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Kajillionaire (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   6.4/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A woman's life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them on a major heist they're planning.

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grdriver5 26 October 2020

I was more than a little sceptical having read the one star reviews. This is not laugh out loud comedy, more of a drama really. I and my wife in our 60's just loved this quirky movie. It was so well acted I think its Oscar worthy. I can understand all those people who need belly laughter humour. But yeah I nearly gave it 10 stars

lachcatoknca 13 October 2020

This is a very bad movie. Bad acting. Senseless plot. Depressing, but not in a cathartic way.

I didn't walk out because I kept waiting, waiting for some redeeming aspect to reveal itself. Didn't happen.

If I had paid money to see this movie, I would be very angry. Indeed knowing what I know now, if necessary I would pay money to NOT see this movie. Up to $20.

Vlad_Imirivan 30 September 2020

Essentially a lesbian love story, is also a barren comedy mostly populated by unsympathetic characters whose eccentricities are more obnoxious than endearing and resting on underlying ideas about life and death that cannot be harmonized with revealed truth. shoulda 'stayed in the closet'.

MikaHaeli8 21 October 2020

"Kajillionaire" wanted to be many things - a comedy, a heist film, a drama, a coming-of-age tale, an introspective character piece and more. It failed at being every single one of those things. Gina Rodriguez and the scene at the old man's house were the only good things about it. The parents had one trait shared between them and that was "being awful people", whilst the daughter had one trait and that was "needing therapy of the psychiatric and speech kind". It was slow, it was pretentious, it was boring. And it shouldn't have been billed as a comedy, let alone released in cinemas. Bad film, bad time.

JessL03 2 March 2020

What a wonderful place Miranda July's brain is. I think we are so lucky she is able to share pieces of it with us. I am a fan of July's other work as well, and her latest movie Kajillionaire is probably my favorite of her films so far. Some of the characters' names alone are hilarious. I was able to catch a screening of it at Sundance.

Kajillionaire tells the story of a girl and her parents who need to hustle and con people just to get by. Her parents are very odd and jaded by their past lives and the people and government who took part in them. She has grown up in this life of getting by just based on what she is able to steal or find to sell for money. She has learned to mistrust others, and she has never seen her parents showing anyone preference or affection--even her. She is curious about being held, but that makes her feel weak and ashamed. To me, Kajillionaire is one of those movies that made me feel alive. Learning how to love and be loved in return is just beautiful. I found myself laughing out loud one minute, and the next minute I felt quiet or sad. You will be grateful of every good thing you have in your life; not everyone is as fortunate to have a place to live that doesn't leak or even simply someone to hug them.

kr98664 27 September 2020

A sure fire way to know a movie is bad? When you keep checking your watch, doing the math for when the movie will end.

Richard Jenkins? Debra Winger? Are you guys in a severe financial crunch and needed some money fast? Did you lose a bet and this was your punishment?

As you might have guessed, I found this movie painful to watch. It started out well enough, with some big names portraying a very eccentric family of small-time con artists. But that was it. It all just went slowly downhill after that, grinding slower and slower. At one point, I believe time stood still yet the movie kept going and going, despite my fervent wishes for it to end.

Almost left several times, but I stuck it out to see how it would wrap up. It wasn't worth the wait. I wish I indeed had left early. I didn't miss anything.

Nary a smile to be seen in the theater as we all somberly filed out. Just a lot of grumbling and people shaking their heads dejectedly.

steven-lawer1 21 October 2020

Don't bother watching this film, it's boring and of little merit. Stay at home paint a wall and watch the paint dry for a more entertaining evening.

itsabacus2009 16 October 2020

Seriously, this is supposed to be, 'the smartest original comedy of the year' burning garbage is more funny and entertaining than this pure rubbish! The movie was annoying, and really the only reason why I watched this movie was because Jenkins was in it; not even he could save this movie! Just another movie where they must have, 'bought positive reviews', because if any of them were legitimate, they wouldn't be praising this film, they would be condemning this movie! Seriously, don't waste your time with this soulless soul sucking movie! Read a book, watch something else, or something; spare yourself this crap fest movie!

jo-yaffe 10 February 2020

This film is so wacky that you don't fully appreciate the deep dive into human relationships until the end of the film. The acting, especially from Evan Rachel Wood is unexpectedly brilliant. And the writing from Miranda July is her best yet. I laughed until my heart broke.

ckbray 29 September 2020

This movie was very strange and very slow, not funny, no likeable characters. I don't understand any of the good reviews, they must've reviewed the wrong movie under this title. Don't waste your money. Not even worth a $1.80 at the Redbox. Not sure what the point of it was supposed to be. It's 1:45 you'll never get back.

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