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I Still Believe (2020)

Biography | Music 
Rayting:   6.5/10 8622 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The true life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope.

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ahmadmuslem-96565 28 March 2020

To be honest this is my first review ever, i did this review because this movie has really touched my soul, I've never in my life saw a movie that really made my tears drop but today 28/march/2020 i marked my favourite movie ever, the movie that made me cry, the movie that made me realise that i should be thankful for everything i got from friends and family, the movie that will change my perspective of life.

This movie has many meanings that can be translated into one meaning that is to have a strong faith in god and always be sure that miracles can and will happen just keep believing in god and have a strong faith.

What else can i say cant and will not describe my feelings now, i just dont have the right words...

Thanks for reading this review...

A believer 😶

kelstra 5 April 2020

I am a huge fan of Britt Robertson - mainly as a result of her performance in Mr Church. In spite of my regard for her however, I was a little reluctant to see this movie, due to its association as a religious movie. In the end my regard for Britt won over and I took the plunge. I need not have been concerned as the religious content was very subtle and was perfectly within the context of the story. This is easily Britt Robertson's best performance to date and the way she interacted with K.J.Apa was remarkable. You could really feel the bond between them which by all accounts was genuine and it showed in the excellent performances from both of them. This is a very moving film and anyone who doesn't shed a tear of two could only be made of stone. Beautifully shot and directed and interlaced with some really nice music. Definitely one of the better movies of recent times and highly recommended. My seven star rating might seem a little low in view of my approval but I am a harsh judge and my rating is very much in line with IMdB's. I guess everyone is aware that the movie is based on actual events. I have no idea how accurately it depicts them but it would seem that it hasn't strayed too far from the truth.

mperdue-17520 31 March 2020

I love the Erwin Brothers. They're immensely talented filmmakers. But their films are part of a new emergent Christianity where it's become a rock-star religion - the most popular speakers, the most popular bands, the most popular churches, the most popular everything. And the Lord Jesus Christ is always given a supporting role.

Why does the sincerity of 'I Still Believe' feel like 'let's do another successful Christian music movie and get all the Christians to come out' roundtable strategy? Where is the true Christ in these films? Sin? Repentance?

If you carefully watch their previous film 'I Can Only Imagine', the Erwin Brothers spend more time on Amy Grant than Jesus Christ. In fact, Christ is completely MIA in that film. It's like he's a cool Cross symbol hanging on the neck of Madonna.

American Christianity has become a corporation.

It's filled with Christian publicists trying to get the Erwin Brothers on Fox Morning News. They try to find some 'angle' that will make people go and see their movie. Again, it's not about Jesus at all. It's about galvanizing millions of these Christian music fans to watch the film and bring in millions of dollars in revenue. Like with "I Can Only Imagine" - a film that to this day I have no clue where the true Christ is.

Put another way, would an elderly 80-year old woman who was a missionary to PNG her whole life be advertised at Harvest Crusade, the National Religious Broadcaster's (NRB) conference, Joel Osteen's church, etc?

Of course not. It's always the most popular speakers, the most popular bands, the most popular authors, etc. It's worse. Really it is.

American Christianity has become a popularity contest.

Can you see Jesus or His disciples doing this? Do you see them selling tickets to hear Jesus speak? Telling their listeners to buy their books, movies, CD's?

"Come hear Jesus speak! We also have Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Amy Grant singing! And popular speakers Greg Laurie and Joel Osteen also talking before Jesus! Get your tickets now!"

It's all about being hip and cool. This 'emergent' new American Christianity that started in 1982.

In the meantime, this army of luke-warm Believers continue to buy t-shirts, pay for concerts, attend conferences - and help perpetuate this incredibly dangerous mindset that Christ has a price tag. A monetary value. A box office gross.

American Christianity has become an embarrassment.

It's an embarrassment to all the persecuted Christians in the world.

The emergent Christian filmmakers would never make a movie about persecuted Christians. Why? Because no one would go. It's all about making money and being popular with them. They will deny this, of course.

American Christianity - and there's no other way to put this - has become a false religion.

This is why poll after poll shows there's no difference between American Christians and the secular heathen. Divorce rates, depression rates, suicidal thoughts, etc - all the same.

A false religion? That's too strong, right? Only if you believe a luke-warm Christian is not an oxymoron. You will not see a luke-warm Christian in heaven. Just read Matthew 7:21-23: "Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?' And then I will

steffen-38854 28 July 2020

Okay this isn't a bad movie. I loved the actors and the sickness part is told convincing and is emotional. But this movie, while it's heavily based on the power of music, misses the good music. It misses a 'shallow' or 'remember us' song and in my opinion the movie refers way to much on believing in the lord (especially in the songs of the movie). Still the story is told in a touching way. And I'm not disappointed but it could have been told even more emotional.

downthehobbitholeblog 13 March 2020

The tear-jerking true story of musician Jeremy Camp and his journey of love, loss, musical success and faith. This story centers around a the complexities of a relationship. A beautiful, and timely, reminder that in this crazy world we will all struggle but we can hang onto faith and love.

Parents should know that there are intense scenes and we do not think that the movie is suitable for kids under ten, or kids who can't talk through serious topics with you afterward.

We have a small group discussion guide for this posted on our website. Down The Hobbit Hole Blog dot com. We also have a full parent review up and Bible study questions for it.

We were really impressed with this movie and left better for having watched it!

john-570-355877 12 March 2020

Typically I'm not a fan of faith based films. I find them to be a little over the top and cheesy. But this movie honestly blew me away! KJ APA and Britt Robertson were amazing and had great chemistry! I believed from the moment they met on screen that they had fallen for each other, which made the story so much more engaging. There were many moments when I couldn't hold back my tears, but at the same time I felt uplifted. This movie was more about how to overcome extremely difficult circumstances that many of us will face in our lifetime, than about pushing an evangelical message; but don't get me wrong, the message of hope was clear, and it's a message that I encourage everyone to hear! This is truly one of my favorite movies of the year. The Erwin brothers are terrific directors and storytellers, and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the years to come!

juanferivera 28 May 2020

This is a beautiful movie, with an incredible message from God, specially when we use to feel abandoned and lost by pain. God remembered us that even in the suffering, He still there for us.

capitaogancho 4 September 2020

It's not an Oscar candidate but the world needs more stories and testimonies of hope like this.

julieblosser 17 March 2020

I think I may have had a stronger reaction to this movie than other people. I cried through fully half of this movie. The characters were in the same age group as my son and his wife. And the lead actors character reminded me so much of my son. He and my daughter in law "waited" until they got married to have a consummated relationship.

I kept picturing the two of them in a situation like this. That probably sounds bizarre but their faith is so strong I could see this film being what I imagined my babies would be like. Strong in faith and questioning God at the same time. I loved this movie.

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