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Igor (2008)

Animation | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: USA | France
Language: English

Animated fable about a cliché hunchbacked evil scientist's assistant who aspires to become a scientist himself, much to the displeasure of the rest of the evil science community.

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ccthemovieman-1 22 February 2009

I don't know why this movie doesn't get more positive recognition; I thought it was terrific, and I've seen most the feature-length animated films of the past several years. This holds it own against most of them.

For an animated film, it has exactly what you want: fantastic colors and colorful characters -most of them very funny and entertaining to view and hear - and a good story with some interesting twists to it. The artwork in this film is just amazing, especially on Blu-Ray. (I've discovered that's how to watch these new animated movies - in high-def, because most of them look awesome. This film certainly is no exception.) There were many times I just wanted the freeze-frame the picture and take in all the wild artwork. I might do that on a second viewing.

Also no surprise is Steve Buscemi, who always gets humorous roles in these animated films and makes everyone laugh. He usually plays a rat, too. I mentioned that to a friend and he said, "That's because he looks like one in real life." I wouldn't go that far, but I understand where he's coming from.

Actually, all the leading voices - Buscemi, John Cusack, Molly Shannon, Sean Hayes, John Cleese, Jay Leno and more were all great. I'll give a special nod to the voice that cracked me up more than all the others, the one of "Hedi," done by Jennifer Coolidge. She was hilarious!

If you enjoy the famous Frankstein monster story, or wild characters in a monster-lab-type setting, you should enjoy this parody. It's an underrated film and looks super on DVD.

verandii 22 September 2008

Let's clear something out of the way right now : Igor is an animation movie, but mainly not for children. Kids will not understand most of the jokes as the topic for most of them are intended for an older audience. There is, however, a visual comedy that will apply to younger viewers, but overall I think this movie targeted teenagers and adults.

People will like Igor based on what they expect from the movie. If they expect it to be like Wall-E and other Pixar movies, you probably will be disappointed. Igor has it's good sides and bad sides. The visual side was breathtaking, the setting is beautiful, with unorthodox character design. However in some cases, like the king of malaria, it seemed like a copy of Nightmare Before Christmas' mayor, and that was disappointing. The story is not too bad, but not the best. It lacked a bit of depth at some times, but it is still amusing and entertaining.

Overall Igor is a good animation movie. It's not the best, definitely not the worst. It's definitely worth seeing for animation fans, people who like Tim Burton's work (as the design in the movie is similar to his style), and anyone who wants to enjoy a light story with a happy ending.

dfranzen70 1 March 2009

In this animated comedy adventure, John Cusack plays the titular character, a sweet, intelligent lab assistant to an evil mad scientist who creates life, much to the chagrin of the mad-scientist community, in the, uh, person of a giantess named Eve. Although it's completely computer animated, the movie recalls such stop-motion-animation fare as The Nightmare before Christmas and the recent Coraline, not to mention the old Universal monster classics, whose old clichés get tweaked a few times.

Igor (it's both his name and his profession) works for Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese), who's desperately trying to make an evil invention to enter into the Evil Scientists Fair. See, King Malbert (Jay Leno) believes that the town can prosper only through these evil inventions, what with the farming community destroyed by climate change. Meanwhile, Igor - our Igor - is much smarter than he lets on, as Igors are stereotypically supposed to be dumb, slurring oafs good only for fetching things and pulling switches. Igor, in fact, has already made two inventions - a snide, suicidal-yet-immortal rabbit (Steve Buscemi), and a dumb robot with a brain (Sean Hayes).

Circumstances lead Igor to try to make his own evil entry - the creation of life itself, something the real evil scientists have never been able to accomplish. The result: Eva, a giant, giant, giantess who's... well, not evil. This is because her Evil Bone must be activated, see; to do so, Igor even takes her to get brainwashed, but instead of horror images Eva somehow watches an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton, so when she emerges she's a struggling actress who's on her way to a big audition.

