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Let Him Go (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A retired sheriff and his wife, grieving over the death of their son, set out to find their only grandson.

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refordgarry 27 November 2020

Like many I'm a BIG Costner fan. This one could easily have been a rugged but amiable Western drama, but, like the moth flying close to the flame it gets tinged by inflexions of horror - a disquieting experience for the unwary. The plot has at its center the 'kidnap by marriage' of aged Margaret and George's grandson, goaded on by another interestingly psychotic family of near in-laws, resembling to no small degree the Snell Family of Netflix's 'Ozark', though this time featuring North Dakota as that bastion of redneck eccentricity. On the good side, it's a terrifyingly real situation, acted out charmingly by Kevin Costner with his trademark reserve. But the movie was a little long, with those now clichéd tropes, the sort that better directors do well to avoid.

Fella_shibby 29 November 2020

I hate slow burn movies n trust me dis one aint a slow burn at all. It is a western drama aided by solid performances n amazing cinematography and the film does have some very intense scenes.

The dinner scene, the hotel scene with the axe n the final scene, they all r tension filled.

Visiting a house situated in the middle of nowhere and that too inhabited by bumpkins/yokels is scary man. Imagine the yokels served u dinner and u r particular with kosher/halal food.

jmh-39622 9 November 2020

This was like watching Father Knows Best (salty version) meets MA Barker and her boys! It was a good story that moved along well with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains of the west. There was pathos and you connected with the characters. I like watching a movie geared towards 50+ year olds! Make more.

bastille-852-731547 5 November 2020

This new Western blends elements of noir, drama, and suspense to create a generally searing character study. Set in the 1960s, it tells the story of a retired sheriff (Kevin Costner) and his wife (Diane Lane.) Their young grandson has been spending time with his stepfather, whom they view as suspicious and is married to their son's widow. The leading couple leaves from Montana to the Dakotas to visit their step-family and try to get their grandson back, but things go south very quickly. The performances are generally powerful all around. Costner and Lane give clear emotional depth as well as a real sense of genuineness and urgency while in character. They feel haunted with grief from the death of their son, yet also proactively driven by a strong desire to ensure their grandson is properly treated. The film's cinematography of the Great Plains is gorgeous (although it was actually filmed in Alberta, Canada,) and the score is also quietly powerful.

In the second half of the film, the dramatic tension is gradually increased both through the slow-burn tone as well as the dialogue. The film's gritty and slow-burn style may remind viewers of thrillers written and/or directed by Taylor Sheridan. Without going into any detail, suffice it to say that characters' instincts may be brought to a boiling point. However, the sudden and occasionally uneven increases in dramatic tension as well as violence do not always feel conducive to the film's tone. As a result, the film doesn't quite comment as starkly on its characters' behaviors or the nature of violence as thoughtfully as it intends to. The motivations of the characters are also rather predictable, and outside of Costner and Lane's characters, I did not find the rest of them to be especially engaging. Even though the characters are well-developed, the roles they play in creating some of the story's suspense are not inherently unique. That said, this is still a well-acted and well-shot thriller that should please patient viewers that know what they're in for. 7/10

asjeeves7 5 November 2020

'Let Him Go' is a tense and powerful movie. It's a slow burn to begin with but turns intense 'edge of the seat' white knuckle ride towards the end. A tremendous dinner scene mid way through is also simple fantastic. Great performances by all the actors especially Diane Lane, Kevin Costner and Lesley Manville... Lane especially is incredible and she carries the film beautifully. 'Let Him Go' is the Best Film of 2020 that I have scene - A truly wonderful masterpiece with an Oscar worthy performance by Diane Lane.

Xavier_Stone 25 November 2020

Kevin and Diane make a good movie couple and they go good together in this western drama set in the 60's. I wouldn't say this is a thriller as almost all the scenes are predictable once they start and the pace is quite slow. The scenery is a nice touch for people who haven't seen the Alberta/Montana area but it's not a reason to watch this.

For the most part I felt like I was waiting for the good part of the movie and then it ended and I was left still waiting. There are many scenes with dialogue that feels forced and it just make for an entertaining movie.

For all the hype that the reviewers have been giving on here for Oscars and 10stars I can only assume that since the virus stuff has the theaters mostly empty, the studios are putting out their bare bones stuff. And that's what this movie is. Filler. Until things clear up and the better movies can be released upon a paying audience movies will continue to be of this quality.

tvguy-21439 16 November 2020

Okay so I'll say ive seen a lot of movies in very different ways than I'm used to however this is a movie I saw in theaters but it's most definitely one of the absolute best movies I've seen this year it's action packed and to the core so much fun very brief swearing which is another plus I say this isn't a sweet happy Thanksgiving movie for family's but it's a very very good movie for those looking for a action packed good time at the movies I highly recommend it

maclock 11 November 2020

I expected to like Let Him Go more than I did. While the cast was exemplary and the scenery was breathtaking, the movie failed to engage me more often than not. That's a pity. I won't be recommending it to others.

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