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Lost Bullet (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: France
Language: English

A small time delinquent, turned police mechanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his mentor is killed by dirty cops.

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TopDawgCritic 20 June 2020

Let me first say, that for an international French film, by a newb (his first full length feature film) writer and director, Guillaume Pierret, this film was one heck of a ride. I agree with most reviewers that this should not be compared to any Hollywood blockbusters (my title was being facetious). Albeit not overly original, this fun action/crime film was really well put together. The writing was tight and the directing on point. I've seen seasoned writers and directors come up with some flop films lately, so it's refreshing for a new filmmaker to come up with an almost flawless production. The 92 min runtime was just right, and the pacing was perfect. Cinematography was good, and the score surprisingly fitting for a B-grade international production. Casting was well put together with all performances convincing, especially the French Jason Statham looking, Alban Lenoir as Lino. I'm glad they left it open for a sequel, and hope they follow through. A well deserved 8/10 from me. To see more of my 1000+ ratings and 900+ reviews, click on my username.

israelfd-76121 20 June 2020

Those who made negative reviews are stupid and don't know how review.

No, its not a Fast and Furious type movie, neither ia Mad Max one. So don't come expecting this.

Nice story. Not original, but nicely built, intriguing and makes sense. Acting is good and helps story's development.

It not a Hollywood movie, but as a French action thriller is much better than Earth and Blood, and as I mentioned before, at least this movie has a story and is not just stupid action just because...

The action is awesome, not ridiculous as FnF would be, it feels ls more realistic. Yes, it has some sorts of MaD Max elements for his modified cars, but it doesn't feel like that. Its action is unique.

Effects, both practical and cgi, are outstanding for not being Hollywood. Wounds, bruises, makeup is amazing. Together with the action, seem credible, something close to what could really happen.

So in summary : Don't come expecting what critics want you to compare the movie with. Watch it as a unique movie, and enjoy it. You'll see that it deserves appreciation.

najeeb6061 7 July 2020

If you are a action movie fan then you would love this film; it has car chases, good choreographed fights, although the fights are a bit of gore, The action scenes are solid, if not spectacular.. The story is plain and with few simple characters: A wicked cop willing to climb the precinct corporate ladder no matter what and with no qualms for murder and a wizard mechanic in preparing cars to make it go fast to chase offenders gets hired by the police. Both get embattled in a fight for all or nothing. Fun and action is what this movie offers.

dlxmarshall 20 June 2020

Simple, fun, enjoyable and stylish. Not sure where the review saying everyone was anorexic came from as everyone seemed perfectly normal (albeit not obese so maybe European normal). Anyway, not ground breaking by French standards (and as has been correctly pointed out those are different from Hollywood) but a good addition to the genre.

rajakumar_kickboxing 21 June 2020

Good intrigue and realistic car chase. Logical story board and action scenes, compared to USA big budget sequels... keep it up!!!

bashum-65733 19 June 2020

A solid action movie with a great Alban lenoir to his best. Cars, guns, go fast, cops and gangsters mixed with adrenaline. A must see for the action movies fans

betjarf 24 June 2020

So apparently drug dealers in France race around in fast cars. French police have no other choice than to assemble a death race/mad max unit that rams bad guys off the road Need for speed-style. This actually sounds like an awesome premise. Sadly, they only had the budget for two car chases, so the middle of the film is just a filler, with our uncharismatic protagonist running from crooked cops trying to clear his name. If you've ever seen an episode of German TV show "Cobra 11" - well, this is similar, only dragged out. Car chase in the end is fun, with good stuntwork and no crappy CGI. If only the filmmakers understood the ridiculousness of it all and threw in some humour - it could have been a lot more fun.

child_of_Orion 22 June 2020

This is a nice action involving cars, but in a different way than craps like Fast and Furious (that goes to cinema with every worsen part), combined with a police corruption plot. Scenes, acting, camera, effects (no CGI crap) - it's all professional and has just enough dose of tension while watching. I enjoyed watching it.

fanan450 20 June 2020

Wow , this is an amazing movie . the story was simple and very good , the fighting scenes was wonderful , it was amazing and too realistic no , the French protagonist reminds me of the British actor jason stathon , i really surprised by this one, and I recommend it to all

CinemaSerf 22 June 2020

Yikes, but Guillaume Pierret needs us to strap ourselves in for this... Sure, there are plot holes a-plenty in this action adventure film with Alban Lenoir ("Lino") who must be made of Kevlar, as a small time crook who gets caught up in a frame-up involving a heist, a murdered boss and some dirty cops... It's a fast-action film, with plenty of car chaos, shotgun battles and some really good stunt work. No, the writing is not Pulitzer winning, nor is it quite to the standard of a Hollywood contemporary, but it is every bit as enjoyable as many of the F&F franchise and that little red car packs quite a punch! Don't expect a sophisticated, subtle, nuanced, complex crime thriller and you ought not to be disappointed!

umutgokcen 20 June 2020

So lame that you feel like you are watching a low budget short movie project. Mediocre acting, predictable scenario, undeveloped characters.. all sponsored by Renault.

Just writing this review as an answer to most probably Renault sponsored over rated other reviews.

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