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Love and Monsters (2020)

Action | Comedy 
Rayting:   7.0/10 34061 votes
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

In a monster infested world, Joel learns his girlfriend is just 80 miles away. To make the dangerous journey, Joel discovers his inner hero to be with the girl of his dreams.

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cartathra 16 October 2020

It's not the most expensive movie, or the best plot but honestly this movie gave me flashbacks to the good old days of family adventure movies. It has adventure, it has love, it has companionship, it has humour and it keeps you wanting to learn more about the world. It makes you feel good.

I only wish it were longer and I hope they make a sequel.

lukamakhashvili-82226 17 October 2020

It's a lot like zombieland which is probebly one of my favourite films. The main character is not will smith or the rock, it's a skinny nobody. Dylan Obrien is amazing. The film is funny and the action is great. The monsters are also really cool. The dog is a badass. I'd love a sequel. more characters more worldbuilding stuff like that.

Sickpuppy365 17 October 2020

Everyone involved in the making of this movie should be proud. Yes the plot is simple and it's been done many times in this genre and several others, like for instance The road, or The book of Eli or 28 days later... But in this case more like Zombieland if it was rated PG-13. Dylan O'Brien plays Joel, a character much akin to Jesse Eisenberg's "Columbus", a kind of neurotic and unwilling protagonist out of his depth, who is rescued by Michael Rooker (playing Woody Harrelson's "Tallahassee") the grizzled survivalist with the adorable Minnow (Arianna Greenblatt playing Abigail Breslin's "Little Rock") in tow, whilst on a quest to find his love interest Aimee (the lovely Jessica Henwick playing Emma Stone's "Wichita")... Confusing? Not really. It's a post-apocalyptic road trip monster filled action love story movie that is a romp and a riot. It's not often you get to see a movie where even it's weakest link is still holding strong... The dialogue is witty, the scenery is beautiful but appropriate, CGI game is strong most of the time, and cinematography crisp & clear, no lightening cuts and shaky camera. All the cast brought their A-game. Hero and Dodge lent so much emotion to their joint portrayal of "Boy" the dog, they both must be very good boys... and Mavis the robot could almost pass the Turing test. You may have to suspend belief a bit in a couple scenes... But just remember you are watching a movie with giant frogs and snails and it shouldn't be too difficult. For me it's a 7 but a strong one.

nikos2 17 October 2020

I was prepared for another boring to death movie flick, making questioning my taste on movies. I was surprised in a good way. The movie had it all, great FX, good acting, Monsters, unseen twists, everything i needed for a Saturday night.

And most of all, for bad or good, an open ending that leaves room a return (which traditionally will suck).

Highly recommended.

ruidanielbarrossss 16 October 2020

"Monster Problems" has action, fantasy, comedy, survival and even love. It is a film for the whole family, but it manages to be quite tense, especially in action scenes involving monsters.

The characters are excellent. Dylan O'Brien proves once again that he can be a one-man show, Michael Rooker is great as "Michael Rooker survival samurai"; and the dog is just fantastic. Other secondary characters also do not fail.

The design of the creatures is perfect; and adorably scary. And the main theme of the film, which basically tells the story of a person leaving the suffocating comfort of his hiding place to find something that makes him happy, in the midst of a pandemic of monsters, I think it is something that will touch the sensitivity of many people that now live the dramas of self-isolation.

It's the best post-apocalyptic film I've seen in a long time, a pleasant surprise that came out of nowhere, and I recommend it to everyone, even the cynics.

I give this movie 8 stars out of 10.

mmevanille-53097 27 October 2020

This is one of the best recent adventure films. It avoids many clichés that inhabit the genre, with small twists which made watching it a pleasure.

Even though the action scenes were sort of predictable, it didn't deter away from getting absorbed into Joel's story and caring what happened to him and the other characters. It had some small lessons in it too, which added to the story.

Its a little too adult for young children in my opinion. Young teens though would enjoy it.

hypnotikus 16 October 2020

Ignore the bad reviews, it's actually a pretty decent movie. Nothing original, however much better than most movies they make nowadays.Dylan O'Brien is very talented and carries the whole film well. This is not Shakespeare, still it's fun and good for a movie night with friends and family.

glenn_gallagher 16 October 2020

Really enjoyable movie and not as predictable as you'd think. I was surprised how funny and original 'Love and Monsters' was considering the overdone genre but it is an adventure worth taking. If you're looking for a decent weekend flick then I strongly recommend you give it a go.

poinla37 16 October 2020

This movie was fun to watch, the acting wasn't bad at all, CGI was decent. Compared to Jumanji for example, which I found was a bit too much and overacted, this one is exactly what you would expect, but not too intense and forced. Looking forward to a sequel.

dirkmiddelkoop 16 October 2020

This movie is a solid piece of entertainment. Good acting, some funny jokes, good CGI & it's got a nice pace. Also quite a few likeable characters in it. Definitely worth the watch.

jonasatmosfera 17 October 2020

An apocalyptic film without zombies is worth its weight in gold these days. The monster were kinda silly, but the story, the pace and the character were pretty good. Filming locations were also great and different from the usual Hollywoodian sameness. And, Thanks God, there were no "in your face" PC proselytism, which was refreshing. Love and Monsters is the type of a film that a father can watch with his daughter or a mother with her and son and without feeling embarrassed most of the time.

sayemsalman094 16 October 2020

It's a very entertaining movie. The opening was very funny and it perfectly explained what we are dealing with here. There is some very emotional scenes. The acting in very good. You will love the little girl. It's got adventure, comedy, action and mainly monster so what are you waiting for.

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