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Host (2020)

Rayting:   6.6/10
Country: UK
Language: English

Six friends hire a medium to hold a seance via Zoom during lockdown, but they get far more than they bargained for as things quickly go wrong.

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lloydyb 13 August 2020

An atmospheric chiller with believable natural characters that draw you in to their joint Zoom séance. The movies low budget was rendered irrelevant due to the good timing and imagination of the director. However it's weakness was the lack of narrative and short running time; the film was more an episode in a horror TV show and so should be watched in that light to enjoy an hour's creepiness.

dougray30 2 August 2020

I simply can't fathom all the love for this movie. It's not AWFUL. The banter between friends is kind of fun. And the idea is okay. But friends dragging laptops around their homes (even the apartments are bigger than my little house) while checking on strange noises goes beyond suspension of disbelief. And there's no build to the story (although granted,, they didn't have time for one). There's a jump scare or two, and it goes fast enough with the short run time, but...I just don't get these 10-star reviews. I feel like they watched one of the other movies called Host that fill up the results box on IMDB when I type a search in.

tmidd111273 6 August 2020

This was nearly a perfect movie for me. Many studios and writers should take note that sometimes less is best. This is only 56 minutes. A minute more or a minute less would've probably taken the rating down two or 3. Acting-was very convincing. Not academy award worthy but good enough. Talented young ladies Special fx-not much but good enough. You can tell with what they had for a budget they worked hard to make it effective. Plot-some holes and "come on, seriously?" moments but nothing more ridiculous in most of the crap horror movies being released during Covid.

...check it out. Won't be disappointed.

baileycrawly 21 August 2020

Host doesn't do it for me, which is a real shame because I wanted to love it. It could've been a nice replacement for Unfriended, which is one of the better (albeit also very formulaic) horror films to come out in the last 10 years without the uncomfortable reality of profiting off bullying-related suicides looming over your head the whole time. Instead, what you got was a horribly formulaic film that, while executed well in some respects, just doesn't hold up very well. But it's always best to start with the positives. The banter between the characters is believable, although it comes off as forced a little bit. They've definitely gone above and beyond to perfectly replicate the Zoom experience, down to the limitations of using a free account.

However, the movie gets bad pretty quickly. It's boring; nothing of substance really happens and, when things finally do start to take off, it's exactly what you would expect from this kind of movie, practically down to every microscopic detail. Cheap jumpscares abound as a cop-out to avoid creating any real tension that pays off in a satisfying way. And the effects, when they were used (not mentioned in specifics due to spoilers) take you right out of the movie. They're goofy, cartoony and only scary because they're accompanied by loud noises and flashes of light. Mute the film and it'll offer you literally nothing. There's nothing scary or even remotely unnerving about this film.

Even the message of the film is old, one that's been done a million times. Don't contact the spirit world, because things will go awry. Duh. I can't realistically imagine a respectable writer in the business who would still see that as a subject fit for exploration. It's been done to death (no pun intended); time to move on.

matrixdukenukem 16 August 2020

First of all, this deserves a round of applause for recycling an tried and passed concept into something good while following the quarantine protocols. It is edited, crafted and scripted well. Yes there are some convenience the script takes but I am going to forgive all that considering the challenge and outcome.

Plot is simple. Six friends hold a seance on a zoom call, then everything goes to sheet. all the characters of this movie are cliché horror characters but in a hour you're not going to really care or root for any except for being scared for them ok a human level. It is acted incredibly well for a horror movie and that's really all that matters to make you believe into the plot.

A must watch horror in this quarantine. Ask your bf or gf to join for a watch along on zoom for extra effect.

Kudos to the team for pulling off this project.

bigbrowncows-1 16 August 2020

I don't think I've ever been driven to write a review before but I had to for this. Giving it 10/10 purely because it's the first horror film to actual scare me in years. Cast are great, effects are as good as they need to be, and it's only 57 minutes which is refreshing. Obviously if you don't like found footage style horror you're not going to like this but if you do you're in for a treat. And of course there's some questionable decisions by the characters but it's a horror film, get over it.

paulsamuel-48177 3 August 2020

Happen to see this movie by chance and was blown away. The best part of this is movie is original and the brilliant writing keeps us glued towards the seat. The entire zoom concept was nice and interesting, which makes this stand apart from other session based or found footage movies. All the lead characters portrayal was great and the casting was aptly done. All the vfx shots was pretty much credible and gives genuine scare. Though initial few moments dragged a bit, it was for the ambience to keep us hooked. Once in, it was dark and ominous then. Being an avid horror genre fan, have got accustomed to most of the cliche based movies. But this gem which was made on shoe string budget would be one to look out for! Don't miss this movie!!!

ricardo-consonni 5 August 2020

This movie is terrible! Who on earth carries their notebooks around the house, to check on noises and such?! Complete waste of time.

Jeremy_Urquhart 7 August 2020

It's unfortunately a little bit dull until the last 20 minutes. Things kick into gear with a particularly well-executed (and properly set up!) jump scare, and then escalate accordingly.

Even then, the finale isn't that much more impressive than the final act in your average paranormal horror movie, but the ZOOM stuff does become a bit more than a gimmick at that point, with some clever ways to deliver scares in a slightly new way.

Until then though, it's a bit dull, with characters + a set up and middle third that feel like a pretty standard horror movie.

Still, it delivers some pretty decent spoopiness in just under an hour, so I'd say it's worth a watch for horror fans.

bob the moo 16 August 2020

I'm no great fan of horror, but I had seen several of the director's short films, including the 2 minute video that led to this one, so I got a trial on the horror channel just to watch this. I've also only used Zoom once, and rarely use video during conference calls, so in that sense I am not quite target audience for this. Despite this it worked very well. The plot sees a group of friends all stuck in their various homes, using Zoom to get together and do a virtual séance for a bit of fun. Sticking with the Zoom format in a sort of 'found-footage' approach for the modern age, it follows the séance as it 'goes wrong'.

At a tight 60 minutes running time, the film doesn't waste a lot of time, but opens nicely so that we are in familiar territory - the technical issues, the glitches, the slightly forced air of 'fun', the people who put in too much effort, and the people who are showing off a bit too obviously. Whether you find that engaging or annoying, it is certainly convincing. From here we move into the bangs and odd occurrences, and things escalate quickly. The cast do a lot of good work in convincing of their fear - and given that mostly we are focused on faces looking at screens, it is an important factor. Mostly the scares are jump scares, but the consistency of them does create its own mood and tension. It is very much a genre piece, with Blair Witch, (Rec.), and endless other horrors in its construct - rather than seem derivative though, it manages to feel like it is drawing on the past to inform the current; it may not date well, but certainly for the current time the use of lockdown, isolations, Zoom chats etc, it does fit and works well.

Best watched like you're on the call - on a laptop in a darkened room.

Xstal 31 July 2020

... in this lockdown inspired thrill that sees a group of girlfriends take part in a Zoom seance that leaves them with a little more than they originally bargained for. Not for the faint of heart and brilliant.

ravenhair702 28 October 2020

I saw a trailer for this appearing on the IMDB homepage and I told my wife to look it up! Looks good! The movie was very in the moment as far as the quarantine, and a lot of people can find that relatable. Plenty of jump scares and I was on the edge of my seat! Very entertaining and it kept my interest. The acting looked intense and real. These people looked terrified! Getting down to the point, I thought this movie was great and It's not even an hour, so even If you're a hater and don't like it, it wasn't much time lost. Peace.

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