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House on Willow Street (2016)

Action | Thriller   
IMDB Rayting:   4.8/10
Country: South Africa
Language: English

After a young woman is kidnapped, her captors soon come to realize that in fact they may be the ones in danger and this young woman has a dark secret inside her.

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Fella_shibby 3 August 2017

Saw this recently on a DVD. Got enticed by the trailer n had seen the director's film, Indigenous which was decent. A short review should b something like this, full of clichés, absurd dialogues, not scary, moments of tension n suspense r almost zero, no good kills n repetitive scenes of apparitions n demonic levitation eventually reducing the scare factors. The demon is shown very powerful but u have to see the ending... a total letdown. On a good note, the effects r good. The designs of the demons were pretty interesting. Use of both lighting and color give this film a macabre tone, which works in its favor. Sharni Vinson looks extremely tired and skinny. Her eye bags were very visible in some scenes. Ther have been decent movies in the past where the movie changes genre; Psycho, Malevolence, Dead birds, From dusk till dawn, Livid, Frontiers, etc. Also where the criminals/intruders meet more powerful match; Don't breathe, Intruders, Siren, Gallows hill, Whisper, etc.

emilee_wardle 25 March 2017

Created an account to say how awful this film is how it has such high ratings I don't have a clue. Biggest waste of my time I have ever spent it is full of every cliché I've ever watched within a horror film and I could guess the plot easily from the start. It's boring and the characters frustratingly stupid. Don't bother watching this at all!

peter-sungwook-kim 26 March 2017

The current rating is far too generous.

This is your average b horror movie -- amateur acting/casting and cheap jump scares.

Not worth the time in my opinion.

Do yourself a favor and find a different movie to watch.

kosmasp 5 March 2017

You know if you are into jump scares and just love any horror movie, I guess you'll enjoy yourself. Still I'm surprised by the overall high rating. And that is not only because one of the cast members distances him- or herself from the movie, but just the pure fact that the movie is filled with clichés. So many that it kind of started hurting physically.

So while I couldn't fault the movie for any technical aspect (and I guess that's plus that I like the actors in it, despite their horrible characters made me be kind in my rating), I don't feel that way when it comes to the script. It starts off kind of good and it does sort of maintain a certain mood. But it's so crazy what the characters do ... I mean yes I realize we wouldn't have certain movies, if characters behaved as if they actually had a brain, but still this stretches anything you'll be able to stomach. I'd even say I like the ending in a weird way, even though it hurt too ...

gungygussit 24 March 2017

I watched this film because of it's 7.9 rating.

5 minutes in I started thinking...this doesn't come across like a 7.9, ten more minutes passed - it's not a 7.9.

Clearly someone has been playing with the votes, this film is awful. The acting is terrible along with the cast, the story is sub par and the horror aspect it predictable and very much not even remotely jumpy.

Avoid this film at all cost.

surfisfun 24 March 2017

7.9 as of march 2017, make me wonder if they had automated ratings to boost the overall rating. this movie fill like made for TV and id say its a 3.8 to 5.6 rating worth. I give 1 star in hope to lower the already 1000 plus votes. Too slow in a bad way before scares happen, and some cheap scares. It had potential as a script wt some rewriting . acting so so.

Argemaluco 25 May 2017

The "criminals who become victims" concept has always been popular in horror cinema (Don't Breathe is a recent example I liked), and that might be because it adds an unexpected moral ambiguity which questions our perception regarding "good" and "evil" ones. And, on a more visceral sense, it creates an "instantaneous karma" sensation in which the criminals receive their punishment... even though we would like to see them escape sometimes). From a House on Willow Street follows that formula, but its main problem is that co-screenwriter Alaistar Orr (who is also the director), Jonathan Jordaan (sic) and Catherine Blackman reveal the kidnapped girl's secret too quickly, decreasing the tension and taking us through a prefabricated route which doesn't adequately exploit the "surprise factor". Besides, it's too obvious who the default "hero" (heroine, in this case) will be from the beginning; fortunately, that character is played by Sharni Vinson, whose work in horror cinema during the last 5 years (Bait, You're Next and Patrick: Evil Awakens) has made her become a versatile "scream queen" with an adequate emotional deepness. Vinson's scenic presence and credible reactions keep us moderately entertained despite the questionable narrative decisions and weak coincidences in which her character is involved. I will probably end up forgetting From a House on Willow Street as soon as I finish writing this review, but it didn't bore me, and I can give it a slight recommendation, mainly due to the gore and the presence of an actress whose affinity for the horror genre can rescue mediocre movies, such as... this one. We are still on time to redeem the "scream queen" term, and Vinson is one of the actresses capable of achieving it (other good alternatives: Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Anya Taylor-Joy).

paulclaassen 10 June 2018

What I loved about the film is that they don't waste any time by jumping right into the action. It is really truly freaky in the beginning as we learn there is something sinister going on. Sadly, though, after a promising start, the film dwindles to loads and loads of credibility issues and 'been there done that' territory. They are trying just too hard to give every character a back story, as the demon feeds on their darkest secrets and fears. The reveal through the kidnapped girl's video diary is not believable at all and rather silly, actually. The way the gang immediately finds what is relevant to the story is just not credible. The film completely looses momentum towards the end as suspense makes way for reveal upon reveal. Some good visuals, though, and I did enjoy the satisfying ending.

noel-51771 30 March 2017

I just can't understand why people are rating this movie low. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though there were some errors in special effects but, plot and story are overall great. When I started playing it, I thought it is over rated but as the time passed it grabbed my whole attention. I would love to rate it as a 7 star movie.

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