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Irresistible (2020)

Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A Democratic strategist helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.

Director: Jon Stewart Writer:

Stars: Steve Carell, Rose Byrne and Chris Cooper

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lotekguy-1 26 June 2020

Those who expect Jon Stewart's political comedy to be a left-wing screed will be either disappointed or relieved. This satire is truly as "fair and balanced" as certain others deceptively claim to be. It's a gutshot to our entire electoral system, showing both sides of The Aisle to be equally guilty, guilty, guilty.

Steve Carell stars as a seasoned Democratic political strategist who finds a viral You Tube clip of a small town man (Chris Cooper) in Wisconsin, making a stirring speech for the rights of others in a city hall meeting, opposing the pompous mayor and his council.. He learns that the folksy, yet eloquent fellow is a veteran and farmer, which is just what his party needs to start winning back blue-collar and rural Midwestern voters. He knows The Party and Cooper have matching values and beliefs, even though the town and state have been voting Republican.

Carell, a city guy who's (often hilariously) out of his element when trying to fit it there, rushes to the town to convince Cooper to run for mayor, breaking the Republicans' lock on the area and state. He wants Cooper to become the new face of the party. Cooper reluctantly agrees. A Republican operative (Rose Byrne), who's Carell's counterpart and frequent nemesis, sees the threat Cooper poses to their hold on that part of the base, and storms in with her minions to help the mayor keep his seat. Both parties smell a potential national impact from this minor race, and start pouring huge dollars into the fray, cranking up all the donors and tactics usually reserved for bigger stages. Both sides seem comparably desperate, and completely out of touch with the locals they're trying to woo.

This film has all the wit and cynicism of political satires akin to 1997's brilliant Wag the Dog, or earlier efforts from A Face in the Crowd and Manchurian Candidate on the dramatic side to comedies like Bulworth and Primary Colors. Both sides court a demographic group they little understand. Both are classic fish out of water who take far too long to realize how misguided their entire approach to elections has become. Various tactics either seem to work only in the short run, or backfire - sometimes spectacularly.

The wisdom of those "regular people" is greater than the Beltway Insiders understand. The clever plot delivers laughs, poignancy and a genuinely satisfying resolution. We meet a town of good people, not a bunch of rubes to be bought or manipulated by outsiders. Everyone grows wiser and more understanding of others by the end. We can all learn while we laugh at an extremely timely tale like this.

torivt65 27 June 2020

This movie is exceptionally well paced, written, and acted. It's a charming, funny, and entertaining story while bringing in scary facts about our election system and placing the blame squarely on both party's shoulders. If you're concerned about the movie having a left lean b/c of John Stewart you shouldn't be too worried. He is more concerned w/ pointing out the ridiculousness of the entire election system and how both parties capitalize off of it then "pushing a liberal agenda". Very entertaining and educational!

girl4film 27 June 2020

A very slow burn with a story you feel you've seen 100 times before, but when it finally gets where it's going it has a refreshing twist and decent commentary on elections.

Good idea but I wish you didn't have to wait an hour for the movie to pick up.

Tehr 26 June 2020

A wonderfully scathing take on the political campaign system in America, regardless of party, and how it hurts the entire country, but especially small towns that are completely ignored except during election season.

And be sure to watch through the credits for a further reality check.

generalphosphorus 26 June 2020

This film came out just when it needed to. An unbiased look at American politics and how BOTH parties take advantage of the very people they're supposed to help.

Top notch actors playing characters you will love and then those you love to hate. Easily could have been another run of the mill take on a story we'll all seen before, but thanks to Jon Stewart we got something refreshing that also manages to subvert your expectations.

Definitely worth a watch. 7/10

ffelice 27 June 2020

Wonderful film that pokes at both sides of the America political system while properly skewering the real problems with the election system in our country. Mackenzie Davis and Chris Cooper are perfect; Rose Byrne is sharp in her role as lead antagonist, and Carrell embodies the misguided persona of opportunistic politics.

artemis-75465 26 June 2020

From a political perspective and as a left wing observer, I loved this movie. It perfectly encapsulates, in my opinion, how the Democrats and Republicans are out of touch with the people they serve but also don't actually care about helping them, as Diana Hastings (Mackenzie Davis) points out at the end. It's all just a show, like shadows dancing on a wall (thanks for the allegory Plato).

From a non political perspective and just as guy with nothing better do on a Friday evening, the movie is definitely worth a watch. I had a good laugh watching it and the way Steve Carell and Rose Byrn's characters interact with the townsfolk, the environment and each other goes from ridiculous to cringy a few times (not that I expect anything better from a bunch of career politicians from DC). The media, whether left or right, are well used to comedic effect as well.

joycepardon 27 June 2020

Enjoyable, fun, feel good film. Full of Quirky fun small town characters. Well crafted. So refreshing to see a film about politics that takes no left or right Political side. Thank you!

sravanaerrolla 26 June 2020

What a timely movie to bring people together & show them who the real bad guy is, the rotten system that has been driving people so far apart & making their differences so irreconcilable that they can't even come together in times like these & the people who down voted this movie with out even watching because they "feel" that this movie attacks them is a testament to how deep this schism has creeped into the hearts & minds of the people. It's a lovely little movie, do watch it.

mrpixi 26 June 2020

Thank you Jon Stewart!!! Wonderful insight and laughs 8))

fallyhag 26 June 2020

Genuine honest review: Jon Stewart is always going to deliver a harsh reality. An entertaining film with enough giggles in. A lovely cast of very fine actors. Well written and well directed.

This was always going to be a left leaning film until you then realise it isn't. Hard for either side of the stale debate to shout unfair.

I enjoyed the ride but felt like I could have done with more of a rollercoaster. I felt it remained a little safe. It didn't spoil the film but prevented a higher rating.

The final act was an interesting take on the story. You could call it a twist. And the message did hit home. But I am sick to death of knowing this message and yet still NOTHING gets done to fix things. But back to the film...

This is an enjoyable film with laughs and a serious message. Worth watching just for the scene near the end where the cake is eaten on the bed. Made me laugh. I recommend this film. I recommend it to the LEFT and the RIGHT. To people who still Want to care...

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