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Justice Society: World War II (2021)

Animation | Adventure | SciFi
Rayting:   6.3/10 2436 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The Justice Society of America , a group of heroes aiding the allies in World War 2, acquire an ally from the future who sends them on an adventure that changes history.

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isaacjfisherif 30 April 2021

The animation style is overly simplistic, think low end anime at a higher frame rate. The character development is non existent. It was finally great to see previously unused characters take the spotlight but this "reboot" of the animated universe is off to a terrible start; visually, terrible choices in voice actors (why does WW sound like she is from the Soviet block?), and an overly complex storyline they rushed through in 90 minutes. I had high hopes for this reboot, but so far, I am sadly unimpressed.

Athanatos173 27 April 2021

Not so long ago, DC animation was extraordinary, with great voice actors and amazing animation. And then came Justice Society: World War II.

A fairly uncompelling story with unsatisfactory voice acting and subpar animation. If you are a DC comics fan, you are probably aware of who all the characters are, yet they focused almost entirely on Wonder Woman, making me wonder why they bothered with a JSA movie and didn't just go for a stand alone Wonder Woman movie.

A forgettable entry into the DC animated universe, and with 36% of votes being a perfect 10/10, makes me question the standards of some viewers.

ReviewsThatMatter 28 April 2021

If you're looking for a DC animation that sets up lots and pays them off in the end, this is not for you. Nazi magic items, where? Flash's role was important when? If anything he made himself and Garrick weaker most of the movie. Why were nazis even apart of this film? Only for the Atlantans to be the big bad in the end. I really hope this is a stand alone and if that's the case it makes this film that much worse because plots were essentially set up to never be established. Iris west, are we really gonna canonize this tokenized Iris West? Shes not black and you don't need to put a black face on established characters of any other race. If you want black characters then just make them and make them likable as you would any other mainstream hero, but then again considering how bad this film was if they did that, the character would be atrocious.

What I did like was the animation, it wasn't great but it was different. The fighting was decent too. That's pretty much it, watch this if you're bored.

sp4wn3r 29 April 2021

Not the best one , but still better then WW., like it that its fark and full of violence.

whitemanfromtowne 29 April 2021

These hyped reviews with 9s and 10s will not change this meh film. This movie was just ok. Wonder Woman with the Russian accent did not add any flare and story was and fight scenes were all over the place. Pay no attention to any of those hyped reviews. They are truly misleading.

devlsrdeye-79963 28 April 2021

Script is Def sub par, iris simply is not believable in the role. Not in voice , not in disposition or attitude. The woke touch ruins this as well. Animation sucks as well.

sugar-23917 27 April 2021

DC has always been known for its quality when it comes to animated series and movies. Their previous shared universe, DC Animated Movie Universe, which concluded with Justice League Dark: Apokolips just last year.

This time, Diana is the main focus of the story since the concept and settings are supposed to be a Wonder Woman animated series that was scrapped and turned into this, the film delivers a balance among the Justice Society and Diana's storyline. It may be weird that Diana is the focus of the film since she's not one of the original members of the JSA but the reason behind that is one of the twists of the story which is explained later in the movie. The story is decent, not the best but it offers us questions but then gives us the answer at the exposition that'll make us say "Whoa" and that's enough for me. And then the animation? 10/10. Thick outlines may not be preferred by others, but it's what makes it unique among the previous animated universes. The thick outlines also help with the action sequences to separate the characters from the background and highlight the slick animation that the animators have been doing, although there is a scene where the outlines are far too thick and straight-up looked weird.

The main point of JS: World War II, is it just gives us a taste of what this set universe is about to offer once further above average plot and actions are the trump card of the future films. The film basically sets up movies that'll have more impact on comic book readers, first being the upcoming two-part Batman movie, The Long Halloween that is on the same universe as this and their first movie, Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

A_Different_Drummer 27 April 2021

The DC animation dept. Is known for its creative freedom and this effort to "go retro" works. For older fans, who grew up with this style of animation, it is comfort food. Younger fans will enjoy the switch as well. The first and last Acts are especially strong, and the voice actors are pitch perfect, with Chris Diamantopoulos a standout as Steve Trevor. He somehow manages to make every word ring with integrity. A keeper.

wayofthecray 1 May 2021

So dull. No one involved in this movie seem to care. The scriptwriters, the actors, even the animation is uninspired.

doubleivan 29 April 2021

I read some glowing reviews for this movie, so I was excited. But this feature is so clumsily made, it's a bit embarrassing. The ponderous pauses between dialogue, the poor detail, the awkward choices; Superman sounds like a skinny man, Nazis are 'evil', and then kaiju. It bungles along with plenty of cringe ('Sorry, I'm an American! We don't do surrender!') before ending in inconsequential fashion. There is always fun in seeing two generations of Flash working together, but an idiotic Wonder Woman and a petulant Superman do nobody any favours.

DC need to stop farming these projects out to cheap Asian animation houses, and take them seriously.

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