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Hubie Halloween (2020)

Comedy | Mystery 
Rayting:   5.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Despite his devotion to his hometown of Salem (and its Halloween celebration), Hubie Dubois is a figure of mockery for kids and adults alike. But this year, something is going bump in the night, and it's up to Hubie to save Halloween.

Director: Steven Brill Writer:

Stars: Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Julie Bowen

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User Reviews

rivalrocks 9 October 2020

If you go in knowing what to expect you won't be disappointed. It's simply a feel good, goofy, Adam Sandler Halloween movie. I loved it, glad I watched it.

tresm87 7 October 2020

In 2020 you would think people would know what to expect from Adam Sandler's (effective yet slightly hated) brand of raunchy and quick witted humor. But still there are so many smug types that somehow ridiculously expect some huge swings into left field for his Netflix original comedies. Obviously he's shown incredible versatility in his career but people should be able to gauge by the trailer and it being part of his Netflix contract that these aren't Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, or Uncut Gems. Know what you're getting. The snobs that hate Sandler are the types that would go into an Applebee's and expect a five star meal.

This film sticks to classic Sandler formulas which isn't an issue imo. A humble basic story about an odd yet lovable main character that finds himself in the middle of a series of hilarious problems. Along the way he runs into other weird zany characters and maybe a few villains that join in on or his hilarious antics. The actors are the usual Sandler friends that he's had in other films.

Overall its just a nice comfort Halloween themed Sandler comedy that shouldn't be taken so seriously by snobby critics that can't grasp the point of these films after all these years. Throw it on and forget about the world.

Rich-91749 7 October 2020

Sandler can actually be funny sometimes and the movie premise isn't terrible but why does he have to ruin everything he touches with ridiculously over-the-top voices? He got the balance right in Happy Gilmore but this one is hard to watch!

Ricky9LA 18 October 2020

I usually don't write a lot of reviews and I like to give most films the benefit of the doubt, but I just couldn't with this film. Every 10 minutes of this film, felt like an hour.

Sandler's acting/voice was god awful. He is just cashing in the checks now. I tried to make myself laugh a few times throughout the film, but I just couldn't. I believe the film's cast and Netflix's marketing made gave this film, much more exposure than it truly deserved.

I enjoyed a lot of Sandler's films in the 90's and early 00's, but this film was completely horrible. I hope Sandler is able to provide better quality films in the future. But for now, this is the content we are forced to view.

Jamiec523 7 October 2020

One thing you gotta tell yourself before watching this movie is its just some Halloween fun. Don't take it too seriously and you'll have a nice time watching it. I did find some parts were slow but overall I got some good laughs here and there. I've watched Adam Sandler movies since Billy Madison came out in 1995. I believe this is the first movie with Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen since Happy Gilmore (1996) and I really enjoyed seeing them work together again after over 20 years. There are some Easter eggs hidden in this movie that connect some of Adams older movies, it was a nice stroll down memory lane when I noticed them, I don't wanna spoil them for you so see if you can spot them! If you're looking for an Oscar nominated picture possibility then this movie isn't for you. If you're looking for a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and for you to have a nice Halloween laugh and mini scare here and there, then pop some popcorn and enjoy Hubie Halloween! This isn't Adam's best movie but its not his worst either.

jimkennyeverett-691-760833 24 October 2020

I like Adam Sandler most of the time, and wanted to like this Film. It's great that he brought all his friends in for this Movie, there are recognisable faces throughout this film, but i just found it slow, and within 30 mins i was looking at the clock and starting to skip bits with Adam doing the same push bike crash a few times in the first half hour, it had it's moments but hitting you over the head repeatedly with the morality story didn't help. You can look and sound stupid but be the smartest in the Town, and get the Girl. The entire Town bullied and berated him and it turns out they all have their own deficiencies and miserable lives when it comes down to it. Yaaay for Hubie!! Overall i have seen far better from Adam Sandler and worse too.

mjcar-61523 7 October 2020

A family-fun Halloween adventure, that is saturated in Adam Sandler film actors/former-cast/nostalgia. While it's not going to win any major awards, and there's no dynamic acting or writing, this is probably what most Happy/Madison fans are excited to see. (And it seems suitable for family viewing)

erinjoy-178-816122 21 October 2020

I usually love Adam Sandler but this was barely watchable. My husband and I were impressed we even had the ability to watch til the end. Had they tried harder and not focused on the slapstick over the top garbage it could've been funny. Don't waste your time.

rjsleigh 19 October 2020

Unwatchable and I like Adam Sandler.

Parts of it sounded like he was mumbling. Unwatchable as far as I was concerned.

kamytaz 11 October 2020

The movie could be better if they remove th lame voice of Adam Sandler's character. This movie is not funny at all. Using same type comedies as all previous Adam Sandler's movies. The story as well as all the characters are boring. I would not recommend this movie at all.

bdm-52460 22 October 2020

Again, for clarity..... literally the dumbest movie ever made.

drakelosson 14 October 2020

It's not a bad movie as long as your not expecting a masterpiece. It's a simple feel good movie that is good if you need something to watch also a great movie for Halloween time. Other than the voice I don't have too many complaints.

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