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Intrusion (2021)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.1/10 4.7K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: September 22, 2021

A woman moves to a small town with her husband, but is rattled when she is targeted for a home invasion.

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rago-52219 22 September 2021

Like music, every note that exists has been played million times over just moved or mixed around.

Movies fall into that also.. can always connect a link or similarity to something else.. doesn't mean it;s bad.. have seen worse with big budgets.. critics here want to be the 1st brainiac to spoil or micro manage every thing in a movie. Almost like it's the're job to chase u away from the movie with the're brilliant synopsis of been there/done that.. the worst review I can give a movie is I would not watch it again down the road.. once is enough but i will watch something i never saw regardless of the brilliant R. Eberts here.

Saoustou88 23 September 2021

I went into this film optimistic, excited even. Well Lo & Behold was I in for one joyless bad-acting ride. I'll make it quick unlike the directors who put us through 1hr33 minutes of a waste of time diabolic script, and on top of it slow paced. Frida Pinto should give up acting like yesterday. Logan however played his part very well, plus he's eye candy and quite frankly the only reason I sat through this disaster. The movie didn't know whether it's coming or going. Absolute trash.

veanchawhite 22 September 2021

I keep seeing these poor excuse for movies being released with the worst actors. I always imagined I'd suck as an actress, but I'm starting to think I have a chance lol. Anyone an agent?

Oh and this movie was cringy. Unrealistic choices homegirl was making. Yeah, let's "get away" unnoticed but then yell out HENRY with zero emotion attached. I was so excited for this...but...nope.

certifiedflooringau 23 September 2021

I admit I have been giving some negative reviews recently but it's not intentional. I'm not gaining anything out of them. The only reason is they are really bad movies.

For example this one's plot is full of holes and unreasonable actions and reactions which is truly disturbing making you think they take viewers as fools. I understand making a movie isn't an easy task but I wish they would be more serious and logical if they're making a thriller drama based on reality.

scorpiogemini 22 September 2021

I'm not sure if its the actresses fault (I have only seen her in Slumdog millionare) or if its the director who could not work out the best of Pinto but the result is, Pinto can't act at all, the other female character acted waay better then Pinto. Oh yes also, the story is trash. Its like a B-movie but with nice aesthetics. I watched it only for Logan but even he could not save this movie.

lucaschriskowalski 22 September 2021

Again I wonder why Netflix produces content like this. This was absolute trash. Lacking anything new, creative or fresh. Netflix seems to have become the new Lifetime movie channel. There is content that they produce that is brilliant, epic and exciting. This was garbage and a waste of the talent including Logan Marshall-Green who was brilliant in Upgrade.

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