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Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Action | Fantasy 
Rayting:   6.7/10 274678 votes
Country: USA | China
Language: English

A team of scientists explore an uncharted island in the Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong, and must fight to escape a primal Eden.

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claudio_carvalho 9 April 2017

When the Vietnam War ends, Bill Randa (John Goodman) and his partner Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) from the Monarch organization succeed to get the financing for an expedition to the recently discovered Skull Island from Senator Willis (Richard Jenkins). He hires the former Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) to guide the expedition; a group of soldiers under the command of Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson); and the awarded journalist and photographer Mason Weaver (Brie Larson). On the arrival, the helicopters need to cross a storm and soon they drop bombs on the forest to map the seismology of the island. Soon they are attacked by a huge gorilla called Kong that destroys the helicopters and kills part of the crew and scatter the rest through the island. The group commanded by Conrad meets Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly), a survivor from the World War II that lives with a tribe of natives. He explains that Kong protects the island and the natives from underground monsters and shall not be killed. But Colonel Packard is insane seeking revenge for his men that died.

"Kong: Skull Island" is a brainless adventure with several stupidities. For example, the number of helicopters in the beginning of the journey of Randa, Conrad and Packard is totally incompatible with the size of their ship. Bo pilot would dare to cross a storm like that in a helicopter. The attack of all the helicopters to Kong is absolutely imbecile. Most of the survivor's attitude are at least unreasonable. On the other side, the adventure is highly entertaining and the special effects are top notch. Therefore the best option to the viewer is to shut down the brain and enjoy the adventure since this is the purpose of this type of blockbuster. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Kong: A Ilha da Caveira" ("Kong: The Skull Island")

jamesrupert2014 9 February 2018

Similar to a number of Godzilla films from the '90's, 'Kong' turns out to be a guardian monster (despite the carnage with which he greets Samuel Jackson's crew of tough 'Nam vets) who protects humans from some existential threat, in this case, vicious two-legged lizard-kaiju ('Skullcrawlers') from the bowels of the Earth. The film follows the usual trajectory: John Goodman assembles a team of soldiers, a retired SAS spook, a bunch of generic scientists, and hot-shot female photographer to travel to Skull Island, the last undiscovered land on the planet, as part of his obsession to find evidence for a hollow earth and giant monsters. After a 'first act' of mood-drenched slow-mo shots of helicopters, classic 60/70's rock and roll, tough-guy posturing, bro-bonding, and fish-out-of-water shtick, they get to the titular Island, where things immediately go bad. The expedition promptly gets split into two (one group learns the truth, the other is consumed by a need for revenge). All of this sets up a series of action scenes where humans (ineffectively) and Kong (effectively) fight the skullcrawlers. The film is not connected to the original King Kong story and Kong himself is not intended to be a giant gorilla, but rather the last of some primordial species. As such, while his head is certainly gorilla-like, his body and posture is more like a very hairy Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with simian hands and feet. Despite this odd hybrid status, the titular kaiju looks very good and the CGI for both him and his adversaries is outstanding, as is the scenery (real and otherwise) seen at the beginning of the film. Unfortunately, the story is not as good as the visuals, relying on too many improbabilities, contrivances, and coincidences to be taken seriously. An entertaining, but not memorable film with little 'watch it again' appeal.

sirwillisiv 17 November 2017

Kong: Skull Island is as if they dropped the colossal ape in Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket, resulting in a thoroughly entertaining monster flick that shouldn't be taken seriously; a well-paced and well-cast marathon of action and thrills. I must single out John C. Reilly's performance. He provides an ample amount of wit and heart amongst the band of stock characters. Leave your brain outside the theater. It's mindless popcorn entertainment at its finest.

Cluey 1 November 2017

I saw this film on the same day as Logan, and while that film was great it didn't leave as much of an impression on me as it seems to have done for other people.

Kong Skull Island - however - gets me excited thinking about it.

Let me clarify. For me there's nothing better than a film that knowingly commits to genre schlock and style. Something which Skull Island does in spades. The film wastes very little time getting to the action, which puts many people off this take but for me was an enormous breath of fresh air. We all know what King Kong looks like, we all know his M.O and we all know how these films go: first a foot, then a hand, then a glimpse here and there before there's a big scene with some screaming woman tied to a post before the monster can be seen in all its glory. Not here. Here we get straight to it, and I appreciate the film for not taking us down the same old path.

