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Knives Out (2019)

Comedy | Drama  | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   8.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English | Spanish

A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.

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kamalhasnaa 8 December 2019

Nothing was typical about this. Everything was beautifully done in this movie, the story, the flow, the scenario, everything. I highly recommend it for mystery lovers, for anyone who wants to watch a good movie!

theawsomeadrian 7 November 2019

Best movie of the year, love everything about it, what I'm seeing is that some trolls that still can't get over TLJ, now for those that have and give it a 1 well that's fair but have some reasons why, not just bc it's Rian Johnson, like stop it's childish

johnryeh-49694 29 November 2019

I enjoyed this a lot. Clever, interesting and plausible in its logic. I enjoyed the deception put forth by the characters. I can usually tell where something is going and was genuinely surprised by the hole in the hole of the donut.

Some people might hate the politics of it, but I thought it gave a good dig at both sides while still being fairly liberal. FOX watchers will hate it, which I can see as kind of fueling the negative reviews.

What can also fuel the negative reviews. is all the positive hype about it. Too much enthusiasm from the critics can hurt a movie sometimes. Viewers go into the theater expecting too much.

Things never live up to the hype and this one didn't live up to it for me. But I thought it was still pretty solid and entertaining. I'm not sorry I spent some money on this one.

tcasavecchia 1 December 2019

As a fan of mysteries (Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Columbo, Monk, Psych.etc.) I was thrilled to see someone making a classic style whodunnit...and the cast! Figure you can't go wrong. Well I enjoyed it & while the cast all have time to shine it is Daniel Craig with his Southern drawl & especially Ana de Armas that steal the show. For anyone keeping away because they hated The Last Jedi...I agree, it was my least favourite of all the Star Wars films, but this is a well written film that was well acted and I can only hope this will inspire others to reinvigorate the murder mystery genre.

hitsmenghwani 7 December 2019

This is a movie one would not regret spending money on. After a long time I am rating a movie perfect 10 and this movie totally deserves it. I really like the subtle comedy sprinkled in the movie. It easies out the tense atmosphere. In a good detective movie, you expect to be taken aback on how things unfold at the end and this is what happens in this movie. There is never an instant when you would get distracted or bored. I had a good time watching this movie and you would surely have it too.

iamlegend-07431 29 November 2019

Knives Out (2019) 8/10🗡🚪💉💸

"Rian Johnson successfully revives the "whodunnit" mystery subgenre with this perfectly cast fun time, even if it doesn't bring anything groundbreaking to the table."

Knives Out is the kind of "whodunnit" film that will never fail to entertain. As a progressive mystery, Knives Out is a very fashionable movie with it's grand ensemble of fresh and familiar faces. With some very snarky and slick writing, these characters are albeit memorable, most notably Daniel Craig's Detective Blanc and Chris Evan's Ransome, however, the film fails to make full use of the ensemble to the greatest extent. Of course that never takes away from what else Knives Out has to offer. The intensity of every moment that leaves you questioning the motive and action behind the titled crime scene is delivered with such glorious fashion, one could say Murder on the Orient Express had a beautiful baby, this being the result, showing Rian Johnson's strongholds. While the first two acts of the movie are quite strong and promising, the third act finds itself being a little rough around the edges but manages to find it's footing upon the conclusion; one for all and all for one.

Verdict: Knives Out not only proves to us that Rian Johnson is a strong director with the right material, but also displays a fashionable reiteration of what the mystery genre can do to keep us guessing what is left in store for us to see in all the right ways.

cli-13744 4 November 2019

I actually wish would do away with the star-rating portion of their website because it doesn't give an accurate rating for films and this film is a perfect example. Everyone knows that there are many bitter Star Wars fanboys rating this film low because they are still so bitter over Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi and as a result, they are going to try to ruin any of Rian's future films. They really need to just get over it and get a life, already. DON'T believe the Star-Rating of This Film Because It's Mostly from Bitter Star Wars Fanboys Rating the Film LOW ON PURPOSE!, obviously. Anyone who has actually seen this film would be brain-dead to rate it low or to not give it a good review because this film is so freaking entertaining! I could see it again and again. It's so different than the crap that has been in the theaters lately. It's fun, it's thrilling, it's wacky, it has so many twists and turns that it always keeps you guessing. And for the cast, what a freaking cast! I couldn't even tell you who the MVP of the cast was. They were all fantastic. We need more films like this and less big explosions, stupid plot films. I for one, will give this the true star-rating it deserves! 10/10!!!!! Bitter Star Wars fanboys, you can keep being immature and rating it low, but it isn't going to change the fact that the film is great and I'm going to encourage every single person to go out and see it pronto when it hits theaters!

Jared_Andrews 16 December 2019

2019 has blessed movie fans with an impressively strong finish to the year in film. Among the excellent movies released in the past few months, "Knives Out" is perhaps the most purely entertaining. The star-studded cast pairing with a virtuoso director of consistently compelling movies served as powerful ingredients in the recipe for an entertaining movie, and the dish was prepared to perfection.

Despite what a few angry Star Wars fanboys will tell you about Rian Johnson and his sacrilegious creation, "The Last Jedi" Johnson is one of the better writer/directors in Hollywood. In my humble opinion, Johnson's Star Wars movie is perhaps the best in the saga.

Nevertheless, Johnson's latest romp should please all audiences. This film boasts one of the most impressive casts in recent memory, each member of which plays against type in a delightfully over-the-top fashion. Leading the pack is Daniel Craig (James Bond himself) playing a brilliant investigator named Benoit Blanc and flashing the same accent he would if he became the new KFC Colonel in the latest commercial. Yes, his southern drawl is comically exaggerated, but that is completely intentional. Many the best lines in the movie come with an implied wink at the camera, letting us know that everyone is in on the joke. Even Chris Evans (the beloved Captain America and the perhaps more beloved Twitter voice of good) plays a loathsome spoiled child of an entitled upbringing, who ruthlessly insults his family and hates dogs. I'll let you decide which of those traits is worse.

As a whodunnit, the movie is effective in ways you might not see coming and in plenty of ways you will. Even though the events leading to the death are revealed 40 minutes into the movie, Johnson manages to subvert expectations and remain steps ahead of viewers until the very end. I dare you to guess every twist and solve the puzzle before Blanc. The character often looks to be underwhelming as a detective, but that is also intentional. He eventually reveals himself to be multiple steps ahead the entire time.

Raw humor, suspense, and caustic social commentary combine to elicit one of the best screenplays of the year, one that deserves serious Oscar consideration. When the dust settles and mystery has been solved, the end result is a charming and satisfying mystery/comedy. We all deserve more movies like this, and we can thank Johnson for giving us one.

UniqueParticle 23 November 2019

Beautifully filmed and thought out very well which to me is good enough! Great ensemble cast that did excellent acting among adding hilarious parts in many scenes. Absolutely love Daniel Craig and Ana De Amas did awesome! I'm sure Knives Out has mixed opinions but I am very glad I got to see an early screening.

leeshep 28 November 2019

Mildly entertaining with a great cast and high production value. The story is soft but not awful. I can't imagine saying this film deserves more than a 6.

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