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Just Another Christmas (2020)

Rayting:   6.7/10 3474 votes
Country: Brazil
Language: English

Stuck in a time loop where it's forever Christmas, a family man who hates the holiday starts to learn valuable lessons about what's important in life.

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toddsgraham 6 December 2020

I really did not know what to expect going into this film. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical. Like another reviewer on here, I was expecting another unoriginal 'time-looping movie'. However, this one was much more than that. At the heart of this film is the dialogue, the interaction and exchanges between the family members at the Christmas family gathering/dinner. The dialogue is funny, but I also found myself relating to the various family dynamics; I could immediately connect with the film, that is. It reminded me a little of other classic Christmas movies such as Christmas Vacation in this regard. One thing I liked about this film was that it shifted gears (emotionally speaking) later in the movie, touching upon serious issues such as marriage/relationship problems and cancer. Though this is also one of the shortcomings of the script, the writer doesn't develop these more serious storylines enough, I thought. That said, I went from laughing out loud to shedding a tear or two. The acting was strong, I thought. It took me about 20 minutes or so to get used to the dad (played by Leandro Hassum), but once I did, I thought he was brilliant. The supporting cast too had a good, strong performance. Again, at the heart of the humour in this one was the family dynamics, dialogue and interactions between the supporting cast. Overall, this is a very good comedy, a nice new edition to Netflix's 2020 Christmas season lineup/collection.

josephpadron-90076 4 December 2020

I was expecting this movie to be better because of its trailer, but i still enjoyed it and can see myself rewatching it every couple years. This movie is simply the plot of Groundhogs Day and Click, mashed into one, so its entertaining enough to watch unfold. The main character overacts at times but the rest of the cast does a great job of balancing things out. Overall it is definitely a heart warming, feel good Christmas movie with a couple of chuckle out loud moments.

Hendrik_Allen 4 December 2020

Far exceeded my expectations. More original and touching. Plus the 'timeloop'-thing is unlike you have seen in other films.

Samanthamjones 3 December 2020

Fun comedy with a great emotional attachment. I will watch this each year. I enjoyed every part of this film. Thank you for making a new Christmas classic.

ajbp95 4 December 2020

Yes, of course it's a bit silly? That's to expect from a Christmas comedy movie. But in relation to what could only been a 1,5 h of laughs it actually contains a lot of heart and a beautiful message. A great movie!

mjhzzz 4 December 2020

Fun movie. Yes, like Groundhogs Day. Good job dubbing Portuguese into English.

nevesdebora-50819 17 December 2020

The new movie on Netflix "Tudo bem no Natal que vem" is proof that Brazil can also make good Christmas movies. The movie tells a story about a man who hates Christmas and is tired of this Holiday because every year is always the same: there is always an uncle who is boring, a mother in law who is annoying and a brother in law who is frivolous. As a punishment from life, he starts to have amnesia and forgets what he has lived all the year, the only day he can remember is Christmas Eve. Due to this, he realizes how much of his life he is missing and how many people he can lose. It is a comedy movie so we can have fun watching, yet, we can also cry in some sad scenes. This movie makes us think about life, if we are living all the things we want, if we are enjoying the people, as much as we can. With a talented cast and a surprising script, this movie will definitely be successful on Netflix. This is the debut of actor Leandro Hassum on the platform. The movie has already been translated into four languages. With that, I can assure you that you will love the movie, have fun and cry at the same time. I hope Netflix makes other brazilian movies as good as this one.

spinbunny 8 December 2020

Although the really bad dubbing into English will annoy you at first, please stick with it as it does get so much better. You will laugh and you will cry ... ugly tears. Destined to be a Netflix-Classic

robertmelo-71502 5 December 2020

I was expecting another cliché time-looping movie. However, this title was much more than that. It is funny when it needs to be funny and heart-warming when it needs to be heart-warming. This might be one of the best Christmas movies of this decade and definitely one of the best Brazilian comedy movies of this century.

arnoldm-55660 12 December 2020

I wasn't expecting a movie from Brazil to contain such a heartfelt holiday theme. It does start out with a family man, stuck in a rut, family problems, job pressures, etc. Universal themes all around. What it does is take a classic Christmas theme, combine it with a 'Ground Hog Day' theme and make a new classic. It has laughs and tears, what you'd expect from a holiday movie. It was a pleasant surprise that I was not expecting.

valdesheisler 8 December 2020

Great message behind! Very funny too! You can watch this with your family!

carlasforcini 12 December 2020

Such a nice movie to whatch with family. Good Brazilian production. We recommend

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