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Judgementall Hai Kya (2019)

Comedy | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: India
Language: English

Following the story of two quirky individuals whose lives pivot between reality and illusions.

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kobymile 7 August 2019

I went to watch only after reading raving reviews here. And it lived up to that.

singhgaurav-81474 27 July 2019

It is by far the most intelligent, best directed, acted movie of 2019. It is not the usual cinema fot indian audience but this type of cinema is future. Kangana just nailed it, the way she walk, talk everything. Rajkumar is awesome. I loves the Ramleela part of the movie it is so well educated. For me this movie is a winner. Kangana is the biggest star in making. ❤

dhavaljiya 28 July 2019

This movie has its issues but it doesn't deserve 6.5 dude.its definitely a hate campaign against the movie . don't watch it for Kangana but watch it for the story and the portrayal of mental illness

singhgolu-17555 27 July 2019

From every corner movie defines that india is moving ahead in terms of cinema. The way this movie deal beautifully with mental illness is something which is never been seen in indian cinema. The movie celebrated individuality and to love yourself who u are. But please take ur mind with u while watching it

ashivirdi-45065 28 July 2019

Awesome movie with crisp and flawless screenplay, superb direction, mind blowing background music and excellent performance by Kangana and Rajkumar...Let haters give their nonsense reviews but Kangana is a complete package who can effortlessly enter into any character and the result is superb. Just go for the movie without giving it another thought...shame on haters...it's a masterpiece...only people having mind can enjoy...

erisedwitch45 26 July 2019

Judgemental hai kya is a good mix of comedy/thrill/fantasy. The story at it's core is quite straightforward but the way it's presented is very quirky and interesting.

Acting wise- Kangana is superb! She makes you laugh, she makes you believe that she IS the character. Rajkumar is good as always. The supporting cast does justice to their roles.

The 1st half is solid. It sets the tone of the film/the character arcs etc pretty well. If I had to nitpick, I would say that the pacing of the 2nd half could be fastened a little - a couple of scenes could be edited.

Overall I did enjoy the movie (the strong performance and the presentation). It's a refreshing take. But it's quite a niche movie which may not have a mass appeal.

subhaq 11 August 2019

Kangana is fantastic..& Rajkumar Rao has done a splendid job....background score is also good... a complete thriller...

mayurasuraj 26 July 2019

Look how haters have voted this mndblowing mastrpiece. Can anyone give rate below 6? Seriously? True audience its ur chance to rate this with ur mind. Not by your attitude.

preethiraob 26 July 2019

Kangana is tour de force in this intriguing thriller.Rajkumar Raj shows his versatility.

sushilsushrohit 26 July 2019

Completely different movie I have seen in Bollywood. Great work by Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao. Kangana deserves to be the queen of Bollywood.

shilpagandhi 26 July 2019

It's so disheartening to see how few users have rated the movie so low. The movie second half especially the ramayan reference was a drag, but apart from that the movie is really really good. The supporting cast on spot, only problem I had was rajkumar Raos role was really less, this movie was an out n out kangana show and boy she has subject her teeth into the character like she does with every movie of hers. Few reputed reviewers have taken the movie to take a jibe on kanganas real life persona, which is so lame, and insensitive for ppl with mental illness. The climax was predictable, maybe that's why few were disappointed but the movie is enjoyable mainly because of the acting. Go watch it

viklpsharma 30 July 2019

Low reviews are given by people who just like to see dilwale and race 3

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