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Intersect (2020)

Horror | Thriller 
Rayting:   4.9/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A group of young Miskatonic University scientists invent a time machine, only to learn that they are being manipulated by mysterious, unseen forces from another dimension.

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teutonfirst 18 September 2020

And boy was I bored to death... Good filming, most of the main actors acted well, but I never saw such dramatization since Bollywood soap opera. The fact that the story is told backwards doesn't help at all. CGI were pretty ok, but the director wanted to make movie AND art at the same time and of course failed like many others. It takes time to make a good movie and tons of experience to make art. This one failed at both.

mariaspitfire 15 September 2020

This is the worst movie I have ever seen. It's insanely boring and predictable. Every character is a cardboard cutout caricature. Sound effects are annoying and overbearing, every voice line is poorly dubbed. The whole time I was struggling to accept that this is a real film and not a parody.

If you want a "so bad it's good" movie, you're better off watching Neil Breen. If you want a good cosmic horror, watch The Void, Black Mountain Side or Borderlands. If you want to feel the sands of time slowly get everywhere and chip away at your soul, watch Intersect.

paul_haakonsen 15 September 2020

Yeah, this 2020 movie titled "Intersect" was a swing and a miss, especially for a Lovecraftian movie. Well, I am getting ahead of myself here.

I was lured in by the movie's rather interesting cover/poster, and the fact that this was allegedly a Lovecraftian movie. And yes, the cover/poster definitely also sold the movie as being Lovecraftian, and the fact that the synopsis included the Miskatonic University just cemented that fact. So of course I found myself sitting down to watch writer and director Gus Holwerda's 2020 movie "Intersect".

This 2020 movie was slow paced, incredibly slow paced. And it just prolonged the agony and boredom that there was so very little of any interest taking place throughout the almost 2 hours that the movie ran for. I stuck with it though, given its supposedly Lovecraftian roots. But that was just a stretch. Sure, there were some cosmic influences, but it just never really reached a level where I personally would deem this worthy of being labeled Lovecraftian.

The storyline told in "Intersect" was boring. Let's just be bluntly honest. Yeah, it most certainly was boring. Sure, the movie's script and plot did have some interesting aspects to it, but writer and director Gus Holwerda just never really brought them to a noteworthy fruition.

While the movie was dreadfully slow, uneventful and just downright boring, then it should be said the the casted actors and actresses put on good performances, and they made the ordeal bearable to sit through. But entertainment-wise then "Intersect" was just a shallow experience.

The special effects in "Intersect" were for the most part actually adequate. I liked the portal effects. However, the Watchers - or Lurkers - creatures in the movie were just atrocious to look at. They moved like something taken straight out of a 1990s computer game and also looked that way. It was just an eyesore to look at.

I am a big fan of Lovecraft's works and Lovecraftian work in general, "Intersect", however, doesn't really tickle me in the right places. Nor would I deem it worthy to be branded as being actually Lovecraftian. Sure, it may be Lovecraftian inspired, but that is about it.

My rating of "Intersect" lands on a mere three out of ten stars. I had hopes for the movie when I sat down to watch it, but those hopes vanished like morning dew before the rising sun pretty early on in the movie. In fact, the last 8 minutes of the movie is essentially what you need to watch to get the concept of the movie. Not worth the time or effort really.

dsruss-770-941629 16 September 2020

Meh. It was alright. So, in this Covid world in which we live, the vacuum created by the constantly delayed big budget stuff is going to be filled either by mediocre titles that probably would've under performed in a crowded summer theater (Mulan, Bill & Ted 3, Greyhound) or the arthouse/small/tiny budget festival treats that somehow find a footing with critics and audiences alike (Vast of Night comes to mind). But we have run out of those. Intersect is a perfectly decent SyFy movie of the month. It is inoffensive in its attempts at mediocrity. If it means anything - I didn't pause it when i went to get another beer or release said beers back into the wild. If you like sci-fi, and specifically Lovecraft inspired tales, this is a perfectly reasonable 80 minute movie. Except that they made it 40 mins longer than it needed to be (2 hours??!!). If you are desperate for something and its your genre, have at it. 5/10

kuarinofu 19 October 2020

Ok, first of all, all the positive reviews with a high score are made from bot accounts, since all of those fake users have only one review (of the film) and those are mostly overwhelmingly positive. I'm not judging anyone, but this is not a good practice to promote a film.

Second, the production quality is way under the level of a 2020 production. I understand the budgetary limitations, but it seems like they spent their budget on the wrong things. It doesn't look good, the color correction is messy, dubbing is also not a good thing for a film in 2020. The CGI is fine, but the film could've done without it. It wasn't a good idea to boost your film's look by spending money on that. Especially since they re-use those a couple of times (using the same CGI sequences backwards).

This is followed by the third and the most important point, which is - inexperience of the creators. It shows in every aspect, the writing, the structure of the film, all the basic aspects of filmmaking.

The inspirations were very clear and the ideas of Stephen King (homages to characters from IT and more), classic time travel sci-fi elements (Time Machine), Lovecraftian unspeakable horror are all present, but all of these are undermined by point #3.

Instead of being a 2hr slow film with lots of tearjerking and not particularly interesting dialogue, this could've been a mini-series (yes, I understand the budgetary limits). There was no need to reverse the story, especially in a confusing way they did it (again, stemming from point #3). If you want your audience to understand what is going on, you have to give basic locations, dates, establishing shots.