Personally, I found this movie a whole lot of fun, probably because a) I love the old monster movies that are just skewered here and b) I love animated movies, too. John Cusack, one of my all-time favorites (I've seen more than thirty of his films) is great as the not-quite-evil lab assistant, and the animation is top notch, with wonderfully realized backgrounds that recall those old monster movies quite well. Steve Buscemi is an absolute hoot as Scamper, easily stealing every scene he's in - he gets all the great lines, but it's Buscemi's comic timing that make them come alive. So to speak. There's also a contextually perfect soundtrack, including a bouncy tune by Louis Prima called "The Bigger the Figure." Molly Shannon, who voices Eva, also delivers a fun, appealing performance.

rjray 20 September 2008

As a fan of CG animation and cheesy horror, I was really looking forward to this one. It wasn't as good as I had hoped, and not nearly as good as it *could* have been, given the talent. But the premise was nicely original, and the actors put in some good performances. Steve Buscemi steals almost every scene he's in, and Eddie Izzard was really good. Jennifer Coolidge was another standout, as was Sean Hayes. I think Cusack made a very funny character, certainly more fun to watch than the Disney lead in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The animation style is very reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was a nice break from the steady diet of comic book films and action films I've had this summer.

cbankston-1 23 September 2008

This was a great animated film. A little twisted fun! The actors were great and the music was such a nice surprise! Clever, clever, clever. Steve Buscemi as a suicidal rabbit and Sean Hayes as a STUPID brain play so well off one another! Jennifer Coolidge is one of my favorites and she doesn't disappoint. She plays two characters and is great. Arsenio Hall was really funny. Welcome back Arsenio! I haven't been familiar with Eddie Izzard's work, but he does such a wonderful job on this film. I would definitely watch the age of the child you bring. Eight and older seems appropriate. This movie is a good mix of dark and light. Adults and children can appreciate this movie.

madmaxmedia 21 September 2008

I took my daughters (7 and 3) to see this movie today, knowing absolutely nothing other than seeing about 5 seconds of a TV commercial. I am normally relatively picky about what my kids see, but decided to join a friend who was going anyway. Plus my daughter loves Tim Burton, and this was at least stylistically similar.

I thought this movie had a cool twisted sense of humor, and much more original than the typical warmed over rehashes we normally get from a lower-budget CGI flick. And guess what- not a single fart joke! That alone means it meets my very low expectations for what passes as children's entertainment these days. Unofortunately, I think it is a little too off- kilter for most, thus the small marketing budget as well.

A nice little take on the classic Shelley Frankenstein tale. Not sure why the accusations of Nightmare Before Christmas rip-off, Frankenstein was obviously the source material for this story. Which is a very good thing in my opinion. Me and my daughters liked it a lot.

Hack_Writer_77 20 September 2008

King Malbert (Jay Leno) rules the world of mad scientists with flashy clothes and dark storm clouds. As such, the mad scientists all clamor for the honor of winning the royally-sponsored "Science Fair". Each scientist has their own right arm, an Igor, with optional Lorre-esquire manner. When one scientist's efforts leave nothing but his actual right arm, however, his Igor (John Cusack) sees a chance at greatness, in activating his own monster. But is he too good to be evil? This one's a sleeper in every sense, which is kind of a good thing. Although it's a grand year for animation, with ambitious offerings from many studios, sometimes you look for something a little simpler. Igor excels at that. There are just a few things that keep it out of the "great" category, so let's point those out first. Technically, there are a few instances when the lip-sync is off, probably due to shuttling, as noted below. A noticeable number of the jokes (and a couple of songs) have the feel of being recycled from other animated films, which is never good. This being an animated comedy, that naturally hampers the story a bit. Although pop culture references (a recurring complaint on various message boards) are kept to a bare minimum, the ones used...well, grate on the nerves a bit.

The good parts: the film is beautiful to look at, in a "Tim Burton" fashion. The tight animation is well-serviced in digital; a feat in itself, since the credits reveal that this thing was literally made around the world. Visuals of the environment are consistently stunning. The stylized design does help to endear you to the characters, who themselves are a parade of great ideas, with voice talent that shows some thought. Examples include Igor's pals: the surly Scamper (Steve Buscemi), a reanimated roadkill rabbit, with the tire track to prove it, and Brian (Sean Hayes), a disembodied brain in a machine, named by way of dyslexia. There's also invisible talk show host Carl Cristall (voiced most appropriately by Arsenio Hall) and the villain's girlfriend, a shallow, multi-personality fashion plate called Jaclyn Heidi (well-voiced by Jennifer Coolidge). Even the James Lipton cameo is oddly appropriate.

