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Intuition (2020)

Rayting:   5.3/10
Country: Argentina
Language: English

Pipa begins her career as a police detective alongside her mentor, the controversial detective Francisco Juánez. Together they must solve the violent murder of a 19 year old girl.

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Blk_Ne190 28 May 2020

I found this kinda confusing and boring and I can see there is a good idea in here somewhere I just don't feel like they executed it very well.

It was a bit slow and this didn't help it any when I was confused as I just started to loose interest.

The opening is something else in its own. It is so unnecessary and if they scrapped it they would have shaved time of a long Enough movie.

It kinda reminded me of a plot that could have been on True Detective But not as good as their stories.

So I would skip it I guess

connorundrumme 29 May 2020

Oh, man this stinks! Right away we get an apparently very cocky police dude disengaging the safety on his gun and cocking it, then marching with it pointed straight into a dark forest with no target anywhere in sight, nor any idea of where one would be, and he's carrying no flashlight. A dumb and dangerous depiction, and hopefully there's a category of people who wouldn't ever consider doing this, if they had any weapons training (or common sense) at all. It's a recipe for a horrible accident, IRL.

Then, it's a scene with crosses dangling from the ceiling, a crappy candlelit shrine, and weird writings on the wall. (Clichés galore.) At less than 8 minutes in, an overly emotional and witless officer kills an innocent dog, which there was no need for. It's flagrantly emotionally manipulative for no reason whatsoever, since it didn't advance the plot or characters in any way.

Next, it starts in with the sexist remarks, the insults, the undermining, multiple men ganging up in acting arrogant and condescending. One of them is purportedly 'mentoring' another officer-a subordinate, of course. Its incredibly tone deaf and ignorant. The overacting is atrocious, too. How is this supposed to be entertainment?

Totally lazy and sh!tty writing/production!!!

kosmasp 14 June 2020

Morally speaking, what can a good detective get away with? And should we just believe him, just because he is a good cop? Why shouldn't we believe him though? Morality is a funny thing ... to a certain degree. The movie has not just a case that has to be resolved (although if you count one from the beginning there is already two of them), but a mystery surrounding the main character.

Well told and nicely edited this works in my humble opinion. Having said that, for some it may feel a bit predictable and they may see a couple of things before they are revealed. Still the tension and the suspense is there and holds the whole thing together - the actors do their best too. If you are into crime/detective movies, you will likely dig this

pretorianwolf 29 May 2020

Bad performances, misdirected and very forced dialogues. The history..? Very weak A disappointment

Pairic 1 June 2020

Intuition: A prequel to Perfidia; Pipa (Luisana Lopilato) becomes a detective after a member of Inspector Juanez's (Joaquin Furriel) team gets a foot caught in a beartrap. Pipa was providing backup as Juanez corned a serial killer. Due to her perceptive comments and analysis the Inspector co-opts her on to his squad.They are swiftly investigating the murder of a young socialite but Juarez is under suspicion of murdering a man who had accidentally killed juanez's wife. A dark and gory addition to the Argentinian Noir genre though it perhaps gets over complicated at times with the number of suspects and red herrings in the socialite's murder. Thing get more convoluted as Pipa is secretly assigned to investigate her boss. Still, Writer/Director Alejandro Montiel delivers an engaging and watchable thriller. 7/10. On Netflix.

Elderflower1 29 May 2020

Argentinean thriller based loosely on the books of Florencia Etcheves. What many people doesnt know is that the crime case of the two friends, is a true case and much more interesting than the movie version. The plot wasnt bad: the actors were awful. I presume they hired Luisana Lopilato (a former model and very bad actress) who is not credible in the role of the tough new detective (she can barely talk like an actor), and the other actors are equally bad. Joaquin Furriel, a great theater and movie actor, has the weight of the world on his shoulders and cannot save the film. So many argentineants talents here and the chose the worst actors I've seen in a long time. Don't waste 2 hours. "Wild tales" is much better.

RosanaBotafogo 2 June 2020

Well, but inferior to the first, here some situations sounded forced, the plot not very interesting, supporting Pipa that becomes the protagonist, a good Argentine suspense film ...

faer_kr 30 May 2020

An Argentine thriller. Do you remember the saying that the second parts are always bad? Well this is a prequel to "Lost". And the film is not really bad, it is entertaining, of quality, the cases it handles are interesting. Only two sequences are not completely achieved. The last 5 minutes are spectacular. Performances are where they should be. The problem with this movie is that it doesn't have the cohesion of the first one. In fact to be a prequel it does not have the action and intrigue of "Lost". It does not show the motivations of the character of Pipa who is the protagonist. He does not speak about his traumas and motivations that lead to being a policeman and that lead to discovering things. He only mentions the past event once. There is no union between the main character of the film that we have already seen in this one, it is supposed to be a long time ago, these motivations are better marked.

wildcat-31 8 June 2020

I'm not sure why the other reviewers are dissing this film. It was one of the better detective movies that keeps feeding you with the right amount of information/misinformation, right from the start and one needs to keep remembering facts from earlier on, If you like movies like Memento, Predestination, don't miss this one.

I also watched this before Perdido and I think this is so much better. It was easy to figure out Perdido but this one, everything is shown from the beginning yet nothing is inferred until the end. Then all the loose ends are tied together and it all makes sense.

I did not watch the dubbed version of the movie but the subbed version.

isidoroguida 30 May 2020

Weak plot. Very poor acting from the female lead. Waste of time.

ElEsMiguel 29 May 2020

Having seen the last few Argentinean productions on Netflix i can say that they are technically well made for the most part, but the acting is bad and the dialogues are really dull, exposition heavy, you can't feel that they are having a real conversation at any point, and there is an interrogation scene that is really, really bad. The plot felt like it would work a lot better on a one-hour episode but here it is stretched with some pointless scenes and not enough style to cover it up a bit.

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