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Imagine That (2009)

Comedy | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: USA | Germany
Language: English

A financial executive who can't stop his career downspiral is invited into his daughter's imaginary world, where solutions to his problems await.

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PopcornLovesMovie 8 October 2009

I love this movie. Somewhere in the fantasy lies a lot of truth and realism. How would we act if we found out our kid have this magical power to predict the future? Exactly like Eddie did! Well, maybe not quite so exaggerated like him but you get my point.

I also felt the kid's acting were great. She did act like a kid would be, with all the faults and insecurities. Dakota Fanning wasn't this good when she was her age.

This is a great family movie. It really is. It teaches us some morals, but not in a conceited, fairy tale, only happen in movie ways. It shows us straight up that Eddie does in fact used his kid for his personal benefit. And we all have to make hard decisions at times.

There are some fairy tale moments and some really good morals that both kids and adults will connect with and enjoy together.

mark-547-569815 4 October 2009

Look, I don't know what people have against Eddie Murphy films (they always seem to get a low rating on IMDb) but if you watch them for what they are they are FUNNY.

@jogliore from United States What's wrong with you? My wife and kids watched this movie and loved it. I loved it. It's funny. It makes you laugh. The acting is good enough for the type of movie. It's a family comedy - not godfather!

Anyway, we really enjoyed this movie just like we enjoy most of Eddie Murphy's movies.

Have a sense of humour guys. Come on - this deserves much better!

7/10 Mark A.

stephengraley 10 October 2009

Yes eddie Murphy's Film Career has been on a bit of a downward spiral and with the exception of the Shrek films it would have gone down the toilet a lot quicker but this is just a feel good fun film.

The movie does not aim to be something special just when the end credits role it makes you feel good. Thomas Haden Church's character is just mental and he pulls it off really well with a crazy performance. There are some real gem scenes in the movie, hilarious when eddie murphy and his daughter have to say grace but i wont spoil it.

On the whole this was just a fun movie to watch and enjoy and makes you realise how great it is to have children in your life just when you are wondering why you had children !!!

Gordon-11 11 October 2009

This film is about a high ranking executive in a financial corporation, who falls into his daughter's fantasy world.

"Imagine That" is a fun movie that is suitable for both adults and children. Eddie Murphy does a good job to entertain, but this time he dances and sings with his daughter. It is a refreshing change that his movie is without any gross or crude humour. In between the fun scenes, it explores family relationships and how people prioritise their loved ones. It is particularly sad that parents nowadays may be emotionally distant from their children because of heavy work commitments, which is so well portrayed in this film. Of course, "Imagine That" does not dwell in such a topic, but instead is a forgettable comedy.

dockbennett 23 September 2009

I just saw this film with a group of children, whom we took as part of our Holiday Care programme here in Brisbane, Australia. As there were no toilet trips, I actually managed to see it all!

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good and entertaining film, but it was hard to know to whom it was aimed at. The business meetings Murphy went to and various discussions about same were certainly not down to children's levels, and a lot of kids in the cinema clearly got quite restless, including some of ours, at least one of whom complained about the movie being "boring". But when Murphy went on his comedy antics, it was a bit too juvenile for adults.

I thought Eddie was great, as was Yara Shahidi as the young girl, in an absolutely lovely, natural performance, while Thomas Haden Church was amusing as the fake Indian. But what was with the imaginary friends?? Were they real? If not, how did the girl get all the right information about the businesses? If they were... well... the film didn't seem to relay that. Wasn't it all generally another morality tale about parent/child bonding?

And what was with all the Beatles songs?

Certainly a pretty entertaining picture, but who is it for?

zoil16 1 March 2010

I was pleasantly surprised with this funny flick. I was in the mood for a fun family film, and this delivered. If you don't expect an academy award winner, then you should find this movie very entertaining. Eddie Murphy really puts in a highly energized performance and so does Hayden Church. Watching these two duke it out in their financial meetings is pure comic gold. Best part has to be when Murphy goes through his stock pick notes that have been doodled on my his daughter - "this stock is gonna drop its pants because they have a poopy diaper...........". This movie makes me want to go find an imaginary person and become friends with them.


Grissom66 22 June 2009

A successful financial executive (Eddie Murphy) has more time for his BlackBerry than his seven-year-old daughter (Yara Shahidi). When he has a crisis of confidence and his career starts going down the drain, however, he finds the solution to all his problems in his daughter's imaginary world. Where to begin.... i know! Why this movie was bad. Well for starters Eddie Murphy hasn't taken any good roles since Beverly Hills Cop and Thomas Haden Church is more smarter than to accept a role like that. Now i know it's a kids movie, but even the kid sitting next to me said it was a con. My advice, either wait until the DVD or just don't bother. Imagine That 2/10

Argemaluco 20 January 2010

Against any common sense, I decided to watch another family comedy starring Eddie Murphy.On my defense, I had two excuses to do that.The first one is that Imagine That is co-written by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, responsibles for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and its sequel.The second excuse is my continuous apology for Murphy, who I keep considering to be a great comedian, even though he keeps wasting his talent on atrocities like Norbit and Daddy Day Care.Well, unfortunately, Imagine That is another atrocity in his career.

The screenplay from this "film" is ridiculous and irritatingly cloying, not to mention it is developed with an unbearable slowness and that every situation seems to have been manufactured with waste of other family comedies (Another "tense" conclusion in which the father has to choose between an important business meeting and the school concert from his daughter? Really?!).

Frankly, this movie could have been told in less time and with more humor.Wait a minute...they had already done it! The episode from The Simpsons where Homer uses Lisa to bet in sport events covers the same narrative field from Imagine That, not to mention it transmits the same message with more honesty and more laughs.Murphy is absolutely wasted in here, and the same applies to the supporting cast, which has other solid actors like Thomas Haden Church, Stephen Root and Ronny Cox.

In summary, Imagine That is an execrable and vomiting movie which is really insulting to the spectator.Avoid it like a plague.I still cannot understand how Murphy is so stubborn in burying his career.

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