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In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

Crime | SciFi   
IMDB Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A Philadelphia police officer struggles with a lifelong obsession to track down a mysterious serial killer whose crimes defy explanation.

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jtncsmistad 20 October 2019

It's not that the new time travel domestic drama "In the Shadow of the Moon" isn't well-intentioned. It is, however, that it's far too heavy-handed and melodramatic for it's own good. As a result, the film's overarching message of deteriorating race relations and the perception of an intolerant America gets bogged down in it's own gangling gob of gooey gouda.

facebook-17514 12 October 2019

This movie starts off with potential and has excellent production values. The cast do their jobs competently and the direction is excellent. The problem is with the story. It begins as a thriller and then leaves us with a vomit worthy message that if you don't like certain ideas, then the best way to oppose those ideas is to kill everyone who holds them. Pathetic stuff. We now live in the age of stupid.

draciron 9 October 2019

The good. Original plot twists, a couple which may have never been done in a major movie before. Though the theme and core idea borrows heavily from 12 Monkeys.

The movie does build suspense and a dark brooding atmosphere like 12 monkeys did in the first hour, then unravels as the plot is thrust unwillingly into an otherwise good story. You can almost think of it as 2 movies in 1. The first movie is well acted, directed, with excellent sound and decent action scenes. A little over the top but mild compared to the drivel Hollywood is producing today.

The bad. This film could have seriously benefited from a science adviser. This is what initially kills suspension of belief as the, I cannot call it even pseudo science, it's not even good magic, begins to degrade the story and tug the viewer away. This destroys the suspense and the big reveal is not even a weak anti-climax.

Huge plot holes develop as the writers lose track of what wrote previously. This throws you out, and before you can get lured back into the fantasy they commit another egregious error. The specifics would give away the entire movie, so are omitted, but clearly no one with even a high school physics course, the most rudimentary understandings of sociology, psychology or really any branch of physics, especially biology, all are not even given cartoon like salutes. The story just steamrolls through blunder after blunder.

Now for the really ugly. The political bias just leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. It's scary that even a child could buy into a plot idea so naive, much less destroy what otherwise could have been an excellent film. I strongly suspect the first half of this movie was stolen from another story. It starts too well, flows too well to be hacked by such oafish hands in the last half of the movie. There were a million ways this movie could have developed, but the least plausible and most predictable was chosen.

By yanking the viewer out so violently the one really inspired plot twist is aborted and thrown to the floor to thrash in artistic agony.

In the end it becomes a really pale imitation of 13 monkeys without the hard hitting story. that made 13 monkeys such an incredible movie. My advice, watch the first hour then turn the movie off. Be left with the magic they were able to conjure without the corpse they eventually produce.

nicholls905-280-546911 27 September 2019

It's refreshing to find a mid range budgeted thriller. The film is unafraid to attempt high concept storytelling and for the better part of the running time it works. There are some strong flaws, but if you can go with the film, you'll enjoy the twists and turns. Nice to see Netflix relying on these high concept to lure audiences, who are trapped by mega studios pumping superheroes at us. Not great, but I thought it was interesting.

tykjpeis 20 October 2019

Movie follows a well known story. The main problem is that this story has no climax. Whatever suspense it builds up the ending craps on.

You keep hoping for some satisfying conclusion and get some uninteresting mumbo jumbo.

See the movie if there is nothing else - it entertains until the ending, but you are left with nothing.

csabol-17305 11 November 2019

If you are interested in wasting two hours of your life, then this is the perfect means for doing so... Poorly acted, amateurishly written, and non-existent character development... The film starts off interestingly enough, but then devolves into some third rate sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Furthermore, the political condescension of this film is comical and sad. Netflix needs to step their game up.

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