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Let It Snow (2019)

IMDB Rayting:   5.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

In a small town on Christmas Eve, a snowstorm brings together a group of young people.

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erica-785-692529 9 November 2019

So cute, why does everyone expect Netflix movies to be Oscar worthy! I mean seriously lighten up. It's a fun lighthearted teenage version of love actually. So sweet, good acting, and good storyline. Just a fun Christmas movie. Don't listen to the Debbie downers..

emilieswane-65462 9 November 2019

I really enjoyed the fact that there were different story lines and that it wasn't the typical "business woman from the city goes back to her small home town and meets the farmer"

andrewss-37477 9 November 2019

I didn't know what to expect when I saw this one on Netflix. I haven't been much for RomComs before but i thought I'll give it a chance. I don't regret a second! Sure. It's cliche but RomComs are supposed to be. I hope you'll give it a chance.

vasvisharma 9 November 2019

It was very interesting and engaging all the time. Like, there was no time when I felt that it's way too long or slow. I guess it was perfect in everything like the cast and all but yeah, the film could have been better. I loved how they used the same song for Angie and Tobin. That was really great for building the connection with the characters. It had good comedy and romance which I was expecting from it. So, in that scenario it was up to my expectations and I felt really amazing after watching it and while watching it. This was one of the reason why I really liked it.

abalbino-49251 9 November 2019

Disappointing to see all those people leaving 1 star reviews because there were lesbian characters in this. I thought that addition was wonderful and those people need to calm down.

beamarina 9 November 2019

Personally, I loved this movie . The jokes were hilarious, great casting , good actors , and I enjoyed it. It wasn't too cheesy as most Christmas movies. This deserves a better rating. Although some parts kinda bored me like that girl and Stuart part, wasn't much excitement in those scenes that I skipped it a bit. But I loved the movie . It's a Christmas teen movie , my expections weren't high so just give it a chance. :)

hofreddoxd 8 November 2019

Why is the best scene of this movie (directorially) during the credits? I'm actually not joking: it's a fairly good long take.

lizkasper 10 November 2019

Had I not gone into it with "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle" being my favorite John Green work, I might have enjoyed it more...but I love the original three storylines too much to enjoy the barely-recognizable ones the movie used.

andreagibbs-06719 9 November 2019

I chucked this on Netflix cause the kids wanted to watch a movie and I thought it looked tolerable enough for me. Well, kids got distracted while I was trying to watch it, they got loud, I got mad, so I sent them outside to play so I could finish it in peace. It was a great feel good movie!

onurmems 15 November 2019

The trailer brought me to it and I thought it would not be great but maybe good, passable film.

I was very wrong. It literally felt like robots wrote the script from a formula they use that is meant to create a audience inducing script.

Train breaks down so just randomly 2 people walk off the train and walk up a hill in the heavy snow towards a cafe. I only managed 35 mins before I had to stop but in those 35mins I saw enough stupid, random, bizarre scenes that would ruin 20 different films.

Netflix, you need to hire better writers ASAP

nethy-nho 16 November 2019

Like I read the book that inspired the movie,I think that I must compare them. Let's start, well, on the book, we have three tales that through of plot will have more connections with the every characters, and all the tales emphasize a lot about the snowstorn, and we have more misadventures into that. but at the movie we have less about that, less about the characters, and less about the places and some stories that could be able to be better than that we have here, some differences, i loved, all the tales are into an only narrative , the highlight about the Aluminum-woman, and Dorrie be a lesbian, but some differences take off the originality that the book has, and some times get too cliche, but still a great story to see at Christmas, have a soundtrack pretty good and amazing cast.

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