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Let Them All Talk (2020)

Rayting:   6.1/10 6676 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A famous author goes on a cruise trip with her friends and nephew in an effort to find fun and happiness while she comes to terms with her troubled past.

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bowieec 12 December 2020

This film is very human, very touching and real, and oh so Steven Soderbergh. Except for his most commercial efforts, all of Soderbergh's films are experimental in some way or another and many have also used improvisation, like this film. If you've lived a life and have had strange changes in your friendships with groups of people over the years, you will get a lot from this film and be able to relate to it and all the interesting characters. People's ideals and motivations change throughout their lives, and it's reflected here. The past is remembered differently by different people. While some can move on from the past, others cannot. Some people grow and change while others remain the same. The story in the film reflects all of this beautifully. Maybe if you're still very young, relatively inexperienced, and haven't done much, or lived, or traveled, this isn't the movie for you. But if you are okay with a film that takes its time and sometimes meanders to strange places, but is always fascinating, like a life well lived, watch, rate and review!

eric-shoe 10 December 2020

Knowing ahead of watching that the dialog was totally unscripted and improvised I found myself appreciating the true art form by the actors. Knowing how petrified they all were during the shoot, it's never apparent from their seamless performances. They were all given a frame to stay in and also an ending to each scene. The rest is them and their own words and reactions. Shot in only 8 days, the film is a triumph of modern day filmmaking. My only criticism was the ambient lighting was at times distracting.

eoswaldbigred 11 December 2020

What an enormous disappointment.

I was very much anticipating this. Meryl Streep, Dianne Wiest, and Candice Bergen - what a cast!

What a bore. It felt like there was no script, that it was all ad-libbed and nobody knew what to say or how to bring any story.

ZERO character development. Almost NO conflict. Maybe five lines of conflict for the first 90 minutes. Then one scene sort of out of nowhere. It was strange.

The kid playing the nephew could hardly act. And apparently is incapable of washing nor brushing his hair.

The only thing I can figure is that they wanted to be directed by Steven Soderbergh. And with the music crescendo at the end, it made you feel like Soderbergh thought he just directed something deep. Instead it was almost two hours of... nothing.

doublebgirl 10 December 2020

I'm not sure if I liked the movie as much as I wanted to. The story sounded more interesting than it actually is. I catched myself a little bored at moments, waiting through the whole movie for something really exciting to happen.. but nope. It could have been better though if it wasn't for Lucas Hedges' annoyingly-forced acting.

orindabfoley 12 December 2020

So unfortunate - I was looking forward to seeing this. The three actresses are so talented. Only Dianne Wiest comes off as interesting.

It wasn't "bad", it was just boring.

rse 11 December 2020

There. I've said it all in one short sentence. 113 minutes I could have spent doing something better!

ozjosh03 12 December 2020

I guess you can see why Soderbergh thought this might fly. Three accomplished, intelligent, charismatic actresses, each of them capable of improvising scenes, developing interesting characters and building relationships without the benefit of an actual script. And, yes, Meryl Streep, Diane Wiest and Candice Bergen are all eminently watchable. Unfortunately, that's no substitute for a strong story, well-crafted scenes and smart dialogue. Let Them All Talk (the title seeming more like the underlying concept than anything pertinent to the content) is just a rambling, undisciplined, mostly tedious attempt at fashioning a movie out of a not-especially-inspired situation and a rather time-worn back story. It doesn't help that much about the writer/agent set up is unbelievable, that it's indifferently directed, extremely slow, often poorly lit and blighted by a dull B-story that involves two seriously dull characters. One sort-of satisfying late scene between Streep and Bergen and a last-minute surprise twist isn't anywhere near enough to save the enterprise.

moonmark-52817 12 December 2020

I really enjoyed this film. I loved watching Streep, Bergen and Wiest. A lot of dialogue seemed improvised so there was a couple moments of awkwardness. This is a modest film. It's never quite predictable. It has little things to say about getting older, friendships and the fickleness of fate. If you like movies with thrills and salaciousness you may be bored. I have to add, the music soundtrack is fantastic and helps set the mood. Thumbs up!

jaimemedina-36288 15 December 2020

I don't know. I loved this movie. I watched it twice in a row. It is such a great character study helmed by an able director and steered by the ablest of casts.

It never goes where you think it will. And there is so much that goes unsaid that it created a great tension for me.

This isn't a fast paced film, mind you. But I found the cadence thoughtful and deliberate. And, on a personal note, as someone moving along in life, having left youth long ago, the story struck a cord with me. And it left me often in tears. Faithful, real, genuine, and poignant are the word that come to mind.

It's not for everyone. But it has solidified Soderbergh's talent to tell a story.

SneakyViking 12 December 2020

I approached this title with extreme skepticism, but from the beginning it spoke to me in a realist, naturalist and unpolished sense. Every conversation you hear feels raw and improvised like in real life however there is huge contrast when it comes to the flow and the planning of the film which feels effortless and elegant. It is a surprisingly beautiful piece of cinema touching on an artist's social struggle and the many ways one can touch other people's lives. In my opinion, essentially it is a film about the intricacy of everyday relationships and an artist's struggle between their social life and their work. It is about self-obsession and betrayal. And the loose way these themes have been portrayed in, gives you an odd sense of rhythm, the kind that you find in an actual conversation. At the end of the day the film feels like a conversation, and a beautiful and moving one at that. With the help of brilliant acting and simple but alluring cinematography.

circlekings 12 December 2020

I did not know until after viewing the film, the protocol used or that it was shot in its entirety in 8 days! Bravo!

I refuse to address the inane negative reviews here because unless you haven't noticed as yet; that's the way the world goes round folks.

Simply Loved it

hupkabupka 11 December 2020

Please. Don't. Watch. This is like a Woody Allen movie without the comedy. I can't imagine anything more boring than this. I would like to corner the writer and director and demand my money back plus a fine for wasting my time. I feel sorry for the actors who will be vilified for foisting this mess on the public.

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