The acting was also very uneven, kid actors were surprisingly fine, but some of the more mature performances were horrendous. The overacting of the actor who played Nate Beaumont was a mental pain. His overexaggerated facial expressions were a real pain to watch.

Again, if the story would move from the start to finish the evolution of the characters would be easier to understand, again, the film that also inspired this - Contact (1997) managed that. There are many good films that handle jumps in time much better, like Starship Troopers. It would've been interesting to see what these kids will grow into, and how everything will fall into place. But in this film, they made a mess of it, and due to low production quality (they didn't even have the ability to apply old-age make-up) it doesn't work.

The story is rushed through even though this is a 2hr film, they give lots of unnecessary details, it feels very cheap (but again, because they just didn't have enough experience to cut corners where possible and save money for the more important parts).

It clearly wasn't the worst film I have ever seen, and the ideas are there, but the ideas they had were obviously beyond their grasp in many aspects, not only due to limited resources. So low budget is not an excuse, I've seen better acted and more immersive Russian detective series, with a budget of 10 grand.

Many renowned directors started with cheap films and they only became big because they were able to make good films with only their enthusiasm and creativity.

So I would like to wish the creators to get back to these ideas a couple of years from now, re-think, re-write and try to make a bigger and better film out of this. James Cameron would never be able to create a big-budget masterpiece of Terminator 2 if he would not demonstrate h

hancifatih 26 September 2020

This movie should instead have been a book or a TV series.

The story is actually not bad - but not for a cinema film. It has too many details (that are not actually details), and is too long. It didn't have to be that long; the point could've been made with a lot less time. If the director wanted so badly to really tell a story, why didn't he make this into a TV-series or something? I mean, this was way more drama than it's cosmic horror. BY THE WAY, THERE'S NO HORROR. Just confusion or , and lots of drama.

Another problem for me is how perfect everyone seemed in the first half. I understand the writer/director wanted to create a contrast between the peaceful 'now' and the painful past... but in the first half, people were way too normal and perfect, the dialoges between characters were almost like a fusion between The Stepford Housewives and The Room. Even in the second half, all of the characters were still innocent as a baby. I mean, don't these people EVER do something wrong? Seems like only bad things keep 'happening' to them.

Anyway, didn't enjoy the film, but not saying it totally sucks. Something to watch when you have nothing else to do for 2 hours.

andylautakhwah 16 September 2020

2020 is not a good year for cinema, luckily we have tons of VOD horror to keep us occupied. Most of them are very low-cost and indie, but have something you can save. Intersect is low cost, indie, has probably the worst acting you can find this year, and a writer who half-way saw IT and decided to add a 45mins flashback to the main characters teen years out of order and that adds absolutely nothing to what's happening. This should have been a 10 minutes short. It's 120 mins making one of the worst experiences for a moviegoer of 2020.

dreamsincyanide 8 November 2020

There is very little to like about this movie. For one, the tone is all over the place. I turned to my co-watcher about an hour in and expressed my sentiments. "Who is this movie for???"

Because it watches like a Hallmark Channel attempt at horror. Is it a horror movie? Is it a romantic movie? Is it a coming of age movie?

I watched it until the end and I still have absolutely no idea!

Apart from the terrible acting, which has already been covered here in the reviews... it's one of the messiest and laziest scripts I've absorbed in some time. Nothing makes sense... and not in a 'good' Lovecraftian way. It just literally tells no sort of cohesive story.

Maybe it'd be better if I watched while I was high out of my mind, but for the average horror fan.... avoid avoid avoid.

mike_nightingale 16 September 2020

...Which is the ONLY reason to watch this disappointing wallpaper of a movie! I can only imagine that he just provided audio clips for his role as the voice of the computer system, little realising that his part would be the outstanding performance of the whole movie. Without being disrespectful of the good professor, I have to say that this elevated position in the cast is almost entirely due to the rest of the cast, they being either entirely wooden or entirely "Over the top" in their emotional performances, while Dr Dawkins, calm measured voice reminds us that the rest of the cast are either engaging in "Recreational substances" or coming down from using them! It is my habit to continue watching bad movies until they end, so as to present a rounded view of what was presented. In this case, I lasted one hour into the dreadfully slow progress of the script. At that point, I felt like it had been several hours! I, therefore, took the unusual step (For me) in abandoning the mission. So I'll never find out what happened to the characters. And, the key point is, I didn't care about any of them*! * Well I hope the computer survived! 🙂

dtykix 17 September 2020

When you watch a movie there are many things we take for granted until you experience something this bad. The premise for the movie is the only reason I have it two stars and the fact that I was able to get though it without turning it off. But, in the interest of full disclosure I did get on the computer during the last 30 minutes to look up a camera lens...

Bad acting Story did not develop well Ending was obviously an afterthought There were times in the sequence of events where you couldn't really gauge the period because they did not differentiate the actors well enough.

It was just bad.

edlc1970 16 September 2020

Boring and bad acting. This movie is a total waste of time. Spend the time watching paint dry instead.

celloalie 16 September 2020

This film had a similar concept to TENET but was not as confusing as TENET, which I appreciated.

The acting left much to be desired, with one notable exception. I was impressed by the acting debut of Jake Lacy, playing the young Abner. His commitment to his role showed through his braces. It was a shame he did not get a larger role in this film. I look forward to his bright career ahead of him whether that takes him to being a sidewalk prophet or an actor.

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