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Lucifer (2019)

Action | Drama   
IMDB Rayting:   7.6/10
Country: India
Language: Malayalam | Tamil

A political Godfather, who ruled the God's Own Country, dies and a lot of thieves dressed up as politicians took over the rule. When question arises on the replacement of the 'God', just one name emerges; 'Stephen Nedumbally'.

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melvinsolomon 28 March 2019

Lucifer is an extremely packed action drama movie.... Prithviraj Directional debut were excellent and the introduction of each are every characters were well organized....Mohanlal with lead roll were outstanding and his actions as well as his dialogue deliveries were so effective and Vivek oberoi as a negative character in lucifer were also outstanding..... Mohanlal and Prithviraj combo was excellently i write in my reviews believe in Prithviraj movies... Lucifer is a watchable movie...this film worth your money...

althafkada 28 March 2019

There is a class by prithwi# and an extra ordinary mass by lalettan#

nairtejas 1 April 2019

Mohanlal's character spends a total of at least 20 minutes walking and talking with reticence in this political crime drama that depends so much on both writer Murali Gopy's and the audience's fantasy that it stops being clever right at the initial frames, which is problematic because that's what it pretends to be. Lucifer is a form of ambitious and hedonistic filmmaking that registers a peak in spicy and high-octane products in Malayalam cinema that I cannot highly recommend it because of its gassy narrative and artificial setup.

Lucifer narrates a legendary political family's quest for a stranglehold in its party's internal polity, triggered by the untimely death of the party's benevolent leader. As is common in most political dramas in film, the leader's diverse set of offspring scramble to take charge, which sets off sirens across the state where it rains today and Deepawali is celebrated tomorrow. While Mohanlal plays the prodigal son with a sketchy past and an even more suspicious lineage claim, factors that the party as a whole are wary off, Manju Warrier, Vivek Oberoi, and Tovino Thomas make up for the rest of the orphaned family. The interactions between these bratty kids (despite some of them eligible to experience mid-life crisis or death even) as well as the superior supporting characters' play are what supplies enjoyable sequences throughout the film. Sequences that are guaranteed to help you orgasm, one after other, whether it is because of a man's show against a bunch of armed goons or sassy dialogues thrown around like you have been waiting for it. There is so much that Lucifer packs in its 3-hour-long self-indulgent almost-sexual fantasy that it can become difficult to detect the glaring issues let alone digest them.

Murali Gopy's story and its treatment is a combination of cliche and pop culture references. Where dialogues and slow-mo walking sequences present cooked chicken to a house packed of hungry wolves, it goes on to celebrate itself by giving what the audience wants. The protagonist is an influential politician under the disguise of a benevolent leader, a term that you may have read a few seconds ago in this same review. It has a serious lack of plot density which is brought about by its contrived nature where everything - EVERYTHING - happens to the wishes of the protagonist which spoils the film for most, and perhaps even moderate fans of the lead actor. It is clear from the first frame where the plot is going and that in itself is a bad mark on Lucifer which boasts of a battalion of actors playing usual characters of a film on political vendetta.

The problem with this type of screenwriting is that it does not fight the predictable nature of such stories and does not pique the interest of a discerning viewer. It converts that viewer - especially if he's a fan - into believing that this is the peak of clever films, and who refuses to accept that it is, in fact, hollow. Lucifer time and again reminds that there is nothing more to it than actual punches delivered effortlessly, punchy dialogues, and an unsurprising thread of events. Of course, I'll give it to Prithviraj for a decent work as a first-time director, managing his battalion of veteran actors with sagacity, not letting any one of them, except Mohanlal, to go beyond their boundaries. This is also why the film flows smoothly, albeit with a few abrupt scenes also involving an unwanted, preposterous addition towards the end: an item dance whose main viewer is the audience who

ajoy-94291 28 March 2019

The Class + Mass movie.

We can see the vintage LALETTAN in this movie.

sreefx 28 March 2019

Awesome!! Good story,script,characterization and direction..Cheers for the entire Crew!!

leoprince-40878 28 March 2019

Lucifer is in and out lalettan show! Cliche storyline but Prithvi's impeccable direction skills give...

samnp87 31 March 2019

An average movie from Prithviraj made for Mohanlal fanboys. The movie is filled with all sorts of cliches you can find in any South Indian movie. The only highlight is the Cinematography and well shot action scenes and whatever goodness it had got diluted by the climax with that 80s style item song. I was expecting a different movie from Prithiviraj, who have been always critical about the movie making and cliches used in Malayalam movie. But sadly he did the same thing. This movie is exclusively only for those who are still not tired by watching all those mass movies from Tamil and Telugu movie industry.

krishmarath 2 April 2019

Doing all sorts of mediocrity in the label of "Mass" have become a cancer in the Malayalam movie industry. There is a reason we love Lalettan and Mammookka. That is because they were effortlessly capable of bringing LIFE to the characters they played in the past and were not superhumans but REAL. The story could use the talents of these marvellous actors.

