get in Netflix's His House. Bol (Dirisu) and Rial (Mosaku) are refugees fleeing their war-torn country of Sudan; they brave bullets, rough waters, and even lose their daughter as they finally arrive in Britain where they're granted probational asylum. They're temporarily moved into a shabby, crumbling house in the London suburbs, and that's when the past begins to haunt them.

His House is a pretty strong directorial debut from Remi Weekes, who has also written the screenplay. It may just be a 93-minute film, however, His House manages to dive equal parts deep into the struggles of immigrants as well as survivor guilt. While Bol tries to blend in with the new surroundings (he sings football anthems at bars, changes his attire, and prefers to use tables while eating), Rial holds firmly onto their culture (she wears their daughter's necklace, dresses in vibrant colors, and sits on the floor while eating).

The scares, the greatest thing about horror films, are well-conceived. Weeks mixes jumpscares with more atmosphere-heavy ones in an effort to keep viewers on edge. Practical and visual effects are put to solid use in these sequences, though some fare better than others. A little inspiration has been drawn from films like The Conjuring and Lights Out, in a good way. Weekes, through some effective crafting that blur the lines between fantasy and reality, elevates His House beyond the conventional haunted house movie.

Not everything works though. The final act switches horror for a somewhat predictable twist, and while the closing frames make for a powerful set of metaphors, it feels slightly sketchy from a closure standpoint. The performances are good for a film that revolves mostly around two (or three, if you include the beast) characters - Dirisu and Mosaku showcasing credible, lived-in feats.

assataamani 30 October 2020

This movie was amazing. There are so many metaphorical meanings behind the film and it was interesting to see what happens at the end. The fact that the story of refugees was told is amazing because you hardly hear those stories. Let alone see it in horror films. The scary moments were actually scary, there were elements I've never seen in any movie, etc. The actors all embodied their roles well. Great Job, Remi

aminmawjood 31 October 2020

The horror genre is filled with junk, so it comes as a pleasant surprise when you run into a gem, and His House is very much a gem. I don't wanna give too much away, but the story is about African immigrants who escape their war torn country to settle in a dilapidated house in the UK, and from there bad things start to happen.

There is so much depth to this movie that a few words just don't give it justice, what's more is you genuinely feel for the main characters of the movie. The scares? Let's say this one is just downright creepy, coupled with some excellent angles that really make the movie crawl under your skin.

Great great watch!

jericha-27402 1 November 2020

If you're a fan of in-your-face horror, this film is deeply psychological and not for you. Although politics lay the foundation for the story, the story itself isn't really about immigration. I think sometimes people see minorities in horror films and automatically think it's about racism or prejudice. To be blunt, there's no political message in film. It's well crafted and allows you to draw your own opinions. See it for yourself.

nooshie-33142 31 October 2020

I'm always looking for a different twist on the horror genre and here is a good one. African asylum seekers in Britain get housed in a haunted social housing property. The leads are just brilliant and utterly convincing as a married couple who have literally been to hell and back. Remi Weekes, the director, has a very sure hand with horror and breathes some fresh life into the haunted house/demonic posession/witchcraft genre. A very small cast, a disconcerting and claustrophobic atmosphere and winning leads make an original and fresh movie. It starts very creepily and builds the tension throughout although the end was a little heavy on the virtue signalling.

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