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HIT (2020)

Action | Drama | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   7.7/10
Country: India
Language: English

Vikram is a 30 year old cop. While he is battling with his own traumatic past, the stakes get high when a girl called Preethi mysteriously disappears in Hyderabad and Vikram has to solve the case at any cost.

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kishorevenkishore 8 March 2020

Nice Thriller and good suspense. Worth watching.Background music is good and great direction

baladeepsingamsetti 1 March 2020

After a long time a dark thriller had been out in the Telugu film industry. The director had perfectly crafted out the story for the opening of intense thriller universe. He didn't manipulate things too much. Entire screenplay was gripping and also with less manipulations of story. There wasn't a feel of confusion and all I felt was thrill. Even the actors gave out their best performances. Overall a must watch movie

gantapritham4 29 February 2020

Well directed, Vishwak Sen acted good, good story and execution, made me sit on the edge, gripping background score.

prakashreddyps-574-13557 21 April 2020

Excellent movie in every aspect. Perfect story, perfect screenplay, perfect action, nothing to complain !! Even the cast was perfect mix. Having the kidnapper a known negative role actor to could hv added more punch to the drama ! I rate this movie NINE STARS.

vikaskundbi 28 February 2020

Perfect in every department but the story was not enough for 2hrs, movie is good but not great, vishwak steals the show with his performance and Vivek Sagar is a life saviour

pardhajajam 8 March 2020

A fantastic thriller film vishwaksen acting was lit🔥 & Hit is a super hit film

fernando469 23 April 2020

This movie could have been great thriller but ended up no so to be.I was quite impressed with the performance of the cast and in particularly Vishwak Sen's bold performance. everything went well until 1 hour and 40 minutes. The move is a gripping until the mentioned time but then the director find bit difficult to pin the murders on credible convict. Felt like he was running out of time. As you already see the synopsis of the movie about solving murder mystery, and I must say I was quite in to a the movie before the last 20 minutes begin. But then disappointed the way it ended. Such a waste after all, which reminds me sort of GOT (But not that bad). Anyway you can still enjoy the film as it provides decent story, more over gripping one and half hour and good performance from not so called star cast. Definitely it hinted a sequel is on the way. Hope they would not do the same mistake by having weak end. Good luck!

Me_Jane_Doe_ 11 April 2020

Good plot with some unexpected twists. Nice pace. Engaging and entertaining. Totally worth the money and time.

modalavalasabhargav 3 March 2020

Film was good in script and hero(Vishwaksen) acting was purely natural. Climax is also good.. Overall a good film... Which can entertain in the theaters

gunarathneshewon 15 May 2020

Hit-The First Case is one of the Finest Thriller in Telegu Cinema.Storyline is very well written with lot of Twists and Turns.I haven't seen any plothole in the movie.Vishwak Sen has delivered a terrific performance.Background Music is just OK.Sreenplay is Brilliant.The movie keeps you on the Edge of the Seat without giving you a single second to even blink your eyes.Climax will suprise you.

Overall,Hit-The First Case is Brilliant Crime Thriller in recent times.If you love watching Thrillers,Undoubtedly this is for you.

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