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Khaali Peeli (2020)

Action | Romance 
Rayting:   2.4/10
Country: India
Language: English

Follows a taxi driver who picks up a girl while he is on the run and ends up in a crazy roller coaster of events.

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dipayandatta-92446 3 October 2020

Bollywood is rich because we pay to watch the terrible things it throws at us. The world behind the big screen, your real lives are pathetic. New and deserving talent are not given chance expect sons and daughters of so-called stars. Its time Bollywood reaps what it deserves.

pubgmamita 2 October 2020

Today is 151th Birthday of our beloved national father but by far today is worst birthday of Gandhiji.

Khaali peeli is really worst movie, Even I was against Nepotism but I thought to give a try but it turns out worst.

Verdict - Please avoid

mohinderchugh 2 October 2020

I really fail to understand why studios are spending Millions and coming out with such outdated product. This movie should be avoided.

manoranjan00007 3 October 2020

Utter nonsense Use your time and money wisely, go plant some trees, clean roads and drains, feed birds or watch KRK's deshdrohi or watch Loha twice, watch Mann ki baat, watch anything but not this utter non sense.

rohit-tamaskar 3 October 2020

As Kareena kapoor Khan said well clear, that we the audience have made them stars by watching there films, 'MAT JAO NA MOVIE DEKHNE KOI FORCE TOH NAI KARRA HAI',so koi rok b nai sakta bekar review dene ko without even watching the flim.... So this my review for this film...


carneyjgmpmarak 2 October 2020

Routine story. Horrible acting by Ananya Panday. Please take retirement and consider some other job besides acting. Ananya Panday's acting is pure torture to one's soul and sanity

narendra-08345 2 October 2020

Total waste. Don't waste your time.. There are many good contents in OTT platform to watch.

shriyabln 2 October 2020

Worst movie worst songs and worst actress ever! After the struggle of the actress she still doesn't know acting. Don't waste your time on this!

smkannadate 2 October 2020

One of Worst thing of this year Very very bad my thought was they can't go below soty2 and dhadak but this is bad than that

kavideepak-87535 3 October 2020

Really a suicidal movie, i start hating my choice. Want my money back

Wanderer123 2 October 2020

Worst movie ever. I just watched it thinking watching in piracy won't profit this movie but yucckkk! But I didn't realise my time was on stake here. Worst movie. I left it before credits could roll. Unbearable!

anishdude 2 October 2020

This movie is not good at all.... bollywood badly needs to improve its story line and cast right is high time bollywood :(

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