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Kate (2021)

Action | Adventure | Crime
Rayting:   6.3/10 31K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Japanese
Release date: September 10, 2021

A female assassin has 24 hours to get vengeance on her murderer before she dies.

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atarian-42395 12 September 2021

Someone get this girl a Boom Boom Lemon please. Such a simple request.

kuner-59029 10 September 2021

The second female John Wick rip off in just a month. Based on the trailer I had somewhat high hopes for this one, daring to believe it would deliver some classic John Woo style heroic bloodshed. Yet it's another letdown, just like Jolt, Atomic Blonde, The Protégé and so many others.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a fine job as the lead, but shares no chemistry with the kid she's saddled with. A lot of the Japanese actors sleepwalk through their roles, except for the big boss and the effeminate one. Woody Harrelson does his bit and is reliable as ever, even if he doesn't have much to work with.

The photography was unexpectedly dull, the use of music often didn't work, and worse, a lot of the kicks and punches lacked precision and speed. MEW has the acting chops, but isn't a fighter. They would need someone like Gina Carano or some MMA fighter to pull this off convincingly.

Another aspect these John Wick and Crank ripoff movies lack is fun. While John Wick's humor was found mostly in its timing or interactions, and Crank was just an all out cartoon, these new movies don't seem to understand their own genre. They play it straight when they shouldn't, and wink at the audience in a completely self-oblivious manner, as in "haha, aren't we outrageous?". John Wick or Crank never tried to trick the audience into thinking they're watching something edgy. The outrageous scenes happened naturally within the context of the story. The tonality of the humor fit the story.

Kate is a tonal mess, switching from gory dismemberment to J-Pop music to Kate coming to terms with her life ending and scenes of bonding and redemption, to wanna be Japanese crime drama to total schlock again. It feels like a movie put together by a committee checking off boxes instead of a singular artistic vision.

Darn shame. A generous 5/10 for gorehounds and fans of the genre. You can certainly do worse, but you can do a whole lot better, too.

jackbaumel 11 September 2021

I have a major crush on Winsted. Having said that, good fights, bad cgi car chase. Watchable.

skniazi7 10 September 2021

Couple of good action scenes and that's about it. Another waste opportunity in the done to death female assassin genre.

gillespiesan 10 September 2021

What can I say, I'm a sucker for the recent slew of female bad ass movies, from the sublime - Atomic Blonde, Ava - to the less impressive - Anna comes to mind. Kate falls neatly in the middle somewhere, extremely enjoyable while you're watching it nut ultimately forgettable. But that's how it should be for a movie like this, right?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has always been a favourite of mine and Woody Harrelson is always good value. Add some nice night time Tokyo scenery - Tokyo being where I'm living so all very familiar - and buckets of blood and you have an entertaining way to pass 90 minutes of so.

matty_mushroom1983 10 September 2021

Majority credit to her ability to feel her role, to empathise with the story and deliver humanity through her character. She was just as impressive in Fargo, where I first encountered her. It takes true talent to convince ME that your character is simultaneously cold blooded and warm hearted.

As for the flick itself, the action is real enough in that the protagonist displays the ability to f-s-up but will fumble with fatigue and sickness, misjudge enough to be outweighed by an opponent not necessarily of an equal skill set.

The usual sacrifice of substantial plot and believability of her opponents' characters remains as with any martial arts snd/or action flick, which isn't necessarily something to frown upon. In fact if the opposite were the case it would be an instant 10 stars.

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