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Intensity (1997)

Drama | Horror | Thriller
Rayting:   7.2/10 2K votes
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: August 5, 1997

Chyna spends Thanksgiving with Laura and her parents. Their home's visited by a serial killer. Chyna tries to save Laura by getting in the killer's motor home. The nightmare continues.

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tvcarsd 20 August 2020

So many good movies both drag it out and can't complete. This was a tenner in my book until the second half where is just dragged on and made little sense. The acting was great though, all the way through.

daggersineyes 4 October 2014

One of the best thrillers I've ever seen and the fact that it's a lesser budget "made for TV" movie doesn't diminish it's brilliance. It outshines most big budget Hollywood guff out there and provides the viewer with a tense, nail-biting experience mostly powered by two riveting performances from Molly Parker & John C. McGinley. This is what the French film, Haute Tension (High Tension/Switchblade romance) wanted to be but failed dismally. Intensity is the original movie based on Koontz novel - sadly Haute Tension, no matter how vehemently it's makers deny it - was a failed attempt to remake Intensity but not credit Koontz. They threw in a bunch of random "shocking" scenes/gore & a lame twist at the end hoping this would disguise the fact that it's the exact same story & they plagiarized it.

What the directors of the French version didn't understand is why, even with it's low budget & basic production, this version of Intensity works so well and theirs doesn't. The acting, the script, the development of the plot and the fact that it isn't just slash & gore for the sake of it, THAT'S why it works. It's why this movie is a MUST SEE if you are able to find a copy of it anywhere while it's sneaky, absurdly violent, badly acted, slasher rip off - Haute Tension - is a "must avoid at all costs".

And I have to stress how absolutely incredible John McGinley was as the psycho dude. Somehow he managed to come across as chillingly insane AND absurdly normal at the same time. One of THE best villains ever.

I can't recommend this two-part mini-series enough. Please try and get a hold of the full uncut version if you can. It's definitely going to be a repeat viewer for me.

Indyrod 20 July 2009

If I asked you guys, what movie is about a girl going to a remote home of a friend to visit, and a killer comes in, kills all the family, doesn't find her hiding under the bed. Then the killer loads the body of the girl's friend in his vehicle, and she gets in there too and they stop at a gas station, and the killer kills the people at the gas station while the girl hides, and then when the killer takes off, she gets in a car and chases him and they have a confrontation, I'll bet the majority of you would all guess the same movie, and it wouldn't be "Intensity", unless you all ready knew about this TV movie based on the Dean R. Koontz's novel. So, I am thoroughly convinced "Haute Tension" was taken pretty much directly from "Intensity". This 3-hour TV movie is absolutely sensational, with amazing performances by Molly Parker as the girl and John C. McGinley as the killer. Why this has not been released properly on DVD is a total disgrace. This movie never lets up, and like it's title, it is as intense as any movie you are likely to see. Full bore all the way, and Molly's character stays with, and then chases down the killer, when she finds out he is hiding a missing little girl in his cellar at his home. This is where it breaks quite a bit from "Haute Tension" with a different plot line after the initial stuff I mentioned. Made over ten years ago, this movie holds up today very very well, and is a real thrill ride of a movie. I got it from a cable broadcast, and the copy was very good, and if you liked "Haute Tension", which most of us did, then you will absolutely love this television version of "Intensity". No, it does not have the gore of course, but it doesn't need gore, you'll be on the edge of your seat all the way.

martymaster 24 June 2001

Even though this is a low budget b-movie,it still is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen.And it absolutely lives up to it's name "intensity".It's about a psycho serial killer,played by John C. McGinley,which we also remember from the movies as "the rock". The serial killer in this movie is actually far worse than other serial killers from other movies,this one is a completely insane psycho mad man. The movie is completely breath-taking and I didn't relax for one minute when I watched it on tv.It is a mini series in two parts and therefor quit long.Almost 4 hours I think and that is a long time with intensity.

I recommend this movie to everyone that likes a good thriller and I guarantee that after watching the first 5 minutes you have to watch the whole movie.

Intensity is really one of the most terrifying movies you will ever see.

Gary-161 23 July 2001

This is billed as Dean Koontz's Intensity. I don't think I want to see his intensity. Mr Koontz, please put your intensity away. But alas, no. We must see his intensity. And it's a very long one.

The term 'serial killer' was coined by Agent Restler of the FBI. He started the violent criminal apprehension programme, or v.i.c.a.p for short. Unfortunately, Molly Parker cannot use a computer network to catch her killer, she's on her own. Molly starred in a film in which she simulated love making to corpses. In this opus she's surrounded by corpses but keeps her underwear on. I think they call it broadening your range. Longer than the average Tarkovsky film, this is the kind of production where you can switch over for twenty minutes and then return to find the heroine still falling downstairs, breaking chairs in two and propelling herself through windows. She ends up with so many gashes in her head she'll be able to roll coins down her nose into slot machines. Very useful when your arms are in splints after this production.

Tracing the bad guy to his lair our heroine charms the audience by mushing the brain cells of an alsation with a hammer. Did Dean Koontz wince? I mean, imagine that being done to his intensity. Well, a lot of authors worry about their books being mangled, so we sympathise. Anway, Molly used v.i.c.a.p after all. (Violent intense-actress cracks a pooch). She then finds a young girl who has been held captive by the baddy who likes 'The Wind In The Willows'. She also has a blank, 500 yard stare. Has she already seen the picture? Molly tries to re-assure her of her good intentions by suggesting she shout "BADGER!" When in trouble and she'll come running. But surely in this neck of the woods "BEAVER!" Would be a more obvious distress word. It would certainly make me come running. But they have their hands full with too many other furry, four legged creatures to judge the matter on it's merits but never mind, we're with them all the way. We're on the edge of our seats. The legs glued back on after Molly used them. I can safely say that never before in my viewing experience have I seen a bigger intensity.

surfisfun 28 September 2021

Great direction.

And leac actors.

Sound track very decent.

Great direction.

Beginning trhow me off but just go with the acting, perfectly cast.

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