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Impractical Jokers: The Movie (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   5.9/10
Country: USA
Language: English

The story of a humiliating high school mishap from 1992 that sends the Impractical Jokers on the road competing in hidden camera challenges for the chance to turn back the clock and redeem three of the four Jokers.

Director: Chris Henchy Writer:

Stars: Paula Abdul, Joe Gatto and James Murray

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User Reviews

kdog-43130 1 March 2020

Im a huge fan of the show but even the weaker episodes are better than the film. They should have stuck with the same format as the show but just done bigger pranks. A contrived plot about them taking a road trip to go see a Paula Abdul concert was not a good idea.

amirhoseinjam 1 April 2020

First of all I like the TV-show. They advertised it as challenges that were too big for the TV-show or needed more money to pull off. What I saw was a couple of funny challenges and some not even mediocre ones. The plot was not funny and made no sense. It was a lost opportunity, they could have used this opportunity to push the challenges but delivered a cheesy, bad story with lower than average challenges.

sieber-66303 3 March 2020

I am a huge fan of these guys....they are absolutely hysterical. I quickly learned to never be drinking anything while watching their TV show because its gonna be shooting out of my mouth within seconds. And live they were even funnier if that's possible. But the film was just not funny except for a possible scene or two and those were the ones that most closely followed the format of their TV show. The whole premise of the film was just dumb and boring. It really hurts me to have to write this but in the end I have to be honest with myself.

aknockoffproduction 22 February 2020

Obviously the practical jokes were hilarious, some real gut belly laughs. However, all the plot driven stuff was tough to sit through. I'm not sure if it was badly written, badly acted or both. I would have MUCH preferred to have an extended version of the television show, or even a much shorter movie.

luke-42521 1 March 2020

This movie was pretty good and really funny at times, but with some flaws. The main problem is the plot. The plot was really cringe at times, and it didn't help with the bad acting, mainly from Q (I'll give it a pass though, since they aren't exactly actors in the first place.) Also, another problem is how they handled the challenges. When they come, they are hilarious, but as another person said, we don't even get to see them bantering before and after. It turned into an cheesy plot driven movie with some challenges mixed in, instead of lots of laughs. But, as I said, the challenges are hilarious. Overall, it could have been better with a better written plot, more challenges, and maybe a bit better acting. It was good otherwise.

tyler2658-220-234988 9 April 2020

Huge day 1 fan of these guys but wow, this is utter garbage. Whoever funded this to be made should not have a job. Show is very funny, this movie is not.

ozzyoguevara 5 April 2020

The movie had some funny parts but nothin like there series on tv, I'm a big fan but not for this movie. The story line was dumb..

cyonke 22 February 2020

Impractical Jokers is absolutely one of my favorite shows. I love their stunts and the format of the show. I really wanted the movie to be like a longer version of the show. I was hoping for less scripted content. The guys try to act in the movie with a plot that's cheesy. The previews made it look like the concept would drive the challenges but it was more of a scripted fictional story with a few challenges mixed in. I can't wait to watch new episodes of the show. I wanted more out of the movie and I was expecting something a tad different.

nicole_mel 21 June 2020

This movie was so disappointing that I had to stop watching. The scenes were obviously acted out, and terribly I might add. I feel like the jokers have sold out to social justice warriors telling them what to do. It made me think of one of those lame "reality" shows that is clearly fake. I feel like everything was scripted. The plot was uninteresting and didn't really make sense. I thought it would actually be funny dares and challenges the whole movie... but there was maybe 1 funny scene and even that was obviously scripted too. The show was much more comical when it was just the 4 guys doing funny challenges. i.e. White Castle, Costco, & Ikea. What happened to those days? Why can't they just be real. If I could give this a half star I would.

asifplay 3 April 2020

Why you guys made this awful movie. Its total trash. Not even worth of one episodeof ImpracticalJokers

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