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Honest Thief (2020)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   6.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Wanting to lead an honest life, a notorious bank robber turns himself in, only to be double crossed by two ruthless FBI agents.

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DarkVulcan29 26 October 2020

A professional thief (Liam Neeson) decides to turn over a new leaf, when he falls in love with a woman (Kate Walsh), but feeling he won't be able to live with himself for what he has done while trying to live a good life, so he decides to turn himself in and turn over the money to the F.B.I., in hopes of getting a reduced sentence. But things don't go has planned when an agent (Jai Courtney) gets greedy, deciding to keep the money for himself, and frame him for murder, now he must get the agent and clear his name before it's too late.

Liam Neeson is pretty in the role of a thief trying to turn over a new leaf, and showing he is flawed but not a bad guy, Kate Walsh is also good here, she and Neeson have great chemistry, making it quite convincing that are in love. Jai Courtney is quite good here, giving a real menacing performance. Jeffrey Donovan and Robert Patrick are also good. Some action scenes are pretty good, keep you interested until the thrilling end.

garymoore-58695 28 October 2020

I enjoyed the movie Liam Neeson was not disappointing lots of action and never a dull moment!!! cant imagine any negative reviews on this box office winner l see why it was rated no 1 two weeks in a row.

dora-04925 30 October 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this action flick! The characters are like-able and the plot is engrossing. Liam Neeson is awesome as usual. Lots of fun!

amberakhter 26 October 2020

Honest thief movie looking for action and thriller movie.Laim neeson is good actor i hope so that movie will break the previous record.Trailer of this movie full of suspence.

aidanratesmovies 17 October 2020

An entertaining thrill ride through and through, Honest Thief may look like a generic action flick at first glance, but surprisingly- due to Neeson's terrific performance and a decent script, this film actually has some heart. I am not a huge Liam Neeson fan, I have absolutely nothing against him, I have just never been one for his type of movies. Thus, I ended up seeing this flick due to lack of options, and surprisingly I was very amused, and very delighted to see how truly good and charismatic Neeson can be on screen. He's, for lack of better words, a total bada** on screen- and I find his performance as well as several others throughout the film, a large driving force in what makes it so good. Kate Walsh also provides a good performance, as well as Jai Courtney, and Jeffrey Donovan. The action scenes are very well choreographed, none of that shaky cam crap that makes me anxious to even think about, and the cinematography in general is very grounded- which is a nice change of pace for this kind of film. The script certainly has some familiar, or even generic elements to it, but once you continue to follow this story, you truly start to feel for the characters and the situations they are involved in. It isn't just well written do its rounded characters, but it is truly made with passion and heart, which I adore in any film, especially in one with such dire circumstances as this one. In the end, Honest Thief is more than an enjoyable way to spend your time at the movies. Go see it if you can, its at least one of the better films out right now, and please support your local theaters. Luckily my showing of the film had quite a few people in it, theaters really need the help, and may soon go extinct without help, and Liam Neeson seems like a good way as any to help save them My Rating: 8.75/10

TronNorth 25 October 2020

Awesome, it kept me on the edge of my seat. Liam Neeson makes the films so good, people just hating on him because social media tells them, or simply because they can't think for themselves so they go along with the flow. People also just hating because of the casting, which got nothing to do with anything. Imagine if it were tom holland and robert downey jr? Would you all praise it? Probably would since all people do is judge films based on the casting over anything else lol.

Not a way to judge/rate movies lol.

safkscga 24 October 2020

I saw this movie in the cinema just before we entered another lockdown. I had low expectations and was really surprised that this was actually a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable movie. The villain is incredibly hatable, liam neeson is always reliable. Great action and unusual storyline. Highly recommended.

kairitter 18 October 2020

Liam Neeson chooses his scripts wisely and this film is no exception. The storyline is new and unique with many twists that will keep you entertained and involved constantly.

robiullaw 3 September 2020

Hell yeah! It has given me a vibe of Taken! Another amazingly crafted action film of Liam! I just love this man!

khrome70 21 November 2020

Not sure what the ones who gave a bad rating were expecting. Perhaps an Academy award winning movie? If they had half a brain, they would realise it's an action movie which is what Liam Neeson does best. Yes there are some flaws but which movie doesn't have them? If you liked the Taken movies, you will love this because I sure did.

kluseba 12 October 2020

As soon as I learned that my city would be locked down again and that arenas, bars, museums, restaurants, theatres and similar places would close for several weeks, I went to the cinema to enjoy watching some new movies for the last time in quite a while. The first film I gave a try was Honest Thief and I certainly don't regret my choice. This emotional, pacey and suspenseful drama stars excellent actors like Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan and obviously Liam Neeson. The story revolves around a thief who wants to come clean and give back all the money he has stolen to serve a reduced prison sentence and then marry the woman of his dreams. He calls the Federal Bureau of Investigation that sends two rookies who are doubtful at first. When the thief shows them a third of the money, one of the investigators sees this opportunity as a chance to get rich and convinces his nervous partner to follow his plan through. Just as they are about to murder the honest thief and make the money disappear, their superior shows up and gets shot in an escalating confrontation. The thief knocks out the two investigators and manages to flee with his girlfriend. The two investigators predictably accuse the thief of murdering their superior and the fugitive now needs to clear his name while protecting his girlfriend.

This movie convinces on numerous levels. The action scenes are short but intense and focus on realistic settings rather than artificial special effects. The story is suspenseful from start to finish. The film has some strong dramatic elements due to the convincing love story. The characters are intriguing with a remorseful thief, a ruthless investigator and his nervous partner and a reliable veteran agent looking for the truth. The movie also includes a few funny scenes such as every moment involving the veteran agent's dog and the memorable car bomb scene.

On the negative side, Liam Neeson seems to be typecast for emotional action films and isn't given the occasion to unfold his full potential in this film. The story is predictable and by the numbers and therefore not really memorable.

However, the film is produced with care, energy and professionalism that make you forget about the minor flaws as it offers one hour and a half of gripping entertainment. Fans of action films, dramas and even thrillers should enjoy this film alike. Anyone who appreciates Liam Neeson should also admire this movie even though it can't compete with his career highlights such as Cold Pursuit, Schindler's List or Taken. The fact that the veteran actor manages to play an action film so credibly despite being sixty-eight years old certainly deserves attention, recognition and respect as well. Even though Liam Neeson has been typecast for more than a decade now, that isn't a problem as long as the final products remain as convincing as Honest Thief. Enjoy this movie at your local cinema while you still can and support local businesses while doing so.

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