So, in short, what works really works, and what doesn't really doesn't. It will likely be a welcome dollar peep once Halloween is closer.

Mightyzebra 17 January 2009

I enjoyed "Igor" because its messages, humour, the characters, the cast chosen and the CGI was terrific. The messages explain that we all can be evil, but we do not have to be evil and can make our own decisions - an incredibly good message that all too few people in this world seem to grasp. The humour can be dark and slapsticky some of the time, but there are a great deal of very entertaining one-liners. The characters are all likable, even the baddies (the most featured baddie, voiced by Eddie Izzard, is extremely good and mainly because of Izzard). All of them are well-planned and have an important part in the film. The cast chosen were very good, including the comics Eddie Izzard (mentioned earlier) and John Cleese (he hardly appears, but is an important character). The CGI is almost always dark, a sort of creepy purplish colour. All of the characters, objects and places in the film are well- animated. While they do not look realistic, they still look impressive.

In "Igor" (which is based on Frankenstein), we come to the kingdom of Malaria, where everything is evil and the sun never shines. In the kingdom are a group of evil scientists who make evil, destroying inventions each year for the annual evil science fair. The scientists have hunchbank servants, all called Igor. There is one Igor who is slightly different from the rest. He wants to be more than just another "Igor", he wants to be an evil scientist. He has already created an immortal rabbit (who does not want to live) and a robot with a big brain - a rather idiotic brain, I hasten to add. Will Igor manage to live up to his dreams, and create an invention to win the science fair..?

I recommend this fun, watchable film to people over the ages of 8 (this may look like a children's' film, but some children might be scared easily by this film, as there are a few gruesome bits), to people who like madcap creepy fantasy films and to people who like CGI animation. Enjoy "Igor!" :-)

pugetsoundtransfer 26 September 2008

The movie was funny and entertaining for me and the kids. Not nearly as scary as "Nightmare before Christmas" for kids. The Igor character is likable and the sidekicks are excellent. The voice talent is matched up with the characters very well. This is one of the best kids films we have been to see at the theaters in a few years. It is right up there with Cars. We may go see this movie again at the theater and I am sure the DVD will keep the kids entertained again. It is great that an independent company can produce an entertaining film and we don't have to just wait to see what Pixar puts out. Go see this movie for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Dragoneyed363 2 March 2009

What I found in Igor was nothing more than pure fun and entertainment. I was delighted every second while viewing it by how interesting and enjoyable it actually ended up being. Though the movie itself isn't the best movie of all time, it tries as hard as possible to be memorable, and even though it was a bit bland and mediocre around the edges, the movie doesn't fail at just having a good time. The character of Igor for me was absolutely unable to hate, and all the other characters are so intriguing as well that they make the film unable to look away from. While this movie did get boring at times, it is just so cute and it has a lot of humorous and sweet scenes. It still of course isn't a masterpiece, but it's a film that anybody in the right mood could have a decent time with and I recommend it if you can appreciate if for what it is.

jemps918 9 October 2008

Really enjoyable! Igor and its cast of oddities are absolutely lovable! Igor is about the land of Malaria, which produces evil inventions and where the evil scientist is king. If you're born a hunchback, you are automatically an Igor, a generic evil scientist's assistant whose main job is to "pull the switch!" upon command. But one Igor (John Cusack) is different; he dreams of becoming a scientist as well, and has already made a few inventions of his own: his sidekicks Scamper (Steve Buscemi), the immortal Energizer bunny with a deathwish, and Brian (Will & Grace's Sean Hayes) the dyslexic brain who might be a bit too gay for his own good. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, Igor gets a chance to invent something really big that may just win him the praise his genius finally deserves.

The plot is fairly original; the punch lines may be a bit trite sometimes but are still delivered well so they still work. The situations can be shockingly too dark for children but can be appreciated by adults who just want to have a good time. The animation is incredibly moody but quirky and unique, reminiscent of Tim Burton's creations though more tongue-in-cheek and not as depressing. No wonder Igor is so funny; its writer Chris McKenna also wrote for American Dad and its director Anthony Leondis was involved in the similarly humorous Emperor's New Groove 2 and Lilo & Stitch 2. It also helps to have a strong cast (that also includes talented comics John Cleese, Jennifer Coolidge and Molly Shannon) that fit their characters v. well.

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