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Isi and Ossi (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   6.4/10
Country: Germany
Language: English

To realize their culinary and boxing dreams, the daughter of a billionaire forms a mutually beneficial alliance with the son of a struggling single mom.

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olgameidelina 16 February 2020

This movie was surprisingly entertaining. it's light and charming and the leads were adorable!!! definitely watch this if you're feeling bored and in need of some cliche romcom

PS: definitely better than 'to all the boys 2'

kysollesta 16 February 2020

I was bored so I took the chance. I tried to watch To all the boys I loved before part 2 the other night and that was a DNF for me, maybe because there were too many unnecessary scenes that made me give up on it halfway. But this.... this was something that I needed fast paced, just right and even if the trope is a very well used trope for romance the movie still surprised me every turn. The trailer didn't reveal too much which was great, also the acting was Brill and it all felt like it was made with much love from everyone. I would definitely recommend if you wanted to watch a cheer-me-up movie.

CitizenDevi 14 February 2020

Isi & Ossi was one hell of an odd experience for me. In the first minutes I really wasn't sure whether I hate it or not. In my opinion it's hilarious for the absolute most part, and the characters somehow actually worked. The two leads in particular are perfect in here, and the dialogue as well as many of the lines are delightfully ridiculous. Also, it was pretty nice to see a movie set in a city I know, for a change. Heidelberg. That was cool. I think they did a solid job of making as much fun of it as possible. This, by the way, is the first German film to be greenlit by Netflix, and although I am sure many will dislike it, I surely had a ball watching it. I haven't laughed like that since Long Shot. Isi & Ossi is a rom-com and satire as well, much like it in that regard, yet very different. But it too is about two unlikely people maybe falling in love with each other. There's certainly some elements that if taken too seriously, or even literally, will ruin the movie for you. I never did and therefore enjoyed myself tremendously. The flick isn't perfect, some things could've been handled differently, but overall I'm a fan of it. And miraculously so, because I can understand some of the problems people will have. I'm sure I'll rewatch this thing sometime next year.

jasminn_tan 22 February 2020

Isi and Ossi are complete opposites; she's filthy rich and he struggles every day to keep afloat. But when they get together, they surprisingly work. The secondary characters are also really funny and kind of ridiculous which makes this a good movie to watch when you're feeling bored.

funny-24049 19 February 2020

I loved the screenplay, light story it made me really laugh every minute, certainly i'll watch it again.. +21 good job cast👍

camillabeck 19 February 2020

German movies suprices me again and again! This movie made me laugh and for a "romcom" it was quite insightful and gripping - like I couldn't stop watching and rooter for the two main characters

irem-88154 7 March 2020

This is the movie I didn't even know I need that much. I've watched it more than 5 times just in 2 days. Dennis and Lisa's chemistry was awesome. There was a real harmony between them. I enjoyed the every second of movie. I laughed so hard at Ossi's grandpa's scenes. I have to say this is the best movie I've seen on Netflix lately. I need Part 2. I wish Netflix turn this movie into a serie. It would made me so happy.

bennie-68514 18 April 2020

This movie appeals to a particular type sense of humour. If it's your style, you'll laugh out loud and if not, you'll probably wonder 10 minutes in, when it will start being funny. (It won't)

Literally laughed out loud throughout, great entertainment. Since the dialogue is super witty, it'll be well worth a second screening to see what I missed the first time.

Loved it!

ardeleandana 3 May 2020

Beautiful! excellent comedy with spicy language. also a beautiful classical love story - the lady and the tramp. the best romantic comedy i have seen in the past 15 years... so hard nowadays to find a good one!

juanmargetts 15 February 2020

Just finished watching this movie. I really do not know how to describe it. Irreverent? funny as hell? Mockery of all the rich people? If you are German, or in love with the German culture and history, like me, you will truly enjoy this movie. Watch out for the great love story and for a character than stands out!! You will know!!!

richard-fieldhouse 22 February 2020

In all honesty, a romcom depends more on the lead actors and the chemistry between them than it does on having an innovative plot. That's lucky in this case, because we do have good leads while we don't have a particularly original plot.

Isi (Lisa Vicari) is daughter to obscenely wealthy parents and in particular a domineering mother, played by Christina Hecke. Lisa was apparently in The Dark (also on Netflix). To be honest, I don't remember her from that, but I can tell you that this film is much better. Isi's mother would like her to go to university while she herself wants to do a cookery course. She crosses the tracks - or in this case the river - to get a rebellious job in a burger bar and pick up "a bit of rough" in a slightly unlikely plan to encourage her parents to pay for her course.

The first bit of rough she casts eyes upon is Ossi, a would be boxer played by Dennis Mojen. You shouldn't have much trouble filling out the rest of the plot from here, but what it lacks in originality it makes up for with a lightness of spirit and touches refreshing humour.

Isi's Obligatory Confidante (OC) is Camilla Victoria Maria Patricia Mercedes Sissi Marion Phillipp Béatrice Abelina Andresen - a character boasting more names than brain cells. While Ossi has an ODC (Obligatory Diversity Confidante), Tschünni, whose story, it seemed to me, did quite a good, if rather superficial, job of presenting the pressures facing today's German immigrants.

Both of the main English dubbing actors get a name check on IMDB and that's justified as they were very convincing and you really can forget that the movie is even dubbed at all. There were little flaws if you look for them but not significant enough to detract from a solid 8/10.

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