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Khuda Haafiz (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.2/10
Country: India
Language: English

A newly married couple's life falls in jeopardy when the wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

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Fella_shibby 27 August 2020

The film deserves an 8 but i am generous with a 10. As a fan of Vidyut, i enjoyed this film. The name Vidyut Jamwal has become synonym with action. Aft Iko Uwais n Scott Adkins, he is my fav action star. The film has ample amt of action, gory stabbings, sun soaked settings, decent acting n direction. It has no hand held shaky cam stuff n no poorly lit scenes. The brothel action sequence is brutal with lottuva gory stabbings, the teeth scene will make u squirm, the elbow breaking scene is brtual n the villain from Don 2 is intimidating.

snishant-61601 14 August 2020

Brilliant acting ,brilliant action ,great movie ,thx u for entertaining us

GabbarAagaya 14 August 2020

Vidyut Jammwal excels in his role of a estranged husband. This movie offers him scope to have an emotional angle and he does supremely well. He has got great screen presence. Shivaleeka was apt for her small role. The cinematography is good, and the background score as well. The first half moves at a terrific pace, the pace drops a bit in the 2nd half. Overall the film deserves your time and everyone in the film deserve appreciation.

mmind-03088 14 August 2020

Best movie ever released in ott platform Vidyut Jamwal was outstanding

tanushreebhattacharyya 14 August 2020

Had this Country Respected genuine talent Vidyut Jammwal would have been the Best Action Hero and The Highest Paid Actor of India. Loved The Movie. Best Part is The Movie didn't unnecessarily insults Indian Embassy and State Machineries which generally Anti India propaganda movies do. So It's a propaganda free Sweet Simple Movie. Action is the Best part and I don't even need to mention it. Loads of Love VJ

debojyotichakraborty-24116 14 August 2020

Quite different from the so-called Bollywood film.Bollywood has taken the movie to the adult stage.It takes real courage to work with such a storyline.👏👏👏🙏👍

The director has beautifully highlighted one of the burning issues of the whole world.Going abroad, the director showed that a good film can be shot in a beautiful way without dancing and singing.The tight suspense is beautifully maintained from beginning to end.Expectations from the director increased a lot.👍👏🙏

Editing, location selection is awesome.Anu Kapoor, Bidyut, Shiv Pandit, Ahna have all performed well.👌🙏

vjpsingh 14 August 2020

There is no superhero type character, emotions action , anger of a common man are perfectly portrayed by Vidyut and credit goes to director for sure.Meanwhile all actors have done a commendable job, Annu Kapoor is something extra ordinary.Must watch movie.

avisingh-50632 14 August 2020

After a long time. What a beautiful movie, It's simple and very carefully made. Something new, it's a must-watch🔥 Its so nice to see Vidyut in such kind of roles, and also Shivaleeka has done a decent job. Annu sir was fab ❤ Do appreciate such movies to see more nice movies from Indian Cinema.

sharmatina-30119 14 August 2020

Vidyut's acting is superb! The pace kept me on my toes. I'm glad I decided to check out this movie although the reviews by the media are negative. They have poor taste in unique stories which are not backed by movie mafia and nepotism.

shubhambanerjee40 14 August 2020

This is a new unexplored kind of genre and the director has pulled it through exactly how it's supposed to be. It is engaging throughout and you wouldn't want to blink. I was watching it while eating and it took me a long time to finish eating! Absolute must watch!

kashyapsamridh 15 August 2020

After such a long time, a movie worth investing time. Nothing goes wrong in the movie. People have questioned Vidyuts acting time and time again. But let me be crystal clear, this was the best acting i have seen by any actor in recent times. In fact every actor did justice to his/her role. Natural acting and no over top action is the key point of this movie with an engaging plot. Vidyut is known for his great actions. But in this flick he showed how a common person can fight when in despair. Being a professional fighter, he showed how a true common man fights. (Not just dishoom dishoom) Overall i wont be afraid on giving this movie a full score of 10/10. In short this movie is Baaghi 3 done right. Watch it, you wont regret.

budhwar-46467 14 August 2020

What a great movie this can happen with anyone who desires to work in abroad. In whole movie you can feel the helplessness of a person in such situations. We need actor like Vidyut Jamwal

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