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Infamous (2020)

Crime | Romance 
Rayting:   4.0/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Two young lovers rob their way across the southland, posting their exploits to social media, and gaining fame and followers as a result.

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Blk_Ne190 22 November 2020

My biggest recommendation I can give is if you are thinking of watching this movie go and watch Spree (2020) instead. That movie handles every subject in this movie 10% better. It's so much more satirical and bitting than this movie.

My biggest praise is the soundtrack at the beginning of the movie. The music department really understood the basic premise of the movie more than the actors or the filmmakers. It is full of "neon" dreamlike songs that really capture this youthful, whirlwind, runaway in the night fantasy. Now only if the movie captured that feeling.

The characters are really childlike and really directionless. This is also not helped by the acting. It is really cartoon like.

I did warm more towards the movie when Amber Riley appeared. It got a little better but I still wouldn't recommend it.

emiel1234 13 June 2020

This movie makes Legally Blonde look brilliant. A rip off of many older movie scripts and remade terribly for social media loving millennials. How is this actress still getting work? 100 mins I will never get back. Actual rating: -5

LLgoatJ 12 June 2020

Bonnie and Clyde for a social media generation could been a really good film. The use of music makes you think it is going be stylish. Sadly it's very dull. The leads look good but can't act. The film fails to get you to connect to or care about them. So you end up not really bothered about what happens to them. Ironically a social media generation will be on their phones and lost interest in a few minutes in and it doesn't get any better. Watch Spring Breakers to see how it should have been done.

ashleighloos 14 June 2020

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Huge waste of time. Just don't watch it save yourself now.

paiello-44319 14 June 2020

Overall the sum of the total parts or scenes didn't add up. Solid acting by Bella she's a good actress. Violent and realistic. The social media element was innovative and current but they should've given it more thought. They coulda done more with it. Ending was so predictable too. I've seen worse. I've seen much better too.

Movie_Freak_2019 17 June 2020

This movie sadly confuses clueless yougsters the difference between reality and the fantassy world. I guess that is why we see so much crime nowadays. Most youngsters want everything the easy way. They want to get rich but they don't want to be dedicated and earn it the natural way. They want everything the easy and the crooked way. They don't care who they hurt on the way as long as they get what they want. The sad reality of majority of the younger generation. *Did anyone notice, at the end when Arielle was about to be caught by the police she was holding a brand new iPhone 7/8 in her hand before her last blog, and the moment she let go of the phone and when it hit the ground it was an old, damaged iPhone 6. LoL 😆

loudestsilence 18 June 2020

My girlfriend picked this movie to watch and I don't think I've seen anything this terrible since Glitter. The whole movie we were screaming wtf as each scene played out. Completely unbelievable even for today's, "facts are no longer relevant" society. The best part of this movie was when the credits finally rolled. After watching this, I wish there was a way to permanently remove movies from my Netflix.

llipsis 8 July 2020

The movie is neither good or bad. it describes anyway a stupid society (ours) obsessed with social media and the way many teenagers want to get famous. How many people got caught after posting their crime on Facebook or snapchat ? This is not a movie, it's a documentary of our idiocracy.

milo77-1 19 June 2020

I am glad I ignored the bad ratings. The acting is very good all around. The atmosphere, the cinematography and the soundtrack are *excellent* and they mix together quite nicely. I found it quite similar to "The Neon Demon" in style. The script could be slightly improved nevertheless. Overall, it is a very catchy and pleasant movie to watch until the end.

jacquej 16 August 2020

Really so many bad reviews???? Me and my husband thought is was one of the better movies we have seen lately. Good story line and I thought the acting was good especially her.

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