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Locked Down (2021)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   5.0/10 6728 votes
Country: UK
Language: English

A couple attempts a high risk, high stakes jewelry heist at a department store.

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sweidman-28016 28 January 2021

"Being locked up is making it worse."

Welcome to January Movies! Today we have...a crime comedy written by someone with a bad track history and all the big stars who need new agents!

Locked Down follows a couple that attempts a high-risk, high-stakes jewelry heist at a department store during the lockdown due to covid-19. I'm pretty sure the trailer came out maybe a week before this was released on HBO Max. Doug Liman has made some good movies in the past so there was a chance for this. Unfortunately, Steven Knight wrote this and has only written one good movie, that being Locke, and his latest being the train wreck that is Serenity (2019). Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but this is a January movie so I'm just gonna say it how it is. This is exactly what I thought it would be and I'm fine with that. Most of the issues come from the writing. Surprisingly I did like the writing at the beginning. There was some clever dialogue concerning covid-19 and how it has affected jobs and mental health. Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor give fine performances. Their monologues were performed well and they worked nicely together. But soon enough, the writing fails. Nothing happens until the last 30 minutes, I'm not joking. The beginning had me interested because I thought that would be a small portion. Then it continues to lecture us on stuff we already know for about an hour before even getting to the thought of a heist movie. Then for another 30 minutes they discuss the heist stuff, but I already lost interest. When the heist takes place, I didn't even know it had started because I was sitting on my phone. I will say that it's entertaining then, but it's only 30 minutes of a basic heist. This two hour movie could've cut at the very least 30 minutes because I gained nothing other than being bored.

Doug Liman had a few moments of good directing. He just couldn't find a way to keep the audience engaged in the middle. Maybe this was trying for a realistic approach, but people don't want to see the boring parts that we forget about. There are so many cameos thrown throughout for us to point at the screen and say "Wow! That's someone famous!" But it feels almost exhausting seeing that many cameos. It feels like this was the movie that people decided to do to finish a contract. Anne Hathaway has faded pretty quick which is sad. She's a great actress and give a good performance almost every time. The movies just fail to draw in an audience or a positive review. In the end, this is a basic attempt at a comedy heist movie. With a few good moments and good lead performance, I found myself entertained from time to time, but I won't remember this in a year and I don't think anyone else will.

matthewssilverhammer 28 January 2021

Even as a Hathaway apologist, Locked Down is rough to sit through. She and Ejiofor seem to be trying to out-overact each other in every scene. Not that the script is any help; it's an obnoxious, self-insistent Sorkin-wannabe, full of long, ridiculous, self-absorbed monologues, with the characters speaking out the subtext in faux-clever analogies. Any humor that works gets lost in a sea of pretentious pomposity and yuppie whining.

hgerwitz 16 January 2021

There's a lot of disappointment from people who expected a good heist plot or a compelling marriage romcom.

I went in with no expectations at all, and the strong acting and good score were quite enough to make it enjoyable.

allonsy042 31 January 2021

I turned this on because I thought it would be quite relatable and I loved the cast. The trailer seemed interesting, but then randomly there's a jewelry heist that seemed to be thrown in to make the movie longer. It really didn't feel authentic whatsoever to the storyline that started the movie. 3 stars for the cast but that's it.

smaimes91 16 January 2021

A very pleasant movie for a rainy day. Kudos to the writer who wrote the interesting dialog that was delivered by the two main actors. I especially liked Anne Hathaway and her many monologues. The scenery in London was nice and the story kept my interest. A bit on the intellectual side, but that is what made it good for me.

svader 15 January 2021

Great fun and not a bad "in pandemic" times movie.

From some of the lower ratings I can see the reviewers have missed the point both in the title and the whole meaning of the film. No surprise when you see what films they have watched and reviewed in the past as being great.

More of this easy going fun word be welcomed.

Ben Kingsley reminded me of his Sexy Beast character, demanding, confusing and on the edge.


joscon-16616 15 January 2021

Bland, sometimes incomprehensible, story with an ending which truly makes no sense. Such a waste of excellent actors on such a boring, non-sensical story.

setter-imdb 15 January 2021

I wasn't able to climb from underneath my weighted blanket to reach the remote, so I had to tolerate this garbage for two hours. 2 stars for Annie Hanthaway. Everything else here is absolute waste of time.

taloot-62031 17 January 2021

Just watched LOCKED DOWN starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway, both playing a couple that have drifted apart and are feeling trapped with each other, in lockdown in the same house during the current pandemic.

I don't know why this movie was slated with its ratings. In my humble opinion it happens to be one of the most underrated new movies ever.

During the course of its 2hr runtime I and my better half felt the content was so relatable.

I'm not just talking about the background with the empty London streets and traffic less roads, I'm talking about the strong writing which is brought to life by a talented lead couple that really perform their lines with so much passion, emotion and devotion that makes their characters true to life. Their crumbling mental health, lowered self esteem and marginal hope for a better future is all put on display.

They discuss the past & the present, they hold secrets from one another, tell lies to each other, go through a perpetual cycle of make up and break up until fate unites them for one last act where they finish the movie doing something together.

It reminded me of THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (another one of my all time favourite movies) that runs on the same sort of fuel - the first half is completely pointless but so watchable & intriguing and then during the second half, the male and female leads come together for a moment that unites them.

Not everyone will get it, you need a brain & a heart for this kind of movie, and to those that do share both those prerequisites, you will admire it for what it is - different - 10/10

crimepaysra 21 January 2021

It starts off as a slow building story...then slows down from there

x-86953 18 January 2021

Great actors but boring movie could've done better Don't waste your time

seidemanj 15 January 2021

Don't expect this movie to be a smart Oceans 11 style build up with detailed planning and exciting twists.

However, with accurate expectations, this film is very enjoyable and an easy evening watch. Locked Down focuses more on the central couple's relationship, and the realities of 2020's miserable lockdown (hence the title). There are some laughs and some monologues that carry on too long- but that's forgivable and expected considering the filming circumstances. A solid 7.5/10.

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