Do we really need this Onemanshow sort of superhuman hero to celebrate our admiration towards these wonderful actors? Unfortunately that is where it has come down to! I really believe if we could use these talent for a solid storyline, we could redefine the term "Mass" to another level.

Stories need Actors, not the other way around.

TheDennisBergkampFan 29 March 2019

I remember watching Maheshinthe Prathikaram a few years ago and thinking that Malayalam Cinema is atleast 5 years ahead of Bollywood. With Lucifer, Bollywood seems to have caught up Malayalam Cinema. Lucifer is the Malayalam equivalent of Simmba. No-brainer style over substance. The first half had potential but then it becomes rather ordinary and stays ordinary till the end.

It is literally a nothing movie. It is not an intelligent movie like Vellimoonga. It is not a proper action movie like The Equalizer or even John Wick. And it is also not a very realistic political thriller. All in all its a rather wasteful way of whiling away 3 hours. Reading all the grand reviews I expected the theater to break into a rapturous applause at the end. About half a dozen guys clapped at the end and it sounded half-hearted. Meh........lets clap.......why?........I dont know.........lets just do it anyways. I think there were about 2 dialogues when I heard whistling and clapping.

The worst thing about the movie is Prithviraj the actor. If he is adamant that he has to pop up in all his movies then he can take a leaf out of Manoj Night Shyamalan's book and be Taxi Driver No#1 or something like that. The half an hour or so that Prithviraj wasted on himself should have been used for better background story development.

Prithviraj the director has done a pretty good job for the most part till the end when he introduces a song & dance number. Someone somewhere in the South has arrived at the conclusion that Hindi is only about profanities or item numbers. Most of the actors deliver. Vivek Oberoi was a good actor till Salman Khan drove him out of Bollywood. Its good to see him get decent roles in regional cinema. Tovino's speech was one of the best things about the movie. I dont think Mohanlal had to break any sweat for Lucifer. He just shows up...........kicks a couple of villains around..........the End.

I still dont get why Indian cinema continues to persist with the one guy beats up a dozen guys single-handedly cliche. Even the Chinese dont do that anymore. Bruce Lee himself would have struggled to take down 8-10 able-bodied men. I and 8-10 of my friends would most likely be able to take down Khabib Nurmagomedov. And why are the villains taking turns to attack the protagonist one after the other and getting beat up. Its a beat down not a beverage shop line. Gang up on the guy all at once. That's how you take down someone . Just such a cliched movie.

Try comparing any of the action scenes in Lucifer with that hotel fight scene in The Equalizer where Denzel kills about 5 men without breaking a sweat. That's how you make an action movie. There is a reason why I watch The Equalizer every time its on television. You couldn't pay me enough to watch Lucifer again. I will not fry my brain again.

Lucifer is kind of like Turkish cinema. Most of their movies are about 5-6 hours long. Lucifer did not have enough content for 3 hours. The director just stretches every scene to make it 3 hours long. In one scene we see a few vehicles being blown up. We see each of the dozen bombs being activated and then the vehicle being blown up. Repeat exact same thing for each vehicle. If an individual is travelling from point A to point B you don't have to show the entire journey. Its a movie not google maps.

I have unfortunately watched about 3 Mohanlal movies in recent times,...Oppam..........Ennum Eppozhum and the one with the Jimmiki Kammal song. Lucifer was better than those three but n

sreekumarangamaly 28 March 2019

A film that thrills you from the very beginning to end ,filled with twists and surprises with an element of "Mass & Class" in equal proportion.In short its a boon not just to Mollywood but to Indian cinema. Must watch ,As words are not enough to praise this Wonderful Movie

anuragsastha 28 March 2019

Lucifer is a very fabulous class thriller.mohanlal is the main attraction of the movie.direction of prithviraj sukumaran is outstanding.background scores give a great impact to the visual.good cinematography

prasanthpkumar-36730 28 March 2019

What we wanted from LALETTAN and what we want to see from a director like prithviraj. BEST OF BEST . This is not a fan review . Everyone have to watch this film.. I m in a surprise to see lalettan in this mass look.

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