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Jai Bhim (2021)

Crime | Drama 
Rayting:   9.5/10 150K votes
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Release date: November 2, 2021

When a tribal man is arrested for a case of alleged theft, his wife turns to a human rights lawyer to help bring justice.

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nidhunmoviebuff 2 November 2021

Despite being over 2 hours and 45 minutes long, 'Jai Bhim' is an engaging, thoroughly entertaining watch backed by an astonishing real life story of custodial violence, police cover-ups and systemic corruption.

Suriya plays a crusading lawyer, hell bent on revealing the truth behind three Irular (Scheduled Tribe) men who go missing while being in police custody.

The superstar turns in an impeccable performance as he fastidiously chips away at the truth, only to discover layer upon layer of lies, caste hatred and cruelty.

Despite having a big name star at his disposal, director T. J. Gnanavel deserves praise for letting the story take the driver's seat, never reducing to unnecessary 'massy' sequences or masala elements to drive the narrative forward.

Lijimol Jose as the wife of Rajakannu (played by Manikandan) is an absolute force of nature in her role, delivering some of the best sequences in the film, turning in a performance a veteran would be proud of.

Prakash Raj as usual excels in a supporting role while and Rajisha Vijayan had precious little screen time to make any sizeable impact.

The music from Seal Roldan played very significant role, helping the audience to feel the pain of the beleaguered protagonists in the beginning and that of vindication and righteousness towards the climax.

Jai Bhim does not rise up to the emotional highs of previous classic dramas based on custodial violence like Visaranai (2015) or Naandhi (2021) but is an immensely engrossing watch. Recommended!

m-ramanan 5 November 2021

RATED 10/10 Language: Tamil Source: Amazon Prime RECOMMENDED

Tribal life and their rights are cleverly delivered...at some point i forgot that i am watching movie and seeing their pain in real. The cast and locations are so real...The court room drama and the flashbacks are well balanced and at end credits makes the awe... Kudos to Jo and Surya for producing this movie... At any point this movie could become a documentary, but director brilliantly maintained the mainstream movie entertainment throughout the story telling.... Another big advantage is that you will never feel the preaching/advising tone and it is not biased.

It delivers the same pain and feeling of the movie "Visaranai".... Must watch.

sriramthestranger 7 November 2021

The movie is predictable in many scenes but still the performance of Surya and the music keeps us engaged throughout. The characters portrayed are highly one-dimensional except Prakash Raj. That is the major flaw of the movie unlike Visaranai, where Vetrimaran's characters and story was much much better than this one. Good watch neverthless!

akshatmahajan 7 November 2021

This movie is much needed movie which raises questions on police, custody murders and casteism. Nowadays, South India Cinema is giving us much better movies than bollywood.

Story was good, pacing and execution was also good but could have been little bit better, acting was also good (nothing looked fake or forced). Not adding songs in the movie was best choice, that could have ruined the movie. This movie was different than bollywood's legal case stories which have masala, songs and overacting.

Overall, will recommend this to everyone. You must give it a try.

ketgup83 7 November 2021

Jai Bhim turned out to be a hard-hitting, raw and powerful court-room drama. The purpose of cinema is not just to entertain but also educate and empower the audience. The courtroom drama based movies are always engaging as the prosecutor and defendant both fight to solve the case with solid evidences and innumerable witnesses.

Bollywood Films like "Damini", "Jolly LLB","Talvar" "Rustom", "Pink" or even "Section 375" have been immensely successful in keeping the audience engaged with impeccable dialogues and fantastic screenplay but what makes Jai Bhim different is the beautiful message on morality and equality of a tribal woman who fights for the justice of her husband.

Jai Bhim is based on 1995 Habeas Corpus petition in which human right activist cum lawyer K. Chandru ( played by Suriya ), who takes up the case of Irular tribe couple (Rajakannu and Sengeni) where the husband is wrongly convicted by local police for stealing ornaments from village head's house.

As Jai Bhim opens, we see that cops segregating the prisoners based on their caste. Among all the caste, the tribal people becomes the easy target for the cops to clear the pending cases under the influence of their political head. We also see how Rajakannu, the main accused in the jewelry case, is forcibly taken away from his family. The film goes back in the flashback mode where life of the tribal couple is beautiful in the serene village where they hone the skills of catching rat for their bosses. As their life progresses, in one of the event Rajakannu and his brothers are caught for the crime which they did not commit. They go through extreme level of police harassment and torture which will be very hard to digest and is completely raw. Enter Chandra a.k.a Suriya who takes up the case when Sengeni narrates the entire incident and request to help find her husband who as per police, has been absconding from the jail.

Jai Bhim is one such hair-raising film which is definitely difficult to digest as it gives you goosebumps and eye-popping experience. Screenplay is the hero with nail-biting moments. Art direction is fine while Cinematography is excellent. Suriya is a knight in shining armor. Watch out for him in the second half when he questions the witnesses in the courtroom. It is unforgettable performance which should be lauded for its sheer brilliance. Among the actors - Manikandan and Lijomol Jose are mind-blowing with their natural performances. Prakash Raj does well as IG.

Jai Bhim is an experience that needs to be lauded for its impeccable direction, electrifying performances and beautiful message. Excellent 4/5.

Xstal 14 November 2021

This extraordinary story will leave you aghast at the injustice and corruption endemic in the constabulary of India, or at least in the state of Tamil Nadu where these events take place. Based on true events relating to prejudice and persecution, activities that still permeate these societies today, this film is best watched in Tamil with subtitles if the language is not one you own.

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