This film belongs to a new wave of film-making which is using pulp and new technology to carve its own film language. The influences here don't come from the oft dug classic directors and films - the influence here is pop-culture, pulp and anime. It sounds like a recipe for the most juvenile and dumb crap ever - but in choosing which elements to lift from each of these carefully, the film manages to create something really interesting. There's spots here of 50's B sci-fi, Vietnam movies and studio Ghibli films and it creates a very textured and rich set of visual moments.

On that note, this is a very visual and visceral film. The characters are pretty stock here - though enjoyable enough to watch, especially John C Reilly and Samuel L Jackson, who chew through the jungle with aplomb - their motivations are about as straightforward as you can get. The majority of the cast just want to get off the island except for Jackson, who wants to blow the hell out of a giant monkey and then get off the island (largely because he's salty about the U.S pulling out of 'Nam and wants to have a victory).

The straightforward narrative is pretty perfect for this sort of film, as there's nothing worse than a B-movie trying and failing to do complex character motivation (well there is, a serious film trying and failing, because then you don't even have the popcorn factor to fall back on). The objectives are all clear and nothing gets in the way of the action.

Which is amazing. Everything you want from this sort of creature feature is here. Giant spiders, weird dinosaurs giant octopuses all make an appearance and are combated in a variety of crazy and inventive ways. If you don't get a little quiver of excitement as Kong smashes a snake monster with a rusty anchor from a shipwreck then you are not wired for this sort of film.

Anyway, it's great fun

andrew-marks59 4 March 2017

Some people go to the movies to be wowed by the superb acting, heart wrenching and well written story, and overall solid production... THIS has good effects? The acting in this film isn't bad, but it definitely won't win any awards for it.

The story has characters Bill Randa (John Goodman) and Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) piggybacking on an expedition to an uncharted island to test their "hollow earth" theory. Tom Hiddleston plays a tracker, Brie Larson plays a photographer, and John C. Reilly plays a surprisingly funny WW2 vet marooned on Skull Island.

The film takes place in 1973 and loves to remind you with CCR and old technology as if it was a hundred years ago. Kong: Skull Island pays homage to Apocalypse Now quite frequently even though it seems a bit excessive at times.

Kong looked good, almost all the creatures looked cool and all the fights between them looked really good, especially in IMAX 3D. Some of the green screen effects, like backgrounds behind characters, were distractingly bad. Ultimately, you get some great stuff out of all the effects if you're not looking too closely.

The characters are more hollow than the earth (according to the film's characters themselves), the story is mediocre, but the effects reign king in this film adaptation.

My suggestion: See it! it's a blockbuster meant to fill seats, not win awards. Take it for what it is.

Seen at an advanced IMAX 3D screening in Minneapolis.

blaskofilms 10 March 2017

Movies used to be fun. Genuinely fun. Kong: Skull Island is a throwback to the era when movies were fun - like, Stars Wars fun. Like Jaws fun. That kind of fun. The leads embody characters that are all understandable and genuinely likable. The plot isn't stuffed with technical geek references and "easter eggs" that weigh down other universe-building films. From the fire- singed Kong fur to the slick skull crawler tongues, the special effects are brilliantly detailed and animated. And it's genuinely refreshing to watch an action/monster film in which native peoples are depicted with dignity and respect, and where black and Asian characters aren't used as props or fodder for violence (admittedly, the film could have gone further with this, but I sensed some progress being made). Kong: Skull Island isn't Life is Beautiful. It isn't Casablanca. But it is genuinely, thrillingly, rigorously fun. It has heart, scales, teeth and a ferocious roar. Monster movies are back. Get in line. Hail to the King.

Her-Excellency 10 April 2017

THIS is the way a movie should be done.

Have you ever watched the scene from The Princess Bride where the grandfather tells the kid: It's got everything. "Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love ...". Well, in a way, that's this version of KONG, and I am really happy and surprised at just how GOOD it was.

Take a bit of the original Kong, mix it with one part Private Ryan, a dash of The Deer Hunter, some Monty Python, lots of Jurassic Park, a pinch of A Space Oddity and mix well with some (insert your favorite lower-key funny movies HERE). The result is a pleasing fare one can really sink their teeth into and enjoy.

It has some familiar faces too, and what's best about it, is that not only do they live up to their so-called stardom, but even the unfamiliar or not-yet- "famous" actors with smaller roles, really do a great job and sell it. At no time while you are watching this movie do you feel it far-fetched or unbelievable that Kong actually exists, and isn't that, in a nutshell, what all movies should aspire to - the suspension of disbelief? Mission accomplished on this one, and good job to the creators.

A definite must-watch.

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