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Love Aaj Kal (2020)

Rayting:   5.0/10
Country: India
Language: English

Two different individuals on a journey of love, loss and life.

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shreyaverma-47553 14 February 2020

It's a toruture of 2 hours 20 minutes.Worst storyline, Same concept as first one. First love aaj kal was far more better than this. Weak storyline, Poor Screenplay, Bad Acting, average music. Kartik's acting is too bad to handle. Sara Ali Khan is worst in her emotional scenes. Average acting of sara. Only Randeep Hudda's acting is watching. Guys please don't waste your money. It is a total waste of money. Please don't go 🙏🙏.

akshaykapoor-52168 14 February 2020

Most overated movie I have ever seen. One word - Disaster Skip it , I promise I will never spend money on Imtiaz Ali 's movie. What a Torture .

akshaykapoor-52168 14 February 2020

Disappointing ! Most disgusting movie I have ever seen. Totally waste of money. Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan both are Overacting king and queen. No story Bad screenplay Worst direction Bad dialogues. Don't watch very bad movie

pnutb 14 February 2020

#LoveAajKalReview Kartik Aaryan after Sonu k titu ki sweety is giving back to back flop movies.. His choices are AWFUL.. It's like Kartik Aaryan's life is zero without luv ranjan.. Imtiaz Ali has lost it and he is the king of boredom amongst directors.. he should retire.. save your money or else donate it to a army fund.. sit at home and enjoy watching TV!!

sudhanshu6454 13 February 2020

Love Aajkal reminded me my childhood love story. I felt nostalgic while watch this movie. I really enjoyed. Maybe some people don't like it.

aayansh 13 February 2020

#LoveAajKal2 this movie delusional mindset results in boring screenplay. The plot is very convoluted. Music was average & worst story Sara did a good job but Kartik has done over acting. 1⭐/5

chitresh-modi-781-371008 2 May 2020

Would have loved the movie if actors who could perform the intense emotional scenes were cast instead. The story from the 90s was shown beautifully.

arkasuperstar 15 February 2020

The movie is pathetic without any clear message. Imitiaz Ali should stop and focus on what he thinks he should convey. Pathetic screenplay with below par performance by Sara and Karthik Aryan. Wish I can get refund. Worst film of 2020 yet!

aahujashekhawat 14 February 2020

. Love Aaj Kal 2 is not a simple love story it is complex but at the same time it is cute. After a long time watched a love story and it entertained me every bit. Music is high point of the film and in complete love with both the girls Sara and Aarushi. Go watch it guys !

SinhaSomesh 13 February 2020


An Imtiaz Ali film is awaited with bated breath. When you have films like ROCKSTAR (2011), JAB WE MET (2007) and HIGHWAY (2014) to your credit, every step you take, every move you make comes under a microscopic view. Obviously, the expectations from Love Aaj Kal are colossal. Given a title like Love Aaj Kal, the film ought to evoke strong feelings, principally towards the second hour. But the emotional moments fail to evoke any emotion. In fact, your heart doesn't pine for the lovers and that is why Love Aaj Kal fails to create any effect.

Without an iota of doubt, you are hypnotized by the initial scenes in Love Aaj Kal, but unfortunately, it's not the screenplay that magnetizes you. The chemistry between Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan is piping hot and makes you speechless. Surely, Love Aaj Kal is not an easy film to write and execute. Like its predecessor, it has two stories set in different eras, run parallel, but have a similar end. Sadly, the script is riddled with cliches and flaws, which makes Love Aaj Kal a mundane love story that talks of love and heartache. Director Imtiaz Ali is known for his imaginative and inventive take on love stories, but the problem with Love Aaj Kal is that it starts off most impressively, has some terrific moments in between, but the writing gets so erratic and incoherent as it heads towards the conclusion that you wonder, am I really watching an Imtiaz Ali film?

With a capable raconteur like Imtiaz Ali at the helm, one expects Love Aaj Kal to be notches above the stuff we've been subjected to in the past. But the film falters after an impressive start, after you are introduced to the pivotal characters in the story. The writing (Imtiaz Ali) gets erratic as you delve deeper and deeper. The second half is stretched without valid reason and that makes Love Aaj Kal a tedious watch. Imtiaz Ali fails to outshine his previous works. Sure, he explores the emotional depths with immense compassion and also draws bravura performances from the central characters. But every film depends on a watertight screenplay and Love Aaj Kal stumbles and fumbles in this department.

In a nutshell, Love Aaj Kal suffers from a plot that appears confusing and is convoluted for an avid cinemagoer. Imtiaz Ali's direction fails to complement the screenplay and vice versa. The movie is not a regular run of the mill flick and the proceedings are clearly aimed at the classes rather than the masses. Also, music has always been a mainstay in all of Imtiaz Ali's films. But, sadly, in Love Aaj Kal, it is otherwise. Despite Pritam at the helm of things, the music, sadly, is plain ordinary and does not help in lifting the proceedings. Amit Roy's cinematography is top-notch. Every frame is picture-perfect, a painting on celluloid. Dialogue (Imtiaz Ali) deserve special mention. They are straight out of life. If any film stands on a weak foundation (writing), even 1.30 hours seem never-ending. The lethargic pacing and uneven editing (Aarti Bajaj) also mar the overall impact. The film could have been better had the editing been watertight.

Kartik Aaryan carries the most difficult parts with remarkable ease. Sure, we've seen him as the cool, urban guy in several films, but this one's the most demanding role and he glides into the character effortlessly. Sara Ali Khan looks ethereal. More importantly, she acts very, very well. This should be the turning point in her career. Randeep Hooda puts his heart and mind into every project he chooses to perform i

poushalisinha-95393 14 February 2020

Terrific performances by sara & kartik.. though the 2 nd half is very sluggish & little bit confusing but if you are a itmiaz ali fan then you need to watch the flim..must watch..

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