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Kappela (2020)

Rayting:   7.6/10
Country: India
Language: English

Set in the village areas of Wayanad, Malappuram and Kannur, Kappela revolves around an ordinary, innocent girl who comes to Kozhikode city from a high range area called Poovarmala.

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hridhik 26 June 2020

Randomly gave it a watch after hearing some good reviews , but this movie is GOOD , trust me. Compared to another Malayalam movie Ishq which dealt with the issue of moral policing as well , this movie provides a very different outlook and much refreshing. Few loopholes in the beginning all gets cleared out by the end . The acting is top notch with Sreenath Bhasi was his career best performance. Special props to the screenplay that made this movie so thrilling . Brilliant direction from the debutant. Cinematography is beautiful as always.

sangarrajan 22 June 2020

My Impression On This Movie Until The Half Of The Film Is Like A Lame Love Story With A Lot Of Logic Loop Holes ! But When The Story Moves To The End , The Director Just Made It An Amazing Film ! All The Logic Holes Just Dissapeared ! Anna Ben Was Amazing ! The Cameraman Never Failed To Make Us Fall In Love With Kerala ! Amazing Frames ! The Best In This Film Is The Characterisations ! I Loved The Way How The Director Changed Our Impression On The Characters Straight Oppisite When The Movie Ends ! Over All , This Film Will Create A Magic To The Audience ! AND ALSO IT CONVEYS A VERY GOOD MESSAGE ! AND I Also Loved The Way A Female Character Lead The Story Perfectly

Quirk47 21 June 2020

A regualr story with Fresh treatment of screenplay. Anna Ben is good. I liked her performance in Helen. But here there isn't much here. Finally Roy ! He completes the film.

sujith789_reviews 25 June 2020

  • Watched the movie in Netflix. Running time is around 1 hr 50 minutes.
  • This is a simply movie which is partly romantic and becomes a thriller towards the end.
  • Casting is excellent: Anna Ben, Roshan Mathew and Sreenath Bhasi were terrific in their roles. The actors who played as Anna Ben (Jessy)'s parents were excellent as well. Director Musthafa also rocked in the short role.
  • To me, this is the best malayalam movie released in 2020 so far.
  • If you are reading my review and haven't watched this movie, I would suggest to watch this movie without reading other reviews or news as there can be some spoiler contents.
  • Verdict: Must Watch.

aswinbaiju 24 June 2020

A simple movie with a good message. Cast was outstanding and did their job very well. Brilliant work done by the director as well as other staff incharges. I really enjoyed watching this film.

athimol-01683 26 June 2020

A regular story line with an amazing direction. The actors performance are really appreciable

ajithashokkumaraj 25 June 2020

Nicely executed perfect movie. Its predictable even to some extent but the final verdict gives a nice impression to the viewers. Romantic movie turns to a simple Thriller.

superzuper 22 June 2020

I decided to give this movie a shot after watching the trailer. The movie really looks and is high quality. The story depicts Jessy and Vishnu's love development and touches on the subject on how the most minor of incidents in our lives can create brilliant adventures and stories to be told. I like the fact that throughout the entire movie it isn't just a typical romantic 'flick'. Rather, it also brings in the character of Roy, who also combines in a sense of thriller into the movie. I really recommend watching this on Netflix if you can.

adarshkrockz 23 June 2020

Sreenath bhasi just rocked in the movie. Roshan also played well. Worth watch

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