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Indoo Ki Jawani (2020)

Rayting:   1.4/10 4428 votes
Country: India
Language: English

A coming of age story of a girl who experience life through misadventures & dating apps.

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masudanwar-31156 12 December 2020

A good message with brilliant acting from Kiara. Good fun watch with nice humor.

skmustok 15 December 2020

Good message movie. Happy ending. Really enjoyed the movie

pranavappu-02105 14 December 2020

Awesome movie it is very interesting to watch i suggest u this movie. Fantastic movie 🍿🍿🍿🍿

richuikka 14 December 2020

This is an intresting movie with awesome thrilling scenes it makes us to see the full movie. It is the best movie that i have seen

shashikant-18499 14 December 2020

Seems interesting and comedy centric adventures movie

fusionbdm 14 December 2020

Kiara has done great work in this movie. Every one should once watch this movie.

ecviveck 15 December 2020

A very good comedy drama movie with different concept. Set in Ghaziabad, the movie revolves around Indoo and her social life, which later turn out to a chaos. well directed, good photography, soothing music makes it a good watch. Kiara enacts girl next door pretty well.

autobotcommanderoptimusprime 23 January 2021

The producers should have rather fed undernourished children, than to make this bad movie. It is an unacceptable movie by any standards. It's so bad that people can't watch after getting drunk also.

henrypal-75866 11 December 2020

When I saw the trailer I actually was looking forward to the movie but literally 10 minutes into it I understood that any/all watchable parts of the film have been stuffed into the trailer and there is nothing...literally nothing else "humorous" in this boring and farcical film...avoid it like the corona ..with a mask if needed !!!

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