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John Henry (2020)

Rayting:   3.5/10
Country: USA
Language: English

When two immigrant kids on the run from his former South Los Angeles gang leader stumble into his life, John is forced to reconcile with his past in order to try and give them a future.

Director: Will Forbes Writer:

Stars: Terry Crews, Jamila Velazquez and Ludacris

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hekuranrama 4 February 2020

I love all the Terry Crews movies, but this was the most boring and terrible movie i have ever seen.

iamjamalwhite 18 February 2020

I love Terry Crews. Even his amazing draw and enthusiasm could not save this awful script with a $10k budget. Story is about drug war with a victim caught in the middle who seeks refuge with Crews and his dad. Pretty straight forward but just a bad script. Wouldn't recommend it.

denverdaveonline 10 February 2020

Everyone involved in this film should be embarrassed. It has a terrible story line, unnecessary extreme profanity, and is overall a two-thumbs-down candidate for "worst film ever made". It is an atrocious assault and assassination of the character of John Henry who was deemed a legendary hero and this movie is so awful it seems like it is a deliberate attempt to do so.

Terry Crews should be much more selective about the movie roles he chooses in the future or his career is going in the toilet where this movie belongs.

karaweast 26 January 2020

I never once could figure out what this movie was really about. Didnt get the theme. Didnt get any of my questions answered like the woman who helped him buy tampons and danced in the store. Who are these random Hispanic kids. Why are they jumping from scene to scene. Cant understand why we are being shown videos from Feb of 1994, they never explain it. Some lady at the end decided to help john. I'm just confused. It turned from a movie of all dialogue to straight gore and western music. The music never once fit the scene, the music over powered the dialogue. I kept having to turn up the volume to hear what they were saying then turn it down because some loud obnoxious music came on. I want my money back. That was dumb.

iamMarkPrice 1 February 2020

This film had a lot of potential, we know that because it's an idea we've seen executed well many times before. It could have been so much more, it wanted to be so much more. Unfortunately amateur camera work/blocking, poor script and horrendous sound design really rob this film.

When will sound designers learn, if you make the score significantly louder than the delivery of the script, foley, etc, through volume, pitch or otherwise, you destroy the film. In John Henry the score which pops up regularly and randomly (often out of context) is at least double the loudness of everything else going on. That means you either listen at a volume that makes speech inaudible or you blow out your ear drums when trumpets suddenly start blasting.

That leads to much of the speech being inaudible. Not that it really matters with such a basic plot, but it definitely is frustrating. The John Wick dead dog scene is ridiculous, and at no point is there emotional attachment to any of the characters. Heck, for most of the movie you won't even really know who the characters even really are.

Better to save your money and watch Shaft or John Wick instead.

vus29 25 January 2020

30 minutes into the film and I am on IMDB for a plot because I don't know what I have just watched the half an hour. Even after reading the plot, it doesn't relate to what I have been trying to watch. The camera work is terrible, some footage is obviously from a mobile phone! The editing is atrocious, the editor should have been clued up on the plot! Thankfully I did not have to watch this in a cinema. Let me try get through the last hour!

jcmlb 17 May 2020

Quite Posse the dumbest and most incoherent movie ever made. Not sure how anyone could have read this script and said "yeah this seems good, I'm in"?

taylorann1 11 May 2020

Was like a music video and wannabe Tarantino movie rolled into one. Pacing was awful. The scene with the two gang members talking about "The Human Centipede" was an attempt at the Royal with Cheese dialogue from "Pulp Fiction." Just a waste of Terry Crews and Chris Bridges' talents.

mauriceonicholson 12 May 2020

The plot of this film moves at a snail's pace, and ultimately doesn't go anywhere. It really makes very little sense. The concept isn't a terrible idea, but what really confuses me is that the writer also directed this film, and couldn't bring it together any better than this. Confusing flashbacks that are uninteresting at best, and gunfights with people standing around, looking down gun barrels just waiting to get shot. The only excitement came from my anger at the wasted potential of this film.

mcdimmy 10 May 2020

Don't even attempt it! I loveTerry but this movie shouldn't even be on Netflix. The plot is ridiculous, the movie is just all round horrible! Some scenes were surely shot on a low budget flip cellphone! It's not good!

mrsmays_nita 18 February 2020

The whole movie is a complete mess. I can't believe this made it to theaters. I'm so glad I waited to watch it for free and even then I wanted my time back.

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