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Klaus (2019)

Animation | Comedy   
IMDB Rayting:   8.3/10
Country: Spain | UK
Language: English | Saami

A simple act of kindness always sparks another, even in a frozen, faraway place. When Smeerensburg's new postman, Jesper, befriends toymaker Klaus, their gifts melt an age old feud and deliver a sleigh full of holiday traditions.

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evilmonkey226 16 November 2019

At first I thought it would be dumb, but omg it was AMAZING! The story was awesome (I won't give any spoilers) and there were parts that made me laugh so hard and parts that made me cry. I don't usually cry during movies, but I'm sitting here writing this review with tears in my eyes. I think it is going to become a new movie to watch every Christmas with my family!

mmehedihopuu 17 November 2019

One of the sweetest, emotional and best Animated film of the year. Netflix please keep bringing us movies with great script such as this.

arcticerika 17 November 2019

Klaus was a heartwarming animation with a very unique take on the "Christmas origin". I originally put it on as background noise for folding laundry but caught myself sitting on the bed for the entirety of the movie. The animation was really well done and the characters were memorable. I loved the similarities with Tim Burton films. It's nice to have a different Christmas film but that has the spirit nevertheless. One of the best Christmas animations in awhile. Great film!

Joejoesan 14 November 2019

Okay, when it comes to Christmas movies to me there was only one: It's a wonderful life by Frank Capra. The Bishop's Wife and Love Actually are also very good but they don't have the same magic. This year I can finally add a new classic: Klaus. It's a funny and surprising tale of how the real Santa Claus was born. I love the story and especially the look of this movie is amazing. Klaus is hand drawn animation but thanks to computers it has astonishing lit scenes. That makes the journey extra special.

The story is about this lazy and clumpsy guy, Jesper, who is the only son of the director of a Mail School. His father wants to teach him a lesson and sends him to this little snowy place called Smeerensburg. Only if he succeeds in delivering 6000 letters in a year he's allowed to come back and continue his luxery life. Of course Jesper obeys: he doesn't have a choice. But when he arrives at Smeerensburg he discovers that his mission is an almost imposible one. Two rival families are at constant war with each other and will never send each other letters. But when Jesper visits his last hope, this hermit called Klaus, something magical happens. By accident this mourning figure receives a letter from a child and wants to return this nice gesture by giving the boy a present. Suddenly all the childeren of the village want to send letters...

Why does Santa always say "Ho! Ho! Ho!?". How did he get his reindeers? Does he really have a naughty book? Why does he travel on a sleigh? All those questions will be answered in this great tale of one man, Jesper, changing the fate of a town that once only knew anger and never friendship. The end of Klaus is actually quite moving.

Forget The Polar Express or all the Christmas Carols. Klaus is the real deal! Go see it on Netflix!


c-bevan 15 November 2019

For my first holiday movie of the season this is a must see. Well written and beautifully done, also absolutely hilarious yet so heartwarming.

magdalena_ 15 November 2019

What a joy to watch! I absolutely loved this hand-drawn animated film, the story kept me entertained from start to finish and I'm very glad that Netflix is giving this art form a platform on its streaming service.

dermotprendergast 16 November 2019

Just watched with my kids. Absolutely loved every minute of it. A beautiful family movie that is sure to become a Christmas classic.

manos-84557 15 November 2019

What an amazing movie ! The animation is perfect and the plot even better. Worth every minute.

keikoyoshikawa 17 November 2019

If postmodernism is defined as a rejection of morality and human nature, then this animated story is a repudiation of that rejection, but done in a refreshingly adult and not too overly sentimental way.

Thankfully, there are none of the usual Hollywood tropes; rather, the characters and situation are very grounded despite having elements of the fantastical and surrealism mixed in. It is not even Disney-esque, which is also a very good good thing.

That this "Santa Claus" is not the only main character is moreover a good choice by the writers. By doing so, the story is able to focus on how a mythical character could conceivably come to be - and that makes for a very interesting and entertaining premise.

Everything about this animated story is well done: The animation is crisp and detailed; the dialogues are convincing and at times humorous; the music fits, is modern, and used judiciously.

Young children will not probably understand the deeper meanings, but everyone else will.

andymhancock 16 November 2019

Sure, sappiness is cute, and fun to indulge in. I thought I'd seen it all. But what sappiness was in the movie well used. The main thrust was not sappy. It was a well told story, with the proper nuances in the animation and the vocalization. I consider this movie to be for adults. You will thoroughly enjoy it.

lrczlnsk 15 November 2019

This is what this film feels like: sitting around a fire and being engrossed in a story that someone remembers from long ago. Is the plot very original? Maybe not, but it is well paced and has some surprises along the way that make Klaus special. Here, we have a sincere, funny and engaging film, that doesn't rely on ironic jokes to tie in the adults, or on the integration of modern technology to hold the kids' interest. It just tells a story.

The story is about a spoiled young man who is sent into the little backwater village of Smeerensburg to take over the post office. Jesper has to deliver 6000 letters by the end of a year or he'll be cut off by his wealthy father. After he meets the reclusive toymaker Klaus, Jesper starts to plot his way out of Smeerensburg by roping in the kids of the village. Along the way he makes some friends, changes some lives and, well, grows up.

This is, in a way, Jesper's coming of age story, even though he is a fully grown man to begin with. But this is also Klaus' growing old story. I found this apect very touching - the old and widowed hermit finds a new purpose in his life and gets to be happy for a few years yet. You do not see that sort of plotline in animated movies very often. The subplot of the warring clans of Smeerensburg was hilarious and reminded me a little of Asterix and Obelix.

Apart from the old school, but very well executed plot, it is worthwhile to talk about Klaus' technical realization. Firstly, the animation is gorgeous. The lighting is magnificent. The look is excellent. This film looks exactly as lovingly detailed as a Christmas movie should. The handdrawn animation is very effective - it gives the film a very soft and almost canvas-like feeling, while still making good use of the smooth and fast execution that CGI affords.

Klaus isn't dunked in polished, on-the-nose effects, but is, you might say, warmly covered in a carefully crafted blanket of twinkling forest lights and harsh mountain snows and accompanied by a little, gruff town of crooked and funny looking houses and crooked and funny-looking people. In Klaus, we do not encounter a string of slightly altered clones, that all have the same body type and facial features (looking at you Disney) but a jumbled ensemble of big and round, tall and bent, young and middle aged and old characters, who all look and act differently from each other.

The only criticism I can honestly think of is that Klaus lacks a little on female representation. Its central female characters, Ava and Márgu, felt a little sidelined to me, especially given the fact that theirs could have been the better story, if told accordingly. But given the fact that I still loved it, I can't really hold this against Klaus.

So, just in time for Christmas, Klaus is a thoroughly enjoyable treat of a movie that I will probably recommend excessively over the next few weeks.

pere_tech 16 November 2019

Wasn't sure what to expect but completely exceeded all my expectations. Funny, smart and with heart. The animation and production quality is fantastic. Has that classic 2D animation aesthetic combined with 3D. Feast for the eyes, mind and heart. Great film, thanks for the little Christmas gift. 😁

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